Kaya Yoga is an Award Winning Yoga school offering 200- and 300-hour Therapeutically Inspired Yoga Alliance Accredited Courses

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Kaya Peters

Sanne Kerkhof

Rachel Ellery

Marylene Henry

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Ffa Balfour

from United States, October 2019

"Kaya Yoga 300hour Therapeutic Teaching Training "

This was an absolutely fantastic training and I would highly recommend it.

As an already practicing teacher I was looking for a curriculum that would deepen my knowledge. And this 300 hour course content did!

It was a complete journey into fine tuning foundational practice techniques, anatomy, philosophy, case study yoga therapy teaching, yoga entrepreneurship and much more.

And it was my introduction to the VijnanaYoga style which I love.

The course content was clearly delivered by authentic, inspiring and lovely instructors.

The manual is still a great resource for me.

The retreat centre was totally stunning and the healthy food was divine!

Daniel Schoenberger

from Germany, September 2019

"good content but otherwise partially difficult"

content-wise it is a great training and i have to admit that i learned a lot.

marylene is an extremely knowledgable teacher. she has a very good perception, also on the human and psychological side of things, understands quickly and is very kind. she is very solution-oriented and that was a very good thing.steffi was only teaching once or twice, but she is very kind, nice, knowledgable and also very human and loving in her attitudes. i truly and deeply appreciate her for her big heart.

sanna was very different. she is knowledgable and truly nice but was more esotheric. hence her cueing was difficult to understand. instead of tailbone down, belly in, arms up, she would say "connect the energy in front of your body and shoot it up". not always very clear.

with kaya i had a lot of difficuties. i perceived her as very dominant, harsh, full of herself. we are not here for fun was one of her first sentences – strict rules, no freedom! no alcohol, being quiet from 10pm until 10am, cigarettes and coffee not recomended, curfew 8pm and we were quite forced to sign for this. she said she is not judgmental about anything and impossible to be offended. it is too much about her. 2 days later, when i had a beer on the afternoon off, she attacked me like a dog with rabies and named me childish (no judgement?). in a lot of workshops i did not even state my true personal opinion, hiding it out of fear for being pointed at. that created a difficult atmosphere, not really spiritualy open.