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The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is a non-profit organization that operates a health and yoga retreat in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

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    • Donna United States

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      I was very happy with my experience at Kripalu. The facility is very clean and my room in the annex was perfect. There are many nice touches - reading lights, ample storage space, a safe, suitcase jacks, and a comfortable bed. Other nice touches were the water stations throughout the building and all the cozy seating areas.I can't say enough about the food. Delicious, varied, all labeled so you could identify unfamiliar items, and it is all fresh and enticing. The dining room is spotless.The yoga teachers are experienced and no two classes were the same. My usual practice is most similar to your vigorous classes but I really enjoyed the gentle and moderate classes. While the gentle classes are accessible to anyone they were not "easy" or beginner. The stretches could be quite deep. The grounds are gorgeous - the whole area is so calming. I went for R and R and expected to simply do yoga and relax but I found myself connecting with other people and my own heart in ways I never expected. I have nothing negative to say . I highly recommend Kripalu to anyone who wants to relax, reflect and recharge.

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    • Adriana Benusiglio Brazil

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      Best relaxing atmosphere and wonderful food. After a couple of days you feel at home!Jennifer La Pierre, (guest Manager) and Rebecca receptionist where so generously willing to make every second memorable. Thank you!Wonderful yoga teachers and many options.I strongly recommend Kripalu to anyone who needs to disconnect and relax!find peace at Kripalu! Namast!quot;

    • Nancy

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      Kripalu is a place I've always wanted to try. A workshop became available that met CEU requirements for my job, so Voil - I booked a weekend. I stayed for a weekend in the dorm room with about 7 other ladies. Everyone was nice, friendly vibe, respectful of folks' intention to bond, or enjoy solitude. My workshop kept us fairly busy from 6 a.m. through evening time, so I didn't have too much time to explore the grounds. Food was good, with plenty of (healthful) options. Silent breakfast was actually really nice. They DO sell coffee in the a.m., on the first floor (rather important for me to avoid a screaming headache). I will definitely return, probably for an R & R weekend. Comfy clothes are a must-have. Slip on shoes/flip flops are the norm here. Thanks, Kripalu!

    • a traveler Trinidad

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      If you're looking for some time to yourself and nature, this is the place to be. The facility is designed for quiet relaxation. I was there during the start of autumn so the weather was perfect and the autumn colours were breathtaking. Walk down to the lake for kayaking (or a swim), take a hike through the woods (all levels of trails available), or just indulge in an Ayurvedic massage. Yoga instructors and general staff were amazing. Food is inclusive in the R&R package and you will be amazed at how great healthy food can taste!

    • Julie R Massachusetts, USA

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      Kripalu is a great place to relax, renew, and restore yourself. But it is not for everyone. Those expecting luxury accommodations will be better off with the botox crowd at Canyon Ranch. If you are ok with sharing a bathroom, enjoying simple, filling meals, and participating in healthy activities such as yoga and hiking, then Kripalu is for you. Your room probably will not have wi-fi. There are no tvs. Breakfast is silent. So leave your cell phones and tablets behind and enjoy the beautiful Berkshires. You'll be glad you did.

    • Vicki Richards United States

      Kripalu website

      Kripalu was an important healing place for me during the years that I was in treatment for breast cancer and going through a painful divorce. I came to Kripalu for a variety of programs and to rejuvenate. Retreat and Renewal helped tremendously during stressful times. The yoga, the music, the food, the medical aspects, including healing arts, provided a respite for me. My body needed healing touches after so many surgeries, and the massage therapists and energy workers knew how to be gentle and effective. I also spent time outdoors and felt the sacredness of the land and the healing power of nature.Comprehensive care was unavailable in Miami, where I was living at the time, and I had to pull my own team together and essentially create my own treatment plan. At Kripalu, I found the inspiration and information I needed to locate an MD in Miami to help me continue on my quest for great health in a more holistic way. Im a professional musician, and before I got sick, I had played at Kripalu and other Berkshire venues, with Layne Redmond, Steve Gorn, and KDZ and of course I soaked up the classical music at Tanglewood!While I was in recovery, I wasnt able to play a lot. On my most recent visit to Kripalu, I was so happy to play some kirtan evenings again. During that stay, I also thought about my dream to create a music recording for women going through chemotherapy, which Ive since recorded. The people at Kripalu have impacted me so positively and aided in my recovery. Every teacher gave me the opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive setting. There is an energy, intention, and welcoming spirit that emanates from everyone the people at the Front Desk, program directors, teachers, volunteers, administrators, staff, and, of course, the other guests.Thanks to the advice of a nurse named Marge who I met at lunch, I limped into my first yoga class in a year. I know Im not the only person in the world who has gone through the challenges of disease, divorce, grief, and suffering. Its important that there is this place where people can go to heal and grow during times of challenge. For me, the focus is now on the return of health, music, happiness, and purpose. Im fortunate to be healthy enough to travel and create again. Im getting out and enjoying meeting new people.

    • Jeff DeBonis United States

      Kripalu website

      Kripalu is the place where I have gone during big transitions to remember my true self. Its where I learned to integrate yoga and meditation into my life. As dramatic as it may sound, Kripalu really saved me more than once. I first came to Kripalu in the 90s, when I started to experience the symptoms of chronic fatigue as the result of four years at a very demanding, high pressure, and draining job in Washington DC. I never felt rested and was constantly exhausted. I couldnt find the energy to exercise, even though in the past Id exercised a lot. It all had a terrible effect on my life and my work. At some point I had heard about Kripalu, and I decided to go there for an R&R retreat. It was just what I needed to recuperate from all the stress. Kripalu provided the space for me to stop the constant running.Id done yoga on and off since high school, but not consistently. During my stay, I took as many meditation and yoga classes as I could, laying the groundwork for what would become a regular practice. In 1999, after moving back to Oregon and taking a year and a half off work, I came for a month-long Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training. By the time youre done with that month, youve really started living more healthfully. The training also allowed me to integrate yoga into my consulting business, which helps environmental activists who are heading for burnout but dont know what to do about it the same road that I traveled. Now I teach a program called Heart to Heart, a sampling of yoga, meditation, and breathing/pranayama. Its experiential, so people actually do it and leave with their own practice.Last year, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. To prepare for the operation, I got in really good physical condition through exercising and I returned to Kripalu for a week of yoga and meditation. By the time I got to the operating room, I was in really good mental and physical condition. I recuperated very quickly my doctor said I was his second-fastest procedure ever, in part because I was in such good condition. The operation was a complete success. All cancer was removed, and no follow-up chemo or radiation were needed. I am now cancer free. All my times at Kripalu have been aha moments. Kripalu is a spiritual place for me and what Ive learned there helps me in all different levels of my life. I am so grateful that you the people of Kripalu are all there. Thank you.

    • Josh United States

      Kripalu website

      As a college graduation present, I was offered the chance to attend the Quarter-Life Calling program with Coby Kozlowski at Kripalu. There is no word to describe the experience except transformative. The program was focused on finding a life of passion in your twenties. The group, composed of young people, took part in different exercises designed to push us outside of our comfort zones. We were encouraged to explore uncharted areas of ourselves. During the most intense exercise, we paired up and stood 10 feet away from each other. We approached our partner, got really close, and yelled in his or her face for about 20 seconds. Then we switched roles.Different things came out for different people. Afterward, we hugged for what seemed like an eternity. I felt an incredible emotional release. During another empowering exercise, we sat with our eyes closed and raised our arms with our fingers extended toward the ceiling. We didnt know how long we were going to do this. After 15 minutes, when we were finally told to release, I had intense bodily feelings that really took me out of my head. The program was deeply emotional, perfect for what I was ready for at that time. I felt powerful and filled with gratitude. I left Kripalu crying in appreciation for the magic of being alive and was inspired to pursue more self-exploration and practice. A lot of my ideas started to come together and I became clear about what I wanted to do.After a year in graduate school pursuing a degree in exercise and sport science, I came back to Kripalu for yoga teacher training. I was grateful that my college allowed this training to serve as an internship. I think that the benefits of yoga and the mind/body connection are becoming more recognized in the West. I currently teach tennis, and I had ideas about combining yoga, tennis, and sports psychology into a business. The training really opened me up to looking at yoga differently. I know now that its so much more than just doing asanas. The yoga philosophy is now embedded in me, and I know that the skills Ive learned, such as conscious communication and reflective listening, will be helpful in all of my endeavors. I feel lucky to be a young person who has been exposed to such powerful tools to help me conduct myself with awareness and direction. I feel well prepared for life.

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