Kelly Griswold

Kelly Griswold is an experienced yoga teacher who help others to know their own path more clearly through yoga retreats around the world.

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Kelly Griswold website

Kelly's lessons are always inspirational and unique. You always come out of them a bit transformed, not only in the body but also in your soul. She really teaches you how to bring your practice into your life.


Kelly Griswold website

I am quite sensitive and at the same time demanding person, so when I was considering doing yoga, it took me a while to find a perfect teacher. Some (to my opinion) lacked the intensity of physical aspect, some were too spiritual for that phase of my life, some were too difficult for a beginner. Kelly Griswold provided everything I needed, without even knowing for sure what exactly I did need. Her talent of a sensitive and demanding person to put these traits into the practice, enfolded with love and acceptance and at the same time with a perfect amount of challenge. Kelly’s classes are full of sense on all levels, beauty and strength. I am sure her guidance makes yoga practice beneficial to anyone who is in search for quality, balance, and awareness.

Mila Flex

Kelly Griswold website

Kelly is the One&Only teacher. She is like a first love that you ll never forget. I’ll be always remembering my first Kelly’s class around 5 years ago. The theme was so inspiring to me “…. Yogamat is a magic carpet for you. Fly and travel in your magic world. Explore each little space of your magic environment….”, something like that. And I was surprisingly immersed in my inner heart to discover myself, discover the Shiva and Shakti in the Union- dance. Spirituality apart, I got the best alignment, the idea of Anusara style, its like yoga for an intelligent people. Thanks Kelly, huge love.


Kelly Griswold website

Thanks to her precise knowledge and experience of body alignment, in every single class Kelly makes me explore the key principles anew or more deeply.

Her classes are a fun, challenging and enriching experience altogether. Since practicing with Kelly, I have safely mastered poses I never would have thought myself capable of before. Kelly inspires me to always take my asana practice a little further.


Kelly Griswold website

Kelly is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Yoga teachers I have come across in my many years of practice. Her classes are always challenging, but at the same time great fun. As her students, we are often reminded not to take ourselves too seriously, but laugh often, which is so refreshing. While Kelly’s classes are profound and spiritual, she always manages to keep things light hearted.

Kelly ensures that each of her students progresses at their own pace, encouraging true engagement in the practice. She has a keen eye for alignment and she gently guides her students towards correct postures and body alignment. Kelly has the gift of teaching us to embrace who we are fully, with boundless love and compassion, and to treasure our bodies and our minds. Kelly lives the Yoga way, she is truly passionate about what she does and her teachings come straight from the heart. I love being her student and look forward to many more classes, both as a Yoga student and as a teacher trainee.

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