Katie Silcox Yoga

Virginia, United States

Katie Silcox Yoga offers yoga retreats and trainings. Katie's teaching style blends classical yoga, Vinyasa-based asana, and life-changing Tantric and Ayurvedic philosophy.

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  • a traveler California, USA

    Katie Silcox Yoga website

    I have complete trust in Katie. She is one of those very rare teachers for whom the inner journey is both central and powerful. You get the sense when you are around her that she’s been down this road before - that there’s a deep wisdom about yoga and Ayurveda encoded into her system and she’s waking up to it anew right in front of your eyes. She sparkles when she teaches and her path shares unique secrets about breathing and posture found in no other tradition. If you are open to being transformed, visit her events and enjoy the benefit of her soft touch and a wisdom that belies her years.

  • Jess Durivage

    Katie Silcox Yoga website

    A breath of fresh, feminine air. Katie has the innate ability to translate ancient teachings into modern language that is tangible, relatable, and just plain fun.

  • Seren Rubens California

    Katie Silcox Yoga website

    The first time I met Katie, my heart was simultaneously melted and set on fire by her teaching and presence. This woman has the rare gift of being able to pierce to the heart of a teaching and express it in a way that is not only clear and practical, but also dripping with aliveness, humor, and pure love. Katie is a walking, dancing, radiant embodiment of yoga. She is an Ayurvedic alchemist, a transformer of lives, and an awakener of magic. I am so grateful she has shown up in my life.

  • Rod Stryker

    Katie Silcox Yoga website

    Katie Silcox is leading the next generation of thought leaders - helping people live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. The fact that she can deliver what she has to say with so much clarity, humor, caring, and yes, sexiness is a gift, because it means that more and more of us will continue to be drawn to listen and thus, benefit from the ancient wisdom she so expertly conveys.

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