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Yoga retreats across Europe that inspire wellbeing and wanderlust in places of natural beauty.

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Katherine Smith

I am an experienced yoga teacher offering expert, person centred tuition, that will help to empower your practice and invite insightful living. I offer soul-warming yoga experiences and the space to unravel. At the heart of everything I do is the intention to bring you home to the heart of you.

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  • Reitske Belgium

    Katherine Smith Yoga

    I just returned from a wonderful retreat week with Kat. She is an incomparable teacher who tuned into the group in an amazing way. It always felt like classes were specially made for what the group needed at that moment. Everyone, no matter what level, found his place in class and there was time for turning inward, exploring poses, and having fun. It was a wonderful gift how she shared her journey in the life of yoga with us inside and outside class.

  • Cristina Belgium

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    I had the opportunity to meet Kat in a yoga retreat in the Portuguese mountains. Kat is an excellent yoga instructor. She puts a lot of passion and dedication in her classes, combined with many lovely smiles. What I also learnt from Kat is that it is possible to bring some creativeness to the yoga classes I cannot forget the great yoga play afternoon! It was so much fun!! In addition, Kat shared with us her broad knowledge in Ayurveda, which was a new discovery for me! And she even cooked for us! All I can say is that I highly recommend you to come to her classes and experience her teaching yourself!

  • Sabrina

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    I couldnt have asked for a better introduction to yoga than what Kat offered me! I will always remember how thrilled Kat was to know it was my first ever yoga experience she made it a special one to remember for life. Kat is a great teacher friendly, enthusiastic, dynamic, observant, encouraging the list goes on and on. I really enjoyed every single class, they were all a mix of fun, energising and calming, all at once. Kat is also of excellent company with lots of laughter and plenty of extraordinary stories. Her cooking was mouth watering too.

  • Pam United Kingdom

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    Being the most senior person in the group I was nervous at the start but Kat made me feel comfortable immediately. Her teaching of the yoga was enlightening and energizing both physically and mentally. After each session I came away feeling taller, peaceful and happy very happy!. Kats workshops were fun and good to take part in. I have taken away some extremely important basics of the yoga practice and the knowledge of being able to do home practice comfortably, safely and with much variation.

  • Emma Spain

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    Katherines classes are so much fun! She teaches with her students needs very much in mind, carefully tailoring the asanas to fit each individual. Her pacing is instinctively appropriate, she seems to know exactly when and how hard to push. I find her very subtle adjustments allow me to go deeper into the practice whilst respecting where my body is on that day. Her input is informative, encouraging, and insightful, and her sense of humour delightful! Kat is a great teacher and a lovely person.

  • Nikki United Kingdom

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    I have just spent a week with Kat on retreat and I would highly recommend it. She is an energetic, knowledgeable, observant and encouraging yoga teacher-the classes were suited to the mood, energy and the ability of the students. They were a lot of fun! Outside of yoga, Kat was great company, lots of interesting travel stories and she made sure that the whole experience was memorable. I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and inspired.

  • Bethan United Kingdom

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    Kats yoga sessions are just incredible; she is really are one of the best teachers I have come across and my yoga progressed really quite considerably over the course of one retreat weekend. We all learnt a huge amount and her energy is incredible.

  • Helen United Kingdom

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    Kat is genuinely lovely, great fun and all-round excellent. I love her yoga classes, which are somehow deeply energising, empowering and calming all at once I just wish she were based in my local yoga studio, or at least on podcast tap (hint hint). We all spent the retreat raving about her behind her back, so Im glad to be able to write this so that she knows what we were saying!

  • Corrine United Kingdom

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    Kats thoughtful, inspiring, relaxing and revitalising yoga sessions were pure bliss. Kat creates a dynamic yet personal teaching environment in which all the pupils are catered for but with the complete absence of competitiveness. There is gentle encouragement to try new positions and deepen stretches where we feel able to, but I never felt I had to force my body into positions it didnt want to go. Kat inspired me to deepen my yoga practice and I wouldnt hesitate to book another retreat with her shes also great fun and doesnt take herself too seriously!

  • Deirdra Ireland

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    Katherine does not do muscle-y yoga. It is not nutty or flakey. She does yoga for real people, not super bendy, fairy like waifs. Her classes are fun yet meaningful. She helps you to be gentle with yourself but still encrouages you to grow. Her advice is considered and practical. Kat helps you see where yoga, meditation and Ayurveda can fit into your life in the real world or wherever you are! I loved my Portuguese retreat with Kat and would joyfully recommend her classes to anyone of any level or experience.

  • Dan United Kingdom

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    I couldnt have asked for a better introduction to yoga than what Kat provided. She found the perfect balance of assessing each yogis ability, whilst also pushing us accordingly towards our goals, despite some of our limitations. All sessions were well structured and considered, instructions delivered clear and concisely and she was incredibly supportive throughout.The fact that I have continued to practice at home since her lessons is a testament to how she teaches.

  • Emma United Kingdom

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    Katherine Smith is a beautiful and accomplished teacher whos enthusiasm and knowledge makes her classes accessible to everyone, no matter what their experience of yoga. I attended her Wild and Whole retreat week in Portugal 2014; her stories, anecdotes and general demeanour wonderfully accompanied the daily Vinyasa yoga and Ayurvedic cooking classes. Go spend time with this lady, you wont regret it!

  • Aleksandra United States

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    Kat is a joy to be around, wherever that might be- whether its on the mat, stretching mind, body, and soul under her guidance, or in the kitchen, licking plates clean and spying on every dash, pinch, and drizzle of spices she deftly swirls into nutritious meals and dishes that border on mouthwatering magic. I have had the pleasure of enjoying her company on many different occasions, and can attest to one thing- this wonderful lady is someone you would be lucky to have in your life.

  • Jilske Belgium

    Katherine Smith Yoga website

    I really felt my attitude change towards yoga on Kats retreat. I went from feeling like a pose was killing me to a space of contentment. I often used to feel discomfort and pain in postures, but under this girls guidance I learned how to do poses correctly and began to feel more comfortable.

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