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LaContessa wellness travel works together with a group of experienced yoga teachers. One week to rest and to enjoy la bella Italia!

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Claire Hesp

After completing my vocational dance training, I have traveled and learned a lot from different cultures and inspiring teachers. That way I quickly came into contact with yoga. I noticed how beneficial it was for me. Yoga helped and still helps me both physically and mentally. My lessons contain a sense of calmness and positivity. I like to share my body awareness by helping you to find the right pose through personal directions and applications. Body and mind are explored by the continuous asanas (postures) in combination with ujjayi breathing.

Bethinda Fang

In addition to arranging the daily routine in her own studio, Bethinda provides various yoga classes such as stress relief, yin yang flow and power yoga. She also offers pilates and massages. She teaches in small groups in order to guarantee quality and personal attention. Bethinda regularly organizes profound workshops, themed lessons and courses such as Mindfulness.

AnneMarie Hiemstra

For me, yoga is the way to stay on the ground with both feet in a busy life and to be able to keep on putting things into perspective. Yoga gave me the insight that I am more than a body with a head full of pressure. I got to know my body better through yoga. In my lessons I mix elements from different yoga styles into a subdued, fluid and dynamic whole.

Greet Sierink

In my lessons it is not about complicated yoga postures or acrobatic positions, but about body and breathing exercises which allow you to come into and/or stay in contact with your body and with your mind in a gentle way. Yoga and meditation will teach you how to deal better with stress and to relax yourself. I teach in a personal and varied way with an eye for everyone's needs and background.

Angelique van Rossum

Yoga does not only inspire me because I get a smoother, healthier and stronger body. But also because of the silence and peace that I can find in myself through yoga. For me, yoga is not only for the connection between body and mind, but also for connecting people. I would like to let you experience the power and diversity of yoga during your vacation and I will also incorporate elements from mindfulness into my lessons, depending on the interest of the guests.

Paulinka Schrooten

Since 1999 I lead my own yoga studio with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. As a yoga, pilates and dance teacher, I like playful lessons with plenty of space for what is happening in the moment. Through my yoga classes I'd like you to work in a relaxed way from your strength, possibilities and with a big smile. In June 2014 I graduated from the Balanced Body University USA as a qualified all-round Comprehensive Pilates Teacher.

Nelleke van der Griend

Important in my lessons, is that you do not force anything and that you explore your own boundaries well. In addition, I hope to bring my pleasure in practicing yoga to you. I am convinced that your yoga holiday in Italy will be really something different than an average holiday. It will be a unique experience to practice yoga in this beautiful environment. The combination of yoga, nature, massages, the delicious food, the beautiful walks and the good company will surely ensure peace, relaxation and strength in yourself.

Esther van den Bos

Since the end of 2013 I obtained the Vinyasa teacher training certificate (RYT200) and I started teaching in especially dynamic and yin yoga classes. Since then I have been following workshops, classes, modules and master classes with several renowned teachers. I also enjoy visiting yoga festivals and I have been a guest at LaContessa since 2014 to gain inspiration and knowledge. It has become my lust and life to learn more about yoga and share it with my students, such as during the yoga holidays of LaContessa in Italy!

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Vinyasa Yoga)

Monique Weisz

During Yin classes (with a nod to Yang) I want to invite you to find your own natural border in a loving and safe environment. You may recognize the days that you have spent almost entirely sitting, where the front of your body becomes stronger and your body posture changes very slowly and almost invisibly. Yin is also a meditative approach to yoga and develops awareness of the inner silence. Finding peace, silence and inner peace together with loving kindness starts with yourself.

Ingrid van Sloten

The focus in my lessons is on Saswitha yoga, a form of Hatha yoga that starts from the unity of body and consciousness, where breathing forms the connection. Characteristic of Saswitha yoga is the way you use your breath, namely as a tool to experience that connection in yourself. By performing yoga postures and breathing consciously you come into your body and you discover peace in your head. My lessons contain a balanced division between standing, sitting and lying postures.

Lotte Peters

I have practiced different styles of yoga over the past ten years, from dynamic styles to Yin yoga. I followed my basic training in Hatha yoga at Saswitha. Every year I travel to India where I find depth and inspiration. In my teaching the different forms of yoga come together, from powerful Hatha flow to meditative Yin yoga. My lessons are accessible to everyone, because in order to experience yoga you do not have to do complicated postures in my opinion. If desired, I like to work with mantras, or I add a touch of reflection in the form of a guided meditation.

Trix van Hest

In 2011 I opted for a 4-year teacher training at Yoga Academie Nederland (YAN) in Amsterdam. At first I did this for my personal development, but gradually I also found teaching very enjoyable. I discovered that yoga consists of so many more elements than just the postures. I would like to convey that to my students. As a freelance writer, I wrote three articles for the Magazine Spiegelbeeld: "What yoga really is". I myself have experienced that yoga introduces you to the subtler levels of energy in your body.

Trudie Paus

I am Trudy Pope of Yogazin Amersfoort and I teach Saswitha yoga classes. Saswitha yoga is a form of Hatha yoga that is based on the unity of body and consciousness in which breathing forms the connection. The beauty of this form of yoga is that you come into contact with yourself through this connection. Discover what lives in you, how you can relax and experience a soothing peace. The lesson has a build-up from quiet to more commitment with room for reflection and relaxation. The poses we do are sitting and lying down. Breathing is the supporting force in dynamic and static postures.

Reviews 3

Jessica Marugg

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Ontspanning door inspanning"

Lotte zorgde voor verbinding, had oprechte interesse en haar lessen zijn in 1 woord; heerlijk!


from Netherlands, August 2017

" Perfecte balans, in 1 woord Héérlijk!"

De ontvangst was zeer hartelijk ik voelde me direct thuis. Mede door de aanwezigheid van de hond Luna.

Het eten was heerlijk en het programma perfect in balans. Voldoende ontspanning maar ook ruimte voor activiteiten. Ook werd goed ingespeeld op het warme weer door de verkoelende douche die door Arno werd geplaatst.

Testimonials 5


LaContessa wellness travel website

Bedankt voor de geweldige week. Zo goed verzorgd, helemaal top. Ook een mooie innerlijke reis gehad. Een echte aanrader!

Groetjes, Marlie


LaContessa wellness travel website

Zondagavond teruggekomen en ik heb nu al heimwee. Ik heb genoten van jullie gastvrijheid, het uitzicht, de sfeer en gezelligheid. De yogalessen waren heerlijk en de wandelingen prachtig. Absoluut een aanrader, bedankt voor alles!!!


LaContessa wellness travel website

Dit jaar mocht ik mijn jubileum beleven bij LaContessa: voor de vijfde keer op vakantie in het paradijs op aarde. En ik weet zeker dat er nog vele van deze vakanties zullen volgen. Een week vol geluk en genot, een week zonder zorgen en met gezelligheid. Mocht je nog twijfelen dan raad ik aan gewoon te boeken, dan kun je zelf ervaren wat ik hier in woorden probeer te omschrijven, maar wat nog best moeilijk is...


LaContessa wellness travel website

Lieve mensen van LaContessa, langs deze weg wil ik jullie nogmaals bedanken voor een fantastische week. Alles wat julie vooraf beloven maken jullie meer dan 100% een woord geweldig! Voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een vakantie waar je alleen naar toe kunt, een absolute aanrader!


LaContessa wellness travel website

Ach, gewoon even laten weten dat ik ook dit jaar weer een weekje kom. Na diverse andere yogavakanties in o.a. Frankrijk en Portugal geprobeert te hebben weet ik het zeker, er is er maar een echt top! Wat een kwaliteit, gastvrijheid en schitterend landgoed. Ik tel de dagen...

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