Koko World Of Yoga Styles, Tampa, Florida, I support the spiritual journey. Areas of study Yoga, Meditation, 8 Limb Path.

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Tenika Koko Roman

Ekam Roman

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Eva Zibell

from United States, November 2018

"Awesome Yoga retreat! "

Koko was a wonderful and inspiring teacher who truly exemplifies what it means to be a yoga teacher. She was compassionate, patient and passionate about teaching yoga to her students. I have learned so much and this retreat has transformed me.

Cheryl Kuttner

from United States, July 2018

"Amazing and transformational experience."

Koko is a very student-centered Yoga teacher who maintained the high standards of Yoga Alliance YTT, while making modifications for all students to be successful.

Annie Maccani

from United States, May 2018


The yoga instructor’s assistant. The only bright light in this TERRIBLE experience.

Testimonials (1)

M. Norton

Koko's World of Yoga Styles, 2018

Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness & that is exactly why the Universe guided me to Koko’s World of Yoga Styles 200 hr YTT. To describe an experience that can’t even be put into words feels impossible. One day you’re researching yoga teacher training, then before you know it you’re stepping off an airplane 2400 miles from home straight into the single most inspirational & life altering experience of your life. I have never felt more Empowered. I have never felt more Confident, Healthy, Supported, & Accomplished. I have never felt more Inspired, Encouraged & Appreciated. Ive never felt more CAPABLE, Self Sufficient & READY. I’ve made bonds that will last a lifetime. The knowledge I have acquired from this experience is priceless. I leave Koko’s YTT a Certified Yoga Practitioner not only capable of completing the entire Ashtanga Primary Series as part of my personal practice but also capable of Teaching the entire Ashtanga Primary Series with adjustments. I am also now a Certified Reiki Practitioner. The level of both personal & professional growth I have accomplished is insurmountable & my life will not ever be the same. I will also be completing my 300 hour YTT at Koko’s Yoga and I can’t wait!