Kranti Yoga School offers yoga retreats, courses, and training to help you grow as an individual through unique and special journeys and experiences.

Yoga Retreats (9)

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29 Days 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow Goa, India

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    from US$1,794
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    15 Days 100 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India

    Sep | Oct | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | More…
      from US$1,049
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      15 Days Intensive Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

      May 26-June 9 | June 2-16 | June 9-23, 2019
        from US$1,311
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        8 Days Intensive Yin Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

        May 26-June 2 | June 2-9 | June 9-16, 2019
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        Instructors (11)

        Kranti (Tarun) Agrawal

        Dhira Krishna

        Julia Gavin

        Laura Shanks

        Steph Henshaw

        Francesca Crescenzi

        Enzo Montano

        Vicki Reynolds

        Didier Meynders

        Alex Bowley

        Faye Dewitt

        Reviews (30)

        Ashish Tiwari

        from India, May 2019

        " Not up to the mark and expectations"

        Evelina Stepanova

        from Switzerland, April 2019

        "4-day Retreat"

        1. Location is great! I stayed in one of the Ocean Cottages and it was sounds of the ocean in my room and less than a minute to get to the water.

        2. Food was also excellent. All vegetarian and plenty of options. Generally I'm not a vegetarian but didn't miss meat at all.

        3. Accommodation is basic but all you need: shower, comfortable bed and a hummock :) It was a little too hot at night, but a fan helped to keep it under control.


        from United States, March 2019

        "An amazing intensive yoga experience in beautiful Patnem"

        Everything! The chilled vibe, the facilities, the staff, the instructors, the classes, the other yogis. It was a seriously amazing 4 days, think I might go back for the teacher training. The food was a real highlight - so good.


        from United Kingdom, February 2019

        "Beautiful, chilled school "

        The food is brilliant, it was very hard not to go back for second portions. The instructors were warm and friendly and happy to answer questions after class to help improve practice. Also in some classes they had extra teachers to help with adjustments which was brilliant.


        from Canada, January 2019

        "Not the best for short term guests "




        All wonderful

        Grant Moon

        from United States, January 2019

        "Amazing! I want to come back"


        Sally Dunne

        from United Kingdom, January 2019

        I’m trying to answer your questions but can’t get them in English.

        Helena Gentili

        from India, January 2019

        "relax and yoga"

        I pretty much liked the accommodation, which is very cozy and excellent if you are looking for relax. The food was excellent, and for those which are staring the yoga practice it is a great place to start because the teachers are very good and easier for a foreign since all classes are taught in English by foreigners as well.

        Chelsea Powers

        from India, November 2018

        "Instructor review"

        I had three seperate instructors while I was there and they were all wonderful. They were all very informative and gentle during their lessons. And they had lots of modification for us beginners!

        The centre itself is beautifully set up with lots of lounge space. And the food was almost too good, they might need to put a limit on how much you can take :)

        There are lots of bugs though so bring long sleeves and pants and good bug spray for night time

        Vlatka Matkovic

        from Belgium, October 2018

        "Most valuable 4 days in my life"

        Charming place at the Goa beach, fabulous-delicious-yummy food, friendly staff, amazing teachers. Packed agenda with yoga practice and meditation, but in the same time with so much easy and zero stress. I came with severe upper back problems that lasted for years, and get out of it with no pain at all. It truly changed my life.

        Sarah Mcmorrow

        from India, April 2018

        "Wonderful place to stay"

        I stayed at Kranti Yoga for a yoga holiday and really enjoyed my time here. The location is ideal being right on patnem beach, the accomodation and shared area is really charming and homely. I found all staff to be very helpful during my stay and the food is delicious!

        I thought my teachers were great but just to let people know they are all new teachers who have qualified at Kranti Yoga.

        Alyssa Flegg

        from Sri Lanka, March 2018

        "Lovely people on a beautiful beach"

        Food was incredible, beautiful and relaxing place with loads of hang out areas

        Madhulika Srikanth

        from United States, December 2017

        "Loved my stay and the experience"

        The location is set in a quiet, peaceful beach. We loved our stay and the over all yoga meditation experience. The food is consciously made to benefit health and is fabulous. We will definitely be back :)

        George Kalaitis

        from United Arab Emirates, October 2017


        Location, people, yoga classes,

        Ailidh Maclean

        from France, May 2017

        "A must-do for anyone travelling to Goa!!"

        The facilities were great and it was a well-equipped set-up with the beach right on your doorstep. The yoga classes were modified so no matter what level you were at, you were never feeling over or under challeged. The food was also a highlight; incredible meals which ranged from vegan soups, saldas and fresh breads to curried vegetables and the most incredible pomegranate pancakes for breakfast!

        Marcel Trinquier

        from United States, April 2019

        "Aline manque dans la liste des profs "

        Convivialité et partage face à la mer

        Marion Adoh

        from France, March 2019

        "Yoga Holiday "

        J ai passé 4 jours dans un cadre idyllique.

        Le niveau des cours de yoga était appréciable avec des professeurs de qualité.

        Les repas végétariens étaient très bons et variées.

        J ai apprécié de passer 4 jours dans ce centre.

        Rianne Reitsma

        from India, February 2019

        "Really good! "

        We are a couple and beginner yogi's, it was a really nice experience and even though we are not experienced we got a lot of help. We really enjoyed ourselves.


        from United States, February 2019

        "Veel teacher trainers, mooie plek, yoga op alle niveau’s"

        Goede instructeurs, mooie plek, lekker eten

        Isabelle Neylon

        from Switzerland, December 2018

        Tout était parfait

        Nous n'avons pas profitez de faire des cours de yoga car le dépaysement et le lieu ont suffi à nous détendre. Le yoga n'était pas notre priorité

        Eve Vargas Araya

        from Qatar, January 2018

        "Way too much! "

        I will definitely going back... I will take the 200h course, the people, the environment, the food... I want to live there!!!

        Emmanuelle Charrier

        from France, January 2018

        "Un lieu propice au yoga"

        Le buffet , excellent.

        La plage, très belle.

        Le calme, un luxe en Inde.

        L'accueil, amical et chaleureux.

        Ela Cimen

        from India, October 2017

        "Pleasant yoga retreat "

        Nice team, very good food, quality of the yoga classes. Proximity of the beach


        from Antigua and Barbuda, January 2019

        "Amazing community"

        What makes Kranti Yoga amazing is the array of people that pass through. I've never experienced such a safe space.. there is never any judgement. You feel totally safe to be yourself

        Houda Enissi

        from India, May 2018

        "The place to be."

        It was a fulfilling experience for me to be in kranti yoga. The teachers was always there for help. The atmosphere was just amazing. And a variety of food satisfying every taste.

        Selin Ozyurt

        from France, February 2018

        "Amazing experience for your body and soul"

        The beach, food, people, teachers and yoga classes were simply breathtaking

        Martina Corti

        from India, February 2018

        "Kranti village is the perfect place! "

        Everything. Location, beach, food, private classes and yoga group lesson were suit for all the levels, even for beginners. Many people are taking only the yoga holiday.

        Lidia Chikalova

        from Kyrgyzstan, January 2018

        "Kranti Yoga review (spoiler: it's not all good)"

        First of all, the location is nice, however, when you leave in a hut 200metres away from the beach and shower with lizards, cockroaches, and frogs, the location doesn't really matter.

        Three good things I'd like to mention: food, private classes from Jasper, the only decent instructor in the school, and puppies!

        Bertrand Finckler

        from Switzerland, January 2018

        "GREAT RETREAT "

        Location, teachers,

        Anne Mavier

        from France, January 2018

        The food was the highlight, nice and safe place for solo woman traveler, warm atmosphere