KiekariTerra is a community taking action through science, spirituality, yoga, and Toltec philosophy. They offer yoga retreats in nature.

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Amanda Degroot

from Mexico, November 2021

If you are looking for something deeper than a yoga training, choosing this experience will leave you with more tools and support that will help you on your path to more conscious living as well as teaching yoga. Maria and Alan are a gift to this world and I feel incredibly grateful that I was able to be part of this group. I have learned so much and my eyes have been opened to new topics and ways of seeing the world. I will forever be grateful for these two humans and what I learned from them.

Anabel Vandesande

from Belgium, November 2021

"Transformative learning experience"

I truly enjoyed every aspect of this beautiful experience, from begin to the end. I very much appreciated the fact that we got to live so close to nature, literally sleeping in tents, with no electricity, which forced us to reconnect with the rhythm of nature as well as getting back in touch with our circadian clock. It gave us a full on experience and first impression on how it feels like to live off-grid. I enjoyed the content of both Maria as well as Alan’s classes. It was a nice balance between the both of them and their separate as well as shared knowledge. They truly embody the teachings they share, they live it. I got to learn more about the human body and got to get back to intuitively acknowledging what feels right to my own body in each specific moment of the day. Their enthusiasm and deep wisdom in what they do and share was extremely contagious and present. You could feel the love and appreciation they have for the land they live on, its river and all the living creatures they get to share it with. I feel extremely grateful for this transformative learning experience. We got to live in community, learning about what “yoga” means off the mat, as a lifestyle.

Lucy Rojek

from United States, November 2021

"More than a yoga teacher training"

I loved every moment of this experience. Maria and Alan are two incredibly kind, knowledgeable, loving people who have cultivated a beautiful space to share with others. I came out of this experience having in depth knowledge of body movement and the importance of having a connection with my body and the land. Maria’s style of yoga is unique and so intentional I will never be able to approach yoga the same way. I learned so much more than poses and alignments and feel prepared to enter anything from a more grounded loving place. I loved the addition of permaculture, gut health, trauma, and social justice.

Kevin Snavley

from United States, November 2021


My time at Kiekari was truly monumental - as others have said before, it is so much more than a yoga teacher training. I reconnected with a rhythm and pace of life that felt amazing for my body, uncovered a lot of things inside of myself, and gained so much self-knowledge. All of my fellow students were wonderful - so bright, funny, and full of life. Kiekari attracts a lot of beautiful souls. We spent so much time laughing, and I felt more myself here than I have in years. Maria and Alan are fantastic teachers and incredible human beings. Their vision for Kiekari, their work, and future endeavors is inspiring and exciting. They planted a lot of seeds for a future that I want to build for myself. Maria herself has a very cool style of yoga that blends disciplines as well as other movement, and provides a strong base of all 8 limbs of yoga. Also, the food was delicious. All of it was plant-based, aside from the optional eggs here and there for those that wanted it. Additionally, I’m celiac, and they accommodated me with gluten-free versions of the dishes that contained gluten. Although most were gluten-free anyway. One of my favorite parts was opening our time together with a Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony, and then closing the training with another on our last day. I had incredibly powerful and healing experiences both times, and it’s definitely something I’ll be seeking out here at home. I cannot recommend this training enough. If it’s speaking to you, take the leap and go.

Juliane Meyer-benz

from Netherlands, November 2021

"Three weeks full of inspiration and exploration"

There is so much that I loved about the journey at Kiekari! It was such a rich and wholesome experience which I will grow from for a long time to come. Together, the nature of KiekariTerra, the simple day routine and Alan and Maria as hosts, created a grounding and safe container for the internal exploration and reflection journey we all went on. The classes were full of inspiring out of the box information that you wouldn't find in a regular yoga teacher training. The stance that is taken here is much more holistic. So instead of only learning how you can bring students into a nice looking downward dog, we learned about inclusivity of a class, trauma-sensitive language, somatic movement and meditation, the diversity of physical and emotional experience of movements and poses, and so much more.

I absolutely loved how Maria and Alan interconnected the yoga content with other lifestyle practices, such as permaculture. We not only learned about all kinds of fascinating things but also lived it. This conscious experiential learning allowed the wisdom to really sink in and, I am sure, to have a deeper impact on how I see the world and myself in it.

There is so many positive things to say, but I have to limit myself to a last. The most special thing for me was that Alan and Maria shared a lot about the pre-hispanic wisdom and practices with us, really making me understand and experience this land and culture in a beautifully different way.

Bryan Quinet

from Belgium, August 2021

"That training was beyond all expectations "

Alright, those three weeks have been life changing for me. I've learned how to move but more then that, how to listen and treat my body. The food was just amazing, small portions at the beginning, maybe to use our bodies of eating less and better. But we could go in the house whenever we wanted to take more or take a book or just talk to Maria and Alan. They were very welcoming!

The way we were living is totally accorded with the ayurvedic principles, so was like the best lifestyle I've ever had in my life.

That way of living have bring me and the other students to become so much more sensitive! I had some crazy experience just by meditating and doing yoga, experiences I didn't know could be possible just by changing my lifestyle.

The place, the jungle we're living on is magical, surrounded by two rivers were we could take a bath, freaking cold but you'll get use to it!

Otherwise Alan builded bamboo shawers and toilets, really beautiful and there's even the possibility to warm up the water with wood.

The people I've met there were like sisters and brothers after a few days. Being so close all the time and constantly evolving in nature and discovering that new lifestyle have probably reinforce our relationship.

We also had sharing moment every morning, where we could speak from ou heart and just tell everything we were living, enjoying, missing or hard moment we were living!

Reconnection with nature and my self, truly amazing ❤️

Eglantine Labare

from Guatemala, August 2021

"Unique experience that will stay in my memory"

It was way more than a teacher training ! It was an amazingly beautiful experience, in many ways.

We evolved in a wonderful place in the middle of nature. We dived into a simple way of life, full of meaning, full of respect for everything and everyone, that just sounded right.

All the teachings were really interesting, well designed, well balanced between theory and practice, and also open minding on different fields that were new to me and for which I'm really glad !

Maria is just so passionate about the body, and she's a infinite source of knowledge, meanwhile she's extra-ordinary for her human qualities.

I think that the trauma informed part is a great gift, to our future yoga pupils but without doubt for our life in general. This part was as well a discovery for me, and I'll for sure get into this more and more.

We also had access to many many books, on yoga & more, and this is a great plus !

I also think that being so little students is a nice chance for acknowledging everyone, and I felt really fast like being part of a family, of a beautiful community full of benevolence.

At all, this retreat completely overcame my expectations, and I would more than recommand this yoga teacher training to everyone ! There you will explore many things, inside, outside, and you will probably get out of the retreat feeling inspired in a way !

Thank you so much again Maria & Alan :)

Kate Thompson

from United States, July 2021

"Infinitely inspired & forever changed"

All that is a part of the KiekariTerra YTT offering - movement practice & curriculum, permaculture, food, accommodations - truly everything - is crafted and offered with love and thoughtfulness. The beautiful sacred forest around us, small group size, Earth-focus and open hearts of Maria & Alan, made for an incredible and safe container to genuinely explore trauma-informed movement and natural living. What a gift to spend 3 weeks in this magical place, surrounded and supported by such special people..Personally, I feel empowered to further integrate all I have learned here, share with others, and continue my studies. I would recommend this program to anyone who is hearing the call..overall an incredibly grounding experience and for me, it has been absolutely transformative.

Leila Rossato

from Switzerland, July 2021

"The training was beyond my expectations !! "

The fact that we incorporated movement into the training and not only worked on poses, and all the other amazing topics we studied including permaculture and trauma, the philosophy of yoga and the fact we could create and give our own classes !

Ella Hayslett-ubell

from United States, June 2021

"An Incredible Training, but also So Much More! Magic!"

I could write for a long time about how powerful and exceptional this experience was. Maria's approach to yoga made more sense to me than any other I have come across. The movement and mobility training was rooted in her deep and constant study of anatomy and current scientific research, and her own practice - I left with structured, foundational, and comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and mobility, and the confidence to fluidly explore and play with my movement. And then, like the helix of our energy channels, or the webbing of our fascia, she wove in the holy and the mystical - through education about energy centers, breath, and the history of yoga, chakra sound healing and chanting, Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremonies, and sharing the sacredness she creates and honors daily.

Maria and Alan welcomed us in to their home, which was built and cared for with such intention and love. They are a true embodiment of their yogic and permaculture values. Dang, do they walk the walk! It is a beautiful partnership to witness.

Alan shared his endlessly fascinating passions, stories and humor, Juanita cooked delicious and nourishing food and shared her bright light, and the dogs, sheep and chickens shared cuddles, joy, and eggs!

The land is simply put, magical. Staying in a tent, falling asleep to the sound of the river, waking up with the sun, learning outside all day by the river, daily swims and baths in the healing waters, explorations in the cloud forest dripping with lush life.

Courtney Brianne Van Gorden

from United States, June 2021

"A truthful expression of experience and a care to recommend"

KiekariTerra’s yoga teacher and movement educator training offers value beyond imagined. Alan y María share yogic teachings through perspective that encompasses all of creation. They honor tradition, interweave a rich practice of culture and respect of ecology with a human’s capacity for movement, voice, strength, and growth. Daily movement and sound sessions accompanied by in-depth presentations and discussions of human anatomy and physiology beside the spiritual attributions of yoga and its practice, share a breadth of knowledge that one may absorb within themselves to recognize ability of self for self as well as in digesting an interpretation that is palatable in educating and guiding others in their personal attainment of wellness and wholeness that too can be achieved altogether. Care is exercised in all which is presented at Kiekari and consciousness is obvious as all the land and that which is nurtured upon it is so with only the most thoughtful of intentions. I found it more than pleasant to bathe and do my washing in the creek’s fresh and brisk waters and to sleep within the humble shelters that kept me warm, dry, and at peace beneath the night sky. The meals were nourishing and wholesome with love a sure ingredient - muchísimas gracias Juanita!! :) What María y Alan have to share is of immeasurable value. They exemplify how a life may fully and truly be lived with care to self, each other, and the Earth. They have my blessing. I hope too, they may have yours.

Lovis Wittig

from Germany, June 2021

"Beautiful Land"

I couldn't imagine a more beautiful surrounding for a Yoga Teacher Training. Beeing of the grid with no reception is the perfect setting for diving deep into Yoga. Yoga is unity and Maria and Alan really living the unity with the nature and all the other aspect of their life, it was soo inspiring to be part of their life. And I now know that I have all the tools to become an informed Yoga Teacher. I got the tools to prepare a class, to be mindfull with all my students..... and I know it's going to be a live long journey, for which Maria prepared me very well.

Maria and Alan really welcome you into their home and life. Thank you so much.

Thank you for this magical experienc.

Thank you for sharing all your'e knowledge.

Thank you for letting me be part of you life.

Dannee Giles

from United States, June 2021

"Thank you✨"

At KiekariTerra you are living off grid close to the magic that is the land, an experience I was longing for! Your living needs are meet with a comfortable mattress to sleep on in an inviting tent, 3 well thought out delicious meals a day(oatmeal for breakfasts with additional fixings nut butter and fruit YUM), dry toilets because there is no waste, a creek AND river at your access! Maria’s offerings of knowledge about movement will leave you forever changed and in tune with digging deeper into your own body, understanding and acceptance of what is and what can be! She radiates a presence of grounded, appreciative of the land, aware of the ones who walked before.. I constantly felt the connection between all, grateful. It was an honor to take part in the two Temazcal ceremonies. We were encouraged to use our voices and took time to work on all the chakras using the Tibetan sound for each chakra. The passion, knowledge(they also take great pride in being forever students), and lust for life shared between Maria and Alan has left an impact on my heart, If your heart is calling you to take a training with them I say answer! As with every topic we explored there is always room for more exploration, I feel the fire to continue explore! Seeing as they see the interconnection and evolvement of the world around I have no doubts they will continue to blossom and evolve.

Tessa Hollingsworth

from United States, June 2021

"Transformational ❤"

Maria and Alan offer a unique teacher training that is not available anywhere else. They take the Unity of Yoga and apply it to unity of mind, body, spirit, and Earth, teaching and offering self healing techniques, connection with Mother Earth, and so much more. I learned so much about myself and feel that I gained an invaluable knowledge and confidence in how to better guide others in yoga and movement. The movement techniques were so informative and revolutionary to the typical yoga program. Truly a blessing to have gotten the opportunity to learn at KiekariTerra. If you are looking for a holistic and full-bodied yoga teaching experience, this is the best one out there by far. Maria and Alan are amazing individuals. They are really changing the world one person at a time with the knowledge and love they are sharing.

Alyssa Skites

from Mexico, June 2021

"More than a Yoga Teacher Training"

I have been thinking about what I would write for this review ever since the training ended last week. However, I have been struggling to really put this experience into words. The land was magic in every sense of the word. It was entirely encompassed by green & was the host of many different flows of energy ~ the creek, the animals, & the constant rain taught us invaluable lessons about the impermanence of all things & inspired us in the most serendipitous ways.

The type of yoga we practiced was unique and a kind that I hope to bring to my classes. Maria taught us how to teach in a way that does not damage joints nor promote unhealthy images of what yoga is supposed to look, feel, and be like. I also loved the meditations, sound healing sessions, and temazcales put on by Maria. She is really a wise, joyful, and loving individual with so much knowledge to offer the world.

I really enjoyed the silent oatmeal breakfasts as they were a time to reflect and truly see the beauty in all that surrounds us, each and every day. The other meals were also authentic, delicious, and healthy (gracias Juanita!).

We not only learned about yoga but also about permaculture, epigenetics, earthing, and much more from the amazing Alan. Thank you for all of your wisdom & your belief in us as young, capable women.

I could write so much more but there's no space! I recommend this training to anyone wanting a YTT while living holistically under people who fully embody all that they teach.

Edward Holguin

from United States, August 2019

"Awesome "

What a beautiful experience. The pictures don’t do it justice. A hidden gem in the Gulf of Mexico. Epic boat rides, delicious food, temazcal, all while a thorough 200 YTT. Way beyond what I expected. Thank you very much Maria, Alan, and the whole team at Los Amigos.

Highly recommend it.


from Mexico, July 2020

Me gustó mucho su explicación de lo que fue presentado, el grupo con el que me tocó trabajar pero sobre todo su parte práctica. Los ejercicios presentados me resultaron muy interesantes.