La Casa de Loto is a Buddhist meditation and yoga retreat center to reconnect with yourself and nature.

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Pema Tsering

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Dean Kennedy

from Nicaragua, March 2020

"Great Experience!"

Excellent location, staff, food, accomodations, meditation, yoga, and treatments! Highly recommend!


from France, February 2020

Everything: the food, the teaching, the environment, the noble silence...

Honora Einhorn

from United States, January 2020

"Incredible experience"

From the natural landscape to the kind, loving people working to make La Casa de Loto an accessible retreat to people from all backgrounds, this retreat was an unbelievably enriching and inspiring experience. I am still processing all of the teachings, readings, conversations, and practices throughout, what felt like, a brief week. I am so grateful to Pema and his team for welcoming me and the other guests into an intense (but also gentle) introspective retreat. I already miss the beautiful sounds, beyond delicious food, and sweet smiles shared as we all attempted to engage further with our meditation and/or spiritual practices. Thank you so so much.


from United States, January 2020

"You get more than you are promised "

This takes place in a beautiful setting surrounded by gorgeous plants and birds. I am new to meditation and it really opened the door for me to build my own practice. If you stay the entire time, you get 7 nights of accommodation and 6 yoga classes, which is more than described on the website. The yoga teachers are excellent and dynamic, and Pema is very interesting. There are sweet dogs who roam the property and love to be pet. The food is amazing and the chef Mery is a sweetheart, full of grace.

Stuart Baker

from United States, January 2020

"Pura vida"

This is a wonderfully grounding and nurturing place. The location is tucked away in a part of Columbia you would never see otherwise. Lush green hills and a small forest below the compound—a peaceful spot to connect with nature. The group size of 12 is intimate. While there is noble silence for the majority of the time, the option to either be alone or around others is easy. The Ayurvedic meals are a highlight for sure. Delicious with some of the fruits and veggies coming from the property.

Dawn Lindenbach

from Canada, January 2020

"Paradigm shift definitely"

A 7-day respite from chronic anxiety....that's what I'd hoped for. But in that short time, I feel "reborn" regarding my approach to letting go of old traumas, coping with daily anxieties, and transforming my perception of my place in the universe. And the 5 days of silence was ideal for a person with social anxiety. It's amazing how much love and compassion you can have for strangers after spending a week of (mostly) silent time together. Highly recommend for serious beginners.

Salim Najjar

from United States, January 2020

"Amazing Experience"

The entire experience was incredible and couldn't have been more enjoyable!


from Colombia, December 2019

Great location, beautiful finca and nature around it. Food was excellent, atmosphere with group was very nice (even though the retreat is silent). Yoga classes were very good!

It’s a good introduction to meditation but also quite relaxed.

Rachel Grant

from Colombia, December 2019

"'Mindblowing' experience"

This was a very interesting week for me. Lots of emotions, which is good. I learned a lot about life & mindfulness. Also learned a lot about buddhism. The food was delicious!! Treatments worthy & felt kind of healing. I will forever carry this experience in my heart. Thank you Pema for all the wisdom you shared with us. Appreciate it a lot!

Eda Voll

from United States, October 2019

"Beautiful, serene place and good guidance."

I am happy and grateful that I came across this place to learn and look inward. I feel I gained a lot with one week there. Understand a lot more about myself, purpose of meditation, and Universe. Thank you so much! Also I loved therapeutic experience of walking around barefoot in this beautiful wooded hillside property. Magical place with all the flowers and birds. Yoga was also wonderful, and food delicious.


from United States, October 2019

"The best retreat of my life "

As a professional retreater, I have been to several retreats. However, this one has been by far the best place for me. La casa de loto has been mesmerizing. I really loved practicing iyengar yoga and I am so happy to learn more about the vipassana ve samatha meditation techniques. I have not been that content for a while. I also thank Mery for her amazing ayurvedic organic food and ayurveda massage of Leila was great too. Thank you thank you thank you! I feel grateful for this amazing opportunity.


from Colombia, August 2019

"Amazing experience, one of the best in my life"

The whole experience was very well crafted. The food, yoga, and the guided meditations complemented each other.

Benjamin Hudson

from Colombia, July 2019

"Secular meditator "

The location and food were especially amazing. Pema is an all-round great guy and very relaxed. If you want to learn the vipassana method, look no further. The retreat was based on the Tibetan traditional, and although I don't follow that tradition specifically, the retreat proved to be an amazing and enlightening experience. You will feel very welcome and the Case De Loto.


from United States, June 2019

"Casa De Loto"


Al Ma

from Mexico, June 2019

Amazingly beautiful place! Hope to come back soon!

Viviana Talamantes

from United States, May 2019

"Mindful meditation "

The home is beautiful with equally beautiful landscape and surroundings. This is a very lovely space to focus on meditation and self awareness. The silent meditation was challenging and very rewarding. The meals were delicious and the house was kept very clean. The yoga classes were great and Pema leads powerful meditation courses. I would recommend this retreat to anyone focusing on their meditation practice and I would love to return some time in the future.

Barb Ritchie

from Australia, May 2019


A place to find peace inside and out. The teachings are simple and it’s up to you to find the rest. Best week ever. Loved lazy Thursday.

Veona Drennan

from Canada, April 2019

"Silent Meditation Week in the Colombian mountains"

Peaceful, clean, beautiful space. Books to borrow. Fruit snacks & tea all day long. Food was mainly vegetarian, very delicious, lots of flavor, custom meals provided for dietary restrictions. Birds & colorful flowers all over the property. The walking meditation was magical because of the numerous paths over the farm with gorgeous plants, trees, flowers, gardens & birds everywhere. Comfortable beds with warm blankets. A true meditation experience with noble silence with enough space for everyone to be comfortable even when it was raining. I loved the noble silence. There was not idle chatter to listen to. This gave space for inner reflection, journaling, reading & healing. The meditation/yoga cabin is made of cedar, smells and looks fantastic. The guided meditations and question & answer time taught me a great deal about the buddhists' path to enlightenment. The compassion meditation was the best part. All yoga & meditation supplies were provided. Be sure to book Alfonso, the driver to get to the retreat so you won't get lost. He charged a fair rate from Medellin (90 minute ride) and booked us with others to save time and money for all involved.

Faith Williams

from United States, March 2019

"Beautiful Experience"

This retreat was a perfect blend of structure and ease. The farm is beautiful and serene, the food was amazing, and Pema has a gentle demeanor that makes you feel instantly welcome. The yoga instruction was provided by a volunteer named Jessie, and I can attest that she is one of the best instructors I've experienced. This retreat definitely focused on Buddhist meditation, and we observed Noble Silence for most of the duration. Yoga was a part of this retreat, but I found my "retreat" experience in the silence and guided meditations.

The Ayurveda massage by Carlos was absolutely incredible.

Isabel Cuadros

from Colombia, February 2019

"Amazing quite holidays"

The silence and light experience was great, to disconnect from all the screens thats surround us and to connect with our true nature. The forest around the house its the perfect setting for an encounter with your inner self. Mary's food was the highlight of the week, a very loving and caring woman. Highly recommend this place!!

Simone Drost

from United States, January 2019

"Wonderful place for self-guided meditation"

Amazing food, beautiful venue, great place to retreat and focus on one’s own meditation practice, focus on meditation over yoga, very respectful co-participants,


from Colombia, December 2018

"Peace and tranquility"

I loved my stay at Casa de Loto such a gorgeous farm with a large backyard to stroll around and enjoy the diverse flora and fauna. The 5 continuous days of silence were perfect and exactly what I needed! Pema did a fantastic job guiding us through the week providing us with tools and answers to connect from within and he gave us an amazing Ayengar yoga session!! The Ayurvedic food was absolutely delicious and Marie was always there to look after us - what a gem! I would also highly recommend to try Carlos Ayurvedic massage - gorgeous energy and magic hands!

Creso Macedo

from Costa Rica, December 2018

"A piece of paradise❤️🙏"

I loved everything! I learned a lot!

Jonathan Tapley

from Colombia, November 2018

"All good ! From a 22 year old aussie backpacker "

Pema Is well qualified, he is great at introducing you to meditation and Buddhist philosophy in a very comfortable setting. The retreat is mainly self motivated and there was a bit of lack or direction. I found this aspect positive. You get the most out of it if you actively seek guidance and ask questions.

The yoga was a perfect touch too.

Food was great and setting was amazing which was very conducive to the practice.

I'd recomend this to anyone interested in meditation/spirituality, or those simply just looking to "get away" for a bit.


from United States, November 2018

"A “Real” sublime experience!"

Although the exquisite vegetarian dishes and the attentive yoga sessions were phenomenal however, the discourses and insightful commentary on meditation and counsciousness were most impresionable.


from Cuba, November 2018

"Grounding & Peaceful Experience"

After traveling for a while, La Casa De Loto was the perfect place for me to ground and connect to myself again. The area is so quiet and filled with nature. The accommodation itself was everything I could have asked for: a comfortable bed, good vibes, amazing food and lots of silence. Above all I found the meditation techniques I learned at La Casa De Loto very inspirational. The no-nonsense approach and clear instructions worked really well for me. During my stay we practiced yoga as well as Qi Gong. I left the retreat with a fully recharged battery and a lot of clarity in my mind!

Jessica Guijarro

from United States, August 2018

"Amazing experience!"

It is a wonderful retreat to find peace and get in touch with yourself. I enjoyed the silent experience which led to meeting some beautiful people in the end. I recommend this retreat for anyone who wants to get in touch with themselves and limit distractions in a beautiful location!


from United States, August 2018

"Excellent 7 days at Casa de Loto"

I recently completed my first silent meditation retreat at Casa de Loto and had a fantastic experience. Pema was welcoming and warm but gave me the space and solitude I needed to get the most out of my week. The farm is absolutely beautiful and the weather in this part of Colombia can't be beat. Maria is a gem and cooks amazing vegetarian, ayurvedic meals. Keep in mind that the meals are light so if you usually eat a heavier diet or regularly eat meat I'd recommend eating light for a week or so before coming to the retreat.

Every day other than Thursday I followed the self-directed schedule on the website that is punctuated by a guided yoga class and a guided meditation. Yoga is taught by Mauricio who studied with a Tibetan master so if you're used to a Hatha or Vinyasa lineage from India (more popular in the US), you're in for a different style (I ended up really enjoying it). Pema leads you in guided meditations that will blow your mind if you open yourself up.

There was no WiFi and I had no cell reception (Verizon) but that turned out to be a blessing. The complete lack of connectivity this retreat provides was exactly what I didn't realize I was looking for.

Edward Schlagintweit

from Colombia, April 2018

"Best week I have ever taken"

The finca was so tranquil, Pema is an incredible instructor of meditation filled with wisdom and anecdotes with which to understand deep concepts, the food was amazing, and really just the space for your thoughts to settle. I never write reviews but I feel obliged to share how incredible this was and encourage you to just book it - it'll be the best decision you make all year.


from Colombia, January 2018

"Meaningful lessons to incorporate into everyday life"

I am deeply appreciative of this experience and have already started recommending it! This week was a rare opportunity to allow the mind to settle and to learn more about meditation as an analytical process. The silence can be difficult but is absolutely beneficial to delve into deeper levels of consciousness. At the start of the week, we were able to discuss as a group how silent we wanted to be which really created a supportive environment. I am bringing back many lessons to incorporate into my everyday life including disciplined daily meditation, mindful eating, nobel silence (whenever possible!), walking meditations and the important of participating in retreats throughout the year. I look forward to sharing much of this with my community back home (in Mozambique)... and maybe even starting my own retreats!

The added bonus was toward the end of our time together when we were able to finally talk and learn about each other. Among our group was a hypnotist, human rights advocate, and international ballroom dancer! It was amazing to learn more about people I had already felt connected to although we rarely spoke during the entire week!

Thank you Pema for your dedication and commitment!


from Colombia, January 2018

"The perfect retreat"

A mind expanding experience, if you respect it. The ideal place for an introspective journey; 1 step further towards enlightenment. Who do you find when there is only you? The food is fresh and delicious, but served with minimalism mind, as are the accommodations. A different type of “vacation”. Once you shed your ego, and need for what you think you want, the nature and teachings will bring you to a new level of clarity. Pema provides ancient Buddhist techniques in his meditation and beautiful yoga sessions - just the perfect guidance. He also gives extra guidance if you ask, and doesn’t push his beliefs on you. Pema operates the place with pure love and wants to keeps the costs down for those who want to grow with love and respect. This place is a hidden treasure, and should be experienced first hand!

Mara Sobek

from Germany, December 2019

"Es hätte nicht besser verlaufen können "

Die vielen Einsichten & Erkenntnisse beim meditieren, Pema hat mir noch mehr die Augen geöffnet! Yoga mit Santa war eher sanft aber auch sensationell gut!

Das Haus und die Natur drum herum sind unbeschreiblich, tolle Atmosphäre ( sogar beim anschweigen :-)

Das Essen einfach nur fantasticooooo


from Colombia, August 2019

Me disfrute mucho la meditacion caminando, la clase de yoga con Mercedes excelente. La comida de Mery super deliciosa.. el sitio es hermoso

Yuri Barrueco Andrew

from Mexico, July 2019

"Nueva experiencia "

Me gustan las experiencias nuevas

Karen Borremans

from Colombia, July 2019

"No words for this..."

Location and atmosphere are magical. This place is unique. The food is also amazingly healthy and good! Its the perfect environment to disconnect. I didn't know a lot about buddhism before i got here, but I got a nice introduction to its basic principles and how to practice them myself. There is also a library in the house so you can study yourself.

Learned a lot on this retreat, and found a lot of peace.

Thank you so much❤

Kathy Imre

from United States, February 2019

De locatie is echt prachtig! Mooie omgeving met een fijne vibe.

Pema weet erg veel over meditatie en helpt je aardig op weg! Mijn hoogtepunt was de yoga elke dag, erg fijn!

Een week vol mooie inzichten, lieve mensen en heerlijk eten.

Cecilia Esperanza Garzon Castrillon

from Colombia, January 2019


Todo me pareció excelente y apropiado para el objetivo propuesto para el viaje, los espacios y en general todo me gusto .

Manuel Ávila

from Panama, October 2018

"Un lugar místico "

El lugar en si, tiene una abundante vegetación y fauna, excelente para encontrar paz en el interior, hay una tranquilidad inmensa, la comida fue muy buena y mi objetivo fue alcanzado. Con seguridad volveré.

Elise Leon Morales

from Dominican Republic, October 2018

"Une expérience qui change la vie "

Cela a été une expérience intense en émotions et mentalement pour moi. Je n’aurais pas pu être introduit à la méditation d’une meilleure manière, l’horaire imposé avait une balance parfaite qui permettait une autonomie dans son exercice de méditation. La séance de yoga du matin prenait aussi tout son sens en rapport avec le reste, Sophie a une manière d’enseigner très douce et complète. Peema était parfait dans son rôle de “guide spirituel”, il est aussi très ouvert à répondre et à parler de sujet différents et surtout de méditation. La nourriture est fabuleuse et fait avec amour. Muchas gracias a Peema y Maria por esta semana, sentí mucho amor y paz a dentro de mi y también alrededor. No solamente es una práctica de una semana pero es una enseñanza que se practica todos los días y toda la vida.

Alejandro San Juan

from Argentina, September 2018

"muy bueno"

El lugar es magico, super recomebdable!

Fanny Rigal

from France, August 2018

"Silent retreat"

I didn't expected a silent retreat (no talking from Sunday evening to Friday) but it was a great spiritual experience

Analia Rivera

from Chile, April 2018

"paz interior"

junto con el maravilloso lugar y la calidad humana de las personas que nos atendieron todo el tiempo como Maria y Gloria. La sencillez y sabiduria con que Perma me llevo a encontrar muchos sentimientos dentro de mi corazon y encontrar respuestas a muchos cuestionamientos sin lugar a dudas un regalo que dara frutos en un futuro...lleno de amor y gratitud.

Cesar López

from Mexico, April 2018

"Excelente experiencia en la Casa del Lotto"

Practico meditación bajo la Budista en la Ciudad de México y este retiro fue un gran experiencia complementaría para mi práctica.

Mishel, María, Gloria y el querido instructor de Yoga, son seres de Luz que te transmiten amor, compasión y felicidad.

Muchas gracias, seguramente regresaré pronto

Alexander Zwingert

from United States, February 2018

"Ein wunderschönes Paradies in den Bergen Nähe Medellin "

Traumhafte Finka, toll geführte Meditationen gut tuendes Yoga, hervorragende Verpflegung und familiäre Hosts vor Ort - ein perfekter Ort um in Stille abzuschalten!

Vielen Dank für die wohltuende Zeit und den interessanten Input

Joanna De Jong

from Netherlands, December 2017

"Helende retraite in een paradijselijke omgeving"

De waarde van meditatie werd me weer helemaal duidelijk door de aandachtige begeleiding en persoonlijke aandacht van Pema. Ook de Iyengar yoga was heel goed, de essentie van de houding.

Een onvergetelijke week, afgesloten met een fantastische Ayurvedische massage van Calalina. Een beter begin van mijn reis door Zuid-Amerika kon ik me niet wensen!

Eléna Boudreau

from Chile, December 2017

"beautiful experience"

I had an amazing week at casa the loto. amazing. I did not really know what to expect but I really wanted to live a real learning experience. And thats what I did. That was not an artificial retreat. We really learn how to move our life toward these practice and I believe in what pema teach. I felt a big change and I was only there one week. we really went to the sources. It was pur. Also, the place is a paradise and the food is just delicious. I'm verry very gratefull for that week that is going to help me so much for the rest of my life!

Nataliya Bertrand

from Sint Maarten, September 2019

Two weeks of hard work in a relaxed way, however bazaar it sounds - this is what we did in the remote rural farm estate, on the top Andies Mountain range. Pema is a marvellous host and a guide into the of Buddist philosophy and meditation. He is soft but determined, he is well-red and knowledgeable, and he is willing to share his awareness. The retreat is well structured, gives you enough information at one time to work with, then layer more theory and more practice, but still, there is some me-time.

Nicuja is a very special person who is in love with the art of cooking, was spoiling us with amazing meals and phenomenal desserts every day. Maria Mercedes is the sweetest bundle of fluff will twist you in a pretzel on a yoga mat. She is attentive and considerate, demanding but merciful.

The rest of the staff is also just as great!

The house is beautiful, has lots of light and air, the rooms are great (tided daily), the beds are comfortable, there are extra blankets at your disposal. The garden is fabulous, with an endless variety of wild orchids around.

If you feel that you need to stop and regroup, I highly recommend the place - the people will make you comfortable in every way.

David Bouma

from New Zealand, June 2019

"2 week stay"

I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the location combined with the noble silence. A great time and place to recover reflect and recharge

Adelina Antal

from Iceland, August 2018

"Exceeded my expectations"

I spent four weeks at Casa de Loto and feel I could not have chosen a better retreat. The atmosphere of the place is very tranquil and the people involved are knowledgeable and open. I learned so much from Pema and found endless moments of peace and introspection. My free time there was mostly spent outside reading in the grass, walking around the area, meditating, contemplating. The food was very good and there were always snacks available and tea/coffee, which was lovely. I had a private room which was kept very clean, as well as the whole area. In my opinion going here is ideal for those who are in need of a break or want to dive more into meditation and/or spirituality. I feel that I grew in numerous ways during my time there and have created many new and positive habits. Thank you all at Casa de Loto for this time!

Rossina Bossio

from Colombia, February 2018

"Regarding the weather"

The people at La Casa del Loto were very nice to let me borrow a sweater and warm socks because it was too cold and I brought very light clothes.

Colin Ward

from Canada, November 2017

The food was was good and healthy. The property landscape is very well kept. Gloria the cook is very friendly and positive. The guided meditation by Pema following his yoga classes was new each day and very good.

Corina Schwegler

from Switzerland, December 2018

"Valuable experience"

This retreat was a very enriching experience for me. We had the whole week in silence, which is very valuable because you can only have such an experience in such a place. It was hard, but it revealed a lot to me and I could learn an incredible amount. The food was fantastic, the "staff" very kind and helpful and the dogs just cute! I would definitely come back! Thank you Pema!

Anina Hofer

from Switzerland, August 2018

"Great retreat & life-changing experiences"

The retreat place up in the mountains is perfect with everything you need to calm down, including silence (no talks) is just perfect. Friendly dogs and two cats (normally I’m afraid of them but here they are just lovely), great teachings with Pema (in english and spanish) and body-massages like Ayurveda or Chinese, Reiki. And lovely Marie who cooks delicious vegetarian ayurvedic food. Lot of nature around you which makes this place so beautiful. I already miss it and would go everytime again. Thank you Pema for everything.


from Colombia, December 2017

The place is really beautiful, the food is awesome and I learned a lot about Yoga and Meditation. I highly recommend the Aryuveda Massage, Cata is incredible, and also the Reiki with Mercedes. Maria and Gloria are so nice and helpful.

Pema does his best to convey his teaching and has the best intentions. Good luck and lots of light :)


from Colombia, November 2017

"Lugar de desconexion "

Me encanto el lugar, la comida, Danna y Toto y las personas que nos acompañaron en las clases y en el lugar.

Beatriz Builes Silva

from United States, August 2017

""Lugar Maravilloso""

En mi largo caminar por la vida buscando mi paz interior finalmente la encontré en este en este maravilloso y milagroso lugar a través de la meditación guiada por mi instructor, mi maestro Michael. Solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento para con El y su equipo de trabajo que hicieron que esta experiencia fuera muy enriquecedora para mi vida interior. Muchas Gracias.