Kaya Yoga Therapy offers yoga teacher training courses from 200-hour, 300-hour, to 500-hour programs, all of which are Yoga Alliance accredited.

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Kaya Peters

Sanne Kerkhof

Rachel Ellery

Marylene Henry

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Kostadin Abu Dhabi

Kaya Yoga Therapy

I have already attended a yoga teacher training in India and when I joined Kaya's training I had certain expectations.Well I have to say that everything exceeded my expectations. First of all Kaya has the right balance between discipline and fun in her course which helped us to learn everything we had to know. I have been practising yoga for some time but I realised I had to work on some of the basic poses as well. The way that the course is created is amazing as after each module you have homework and one month to absorb everything you learn as opposed to the intensive courses in which you really become overwhelmed with all the information you receive. The most important thing about Kaya's course is that it gives you confidence to start teaching straight away. I just finished my 200 hours and really excited for the next 300 hours. Thank you Kaya

Iskra Dubai

Kaya Yoga Therapy

My first 200 hours TTC with Kaya Yoga was the next stage on my own journey of healing severe scoliosis and alignment issues. I was expecting mostly physical alignment, but little did I know that this huge learning process would bring mental and spiritual alignment as well! Now I’m about to finish my 500-hours with Kaya Yoga school and become a teacher myself with the deep understanding of not only what scoliosis is, but most other back issues and the majority of health- and emotional issues. The Teacher Training not only gave me knowledge and practical tools, but encouraged me to do my own research, investigations and explorations; empowered me to improve myself and to inspire other people It gave me a strong discipline and deep understanding of responsibility when it comes to a working with people. By the end of my second TTC with Kaya Yoga I feel confident in working almost with any health issues with different ranges of severity. I feel that I possess wide a deep understanding of many inner and outer processes going on in our human existence, and can be of great use for those people who are stepping into this important journey. I can summarize right now the pla ce where I am as: My scoliosis is almost healed, I don’t practice anymore, but dance my own Yoga, I’m feeling very inspired and ready to inspire others!

Tara Japan

Kaya Yoga Therapy

The universe brought Kaya Yoga to me at a time when I was desperately seeking a sign to change the direction of my life. Joining the Yoga Teacher Training gave me the ability to fulfill my purpose as someone who inspires others to be the greatest versions of themselves. Through Kaya‘s expert knowledge of the body, breath and therapeutic aspects of Yoga, I grew to start my own business working with private clients, teaching group classes and even assisting with new YTTCs. It has been an amazing experience so far and I am blessed to be continuing this journey with Kaya Yoga

Parul India

Kaya Yoga Therapy

Kaya Yoga Course has been a life changing chapter of my life, the teaching methods used by Kaya yoga introduces the students to true essence of Yoga and also provides in depth knowledge of meditation, breathing techniques and posture alignments. Each module of Kaya Yoga Course unfolds like a new layer. After Kaya Yoga course I breathe well and I live well.

A Big Thanks to Kaya Yoga and her teachers !