Kashish Yoga is committed to uniting the body, mind, and soul of each individual with yoga teacher trainings and retreats for a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

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28 Days 300-Hour Inspiring Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India

Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May, 2019–2020
    from US$1,320
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    Ashok Kumar




    Nitin Chotwani

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    from United States, November 2019

    The energy and people are amazing! Amazing experience!


    from Mauritius, October 2019

    "Hari Om "

    The food was delicious, the kitchen staff were extremely kind and catered to everyone's needs generously. The overall staff were warm, smiling and welcoming, I always felt safe and looked after if I needed something. All the teachers were nice and taught well but i especially loved my classes with Ashok, Siddharth and Anna, who gave me exactly the type of inspiration and urge to learn that I was expecting at this retreat. Even though it was an intensive course with a lot of ups and downs, I had a blast, it was a once in a lifetime experience I'm grateful I was lucky enough to stumble upon. I'll come visit again someday for sure !

    Eva Pieters

    from Netherlands, October 2019

    "Amazone Time @ Kashish"

    Jenny Campbell

    from Great Britain, June 2019

    Amazing experience.....learned so much ...made lifelong friends. So well supported by all teachers .


    from Australia, June 2019

    teachers had an amazing wealth and depth of knowledge which was extremely helpful. food and security staff were always there and cooked amazing food. the shalas and accommodation are a really pleasant & good place to learn.

    Maryam Bawazir

    from Saudi Arabia, May 2019

    "Lovely Place To Learn More About Yoga"

    It was one of the unforgettable experiences I've ever had. It gives you a sense of self-discipline. Getting to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses from your own reflection, your teachers and your classmates. I liked the fact that our group was really connected to each other though we have very different backgrounds, and how the teachers are close to us. The food was great! the chef is really good, but sometimes we go out for food to change the food routine. I liked that we focused on different aspects of yoga ( theory, history, asanas clinic, practical, anatomy, meditation). You get to have a tasted from each style and how you can teach it.

    I do love the dogs and missing them already (Habibi & Valentina) also the adorable cats.


    from India, May 2019

    "İremssssss "

    Everything was perfect

    Deborah Cairns

    from Great Britain, April 2019

    The food was reasonably and no one got ill, which is always a positive in India


    from Sweden, April 2019

    "had an amazing time there"

    Loved the atmosphere there. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. Will defenetly come again.

    Rae Auton

    from Great Britain, January 2019

    "Fantastic people fantastic experience "

    Really inspired by my whole experience x

    Paola Sartori

    from Italy, January 2019

    "Great experience!"

    Great yoga school!great teachers very professional and knowledgeable; great vegetarian food (gluten free, dairy free if you need it); nice location in a tropical garden. All amazing!

    Marinella Zuffa

    from Greece, January 2019

    "Amazing experience of life..."

    Everything... The Teachers are very professional and amazing... All the staff very good. The program very good like the classes... Everything amazing...

    Mary Morgan

    from Great Britain, December 2018

    "Just what I was looking for "

    The location was beautiful and just a short cycle from the beach. All the teachers were very friendly and loving. The food and the kitchen staff were amazing!

    Danica Dsouza

    from Qatar, November 2018

    "Great time at Kashish"

    I was very apprehensive at first if I did make a right choice but later my perspective changed. Everyone in Kashish Yoga had taken intricate measures to make sure our stay was safe, comfortable, hygienic and lively. The 200 hour is an intensive training and it is a total change of regime for your body for these 3 weeks. It becomes a bit difficult in the beginning following a schedule that you are not used to but later it all grows into you. Such a friendly bunch of staff and teachers who are willing to go out of their way to help you in your needs. The kitchen staff have always served us with a smile and their hospitality was heart warming. They accommodated everyone and their needs in whatever way they could. The food is cooked with love and surely you can tell by the way it tastes. Our batch teachers Susan, Tamlyn, Kauntey, Shubham and Durgesh were informative, kind and amazing. All classes thought by each of them were valuable. They understand the students well and they alter their methods accordingly which is much needed considering how much our bodies go through during the intensive training. Kashish becomes a family after a while and I personally miss all my classmates and each one of them. It is an organic way of life and I loved every moment of it. I would highly recommend to take the leap of faith and embark on this journey.

    Ylenia Bonadeo

    from Italy, November 2018

    "So grateful for this peaceful experience!"

    Everything was great :-)

    Stella Patane

    from Italy, November 2018


    Kashish was much more than I could ever expect, everything was just perfect ! The teachers,the programm, the food, the location, the management and all the staff are amazing, you will feel so lucky to be part of the kashish family ! The teachers are so passionate, prepared, special both on a professional and human level, the best teachers and life mentors I ever had. I approached Kashish Yoga with very little of previous yoga experience but immediately I felt so much connected to yoga, overwhelmed, I found an amazing environment and life lasting friendships, I learned so much about yoga, meditation, myself and yoga philosophy and I got so much into yoga that I can not imagine anymore my life without yoga. My teacher training at Kashish was the best decision I had ever taken and the biggest suggestion for any of my best friends that would ask me where to go for a yoga retreat or teacher training. The outcomes I got are way more than the investmet I did! The meditation sessions are the best part of the programm, I loved them ! And the food is delicious !!!!!! I DEFINITELY LOVE KASHISH ! I LOVE MY TEACHERS ASHOK, SHUBHAM AND SUSY, they are so special and uniques! THANK YOU ALL FROM THE VERY BOTTOM OF MY HEART !!!!

    Joanne Darroch

    from France, May 2018

    The teachers were amazing. They were all passionate and so knowledgeable. The management, catering staff, cleaning, security were all excellent, so friendly and approchable.

    Edna Ribeiro

    from United States, May 2018

    "Great journey "

    It was hard core training by yet relaxing and fulfilling.

    Amber Boyden-wilson

    from Great Britain, April 2018

    "Brilliant Course"

    Every one should come here. In simple terms excellent teachers and schedule! Good location.

    Highly recommend..

    Michelle Bradford

    from United States, April 2018

    All the instructors were knowledgable, experienced, approachable, professionble, demonstrated compasion and kindness. Which was needed as I at times questioned my ability. I was Reminded why I practiced yoga and how it benefits people. I was then on a more of a determined personal journey to complete the course.

    We also had some really fun times getting to know the instructors and other staff over the course time.

    Felt safe in the environment, the staff were kind and accommodating, met some lovely people, made some new memories and enjoyed my time..

    We had a really good group and had

    Fun times together and encourages each other during the course. We set up a group chat and have remained in contact throughout further travels.

    Felt very fortunate to be in Goa completing the 200 hours course.


    from United States, March 2018

    "Work in progress, but worth the investment"

    The spiritual and cultural aspect taught about the practice. You can tell the instructors deeply care about helping the students along.


    from United States, March 2018

    "No frills, serious Yoga Teaching Training program"

    The Instructors, several of whom are not listed on the menu for rating, are excellent. Just for the record, Arushi, Ashok Kumar and Garauv were our teachers as well as Laura, Susie and Adrianna. Viraj (?spelling) in the main office was was unfailingly helpful, patient and never without a smile. Indra and the rest of the kitchen staff worked overtime preparing our delicious vegetarian/ vegan meals. Weekly bed linen change and room cleaning was provided by the lovely Claire and her mother.We are all wishing Claire a speedy and full recovery after her accident. The curriculum is serious, no fluff and the teaching practices are invaluable.It is amazing how quickly ones' group "gels". Having laundry service that was inexpensive and done within the day was great but many people also hand wash their own clothes.Bikes are available but check the tires as they are often low in air.

    Monica Soma

    from Australia, February 2018

    "Poor management- great teachers mostly"

    I liked the most the teachers we had: Ashok, Adriana and Gaurav. If it wasn´t for them, the course would have been poor.

    Ashok is very generous with his knowledge and is a great example of Yogic way of life. I am sure, I will see him one day as a known Guru. He is a great inspiration and has a level of consciousness far beyond most people I ever met.

    Gaurav taught us about the yoga philosophy. His own passion about the topic and his charming way of teaching made his classes very interesting. He opened true interest in many of us to want to know more and read books like the Bhagvad Gita or the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

    It is a pitty, the management is not able to update the list of the teachers in order to rate them in the review.

    Ruqayya Zakaria

    from Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, February 2018

    "I liked the experience very much, life changing <3"

    I liked the atmosphere,food, the good company and the perfect teachers.


    from Slovakia, February 2018

    "It wasn't great,silly things made it worse"

    We had great teachers some of whom are not even mentioned on this site - Ashok, Gaurav, etc., The syllabus of the program is bit dense, but designed with emphasis to prepare students for real life teaching. I also appreciated vicinity of the beach and ability to rent the bikes.

    I wish to say that I had more good experiences than the bad ones. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

    Jya Raine

    from Portugal, February 2018

    "Great experience"

    I loved the teachers. The place was lovely. The accommodation was good. Everyone is very friendly


    from Morocco, January 2018

    "Excellent value certification"

    The location is close enough to the beach to ride a bike or walk (30min), but far enough that it isn't in the craziness of the town. The instructors for the most part are great, and experience in 5 different disciplines of yoga makes us valuable teachers after graduating. Since Kashish took over the facilities from Green Yoga, they have been working and improving the facilities a ton - so much changed even in our short time there. The food was great, and the staff was super nice. Acro-yoga days were very fun! Happy to have my certificate from here!


    from Germany, May 2019

    Liese Schram

    from India, May 2019

    "I've had an amazing experience!"

    The location was great, in the nature, just a bit away from the 'busy' tourist part at the beach. My room was clean and comfortable.

    The food was absolutely amazing!! I've problems with my digestion and the guys from the kitchen were always super helpful to make something special for me.

    The timeschedule was full-on, so that was pretty intense sometimes, but it was so good all the classes they offered.

    I did the Multi-Style course and I really enjoyed to try all the different styles of yoga. It gave me a good insight in what I like and don't like.

    I can really recommend this course if you're pretty new into yoga and want to figure out for yourself what style suits you the best and - if you're willing to teach - what style of teacher you want to become.

    I also liked te variaty of teachers, so we had different insights and point of views.

    The people are super friendly, the staff is amazing, super helpfull. I felt so like home at Kasish!

    Elodie Thenot

    from France, April 2019

    "Amazing experience!"

    Teachers, the food, the place, the staff.

    Manuela Hiermer

    from Germany, April 2019

    "Auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen!"

    Die Lage und der Resort an sich sind traumhaft. Das Kashish Team hat sich von Anfang bis Ende super um uns gekümmert. Mir hat auch das Essen super geschmeckt. Die Qualität der Ausbildung hat hohes Niveau, ich hatte sehr kompetente und liebenswerte Lehrer. Für eine Yoga Ausbildung der perfekte Ort :))

    Stefanie Loos

    from Germany, March 2019

    "Thanks for that great and healthy experience"

    I loved everything... the teachers, the management, the kittchen guys, reception, of course my classmates, the food, the animals around, the hammocks the pool, the free bikes... would come back for sure and i alre as dy miss it. I never found my self in such a healthy lifestyle and learned a lot. The only thing is ghat it was quiet taff to have only one day off between all those long days of yoga lessons. But other people might want that... its a little paradise!

    Ariane Gingras

    from United States, March 2019

    "Amazing journey"

    I had the most amazing time. I liked the positive and relaxing vibe at the school. There was no pressure neither stress about the classes. The teachers were all amazing. I've learned so much knowledge and experience that will follow my entire life.

    Ira Braunstorfinger

    from Thailand, March 2019

    "Amazing! "

    I had an amazing stay in the ashram and I can totally recommend kashish yoga to everyone that wants to do the multi style ytt! I learned and improved a lot, the food was over the top and the rooms really nice. Two wonderful, cute dogs and really nice students as well. Short way into town too. The whole staf was so friendly and helpful and the teachers so good! I’d loved it so much!

    Daniele Fenucci

    from Belgium, January 2019

    "Amazing experience with the best teachers i can imagine 🙏🏼"

    Alles is in balance.plaats ,eten,teacher training .

    Danika Hopf

    from United States, December 2018

    "I'm the most happiest new yoga teacher"

    Starting from all the amazing teachers, management, kitchenteam and the set up, I could have not had it any better! I am so happy to have chosen to come here and met amazing people from all over the world.

    Karina Reif

    from Germany, November 2018

    "Super Erfahrung und tolles Yoga Center!"

    Die unterschiedlichen Stile der Lehrer und das Engagement der Organisatoren.

    Nan Denouette

    from France, November 2018

    "Formation au Paradis"

    Le lieux est superbe, il y a une piscine, ce qui est très agréable. Le staff est adorable, serviable et avec le sourire, d'ailleurs un grand merci à Vijay, à Trichu et ses amis cuisiniers. Les profs sont incroyables et on se sent très vite en famille. Les shalas sont spacieux et ils nous ont même installé des moustiquaires. Une formation très enrichissante à beaucoup de points de vue . Merci à vous tous, Namaste. Nathalie

    Alexandra Rechner

    from Germany, April 2018


    My time I at kashish yoga could not have been better. It is a beautiful set-up, wonderful staff and great organisation! Clean facilities and accommodation, attentive and knowledgeable teachers, very well thought through lesson plan/schedule, and great food. Also, very sweet pets. The location is ideal, close enough to the beach and shops, but still feels quite excluded.

    Andrea Riedel

    from United States, March 2018

    "Professioneller Yogalehrgang"

    Die Lehrer, der professionelle Unterricht, der Pool, die Tiere, das Essen, das Personal

    Tanja Schaurhofer

    from Austria, March 2018

    "24 amazing days in Goa "

    The Yoga school is close to the beach, you can bike there in 10minutes, but still the schools is away from the touristy streets, almost a little hidden in between rice fields and farms. It makes you feel not only safe, but gives you the feeling that you really can concentrate on this training.

    The training goes from Monday to Saturday, starts early in the morning with the sunrise and ends with a dinner together in the evening.

    The trainers are from different countries and offer different styles as well as teaching approaches, which is interesting to see and learn from.

    The food was awesome, the place itself is wonderful. You can relax or study besides the pool, or go to the nearby vegan coffee place and enjoy a raw cake.

    The training they offer is for every age and every yoga level, its makes the experience even better that you have so much different people attaining this course.

    On sundays you can either join trips the school offers, or just stay on your own, visit the nearby beaches and enjoy indian food.

    Isabel M Sanchez Lorente

    from Spain, February 2018

    "En general:"

    Alojamiento sencillo pero correcto y limpio. A 15 min en bici de la playa. Geniales profesores. Personal de cocina siempre super amables y disponiblea a ayudar.

    Kairi Karpa

    from Estonia, April 2019

    "100-Hour Aerial and Yin Yoga Yoga Teacher Training Feedback"

    Our Aerial/Yin Yoga teacher Susan is the jewel of Kashish Yoga - a kindhearted, always smiling soul who can pass forward her knowledge in such a short period of time. What an honour to be her student!

    Good infrastructure and space for our practical and theoretical classes - all the necessary props were provided at the shalas and also working fans - which were crucial during our course.

    Communication before, during and after the course with the office - quick and reliable.

    Food - filling and delicious.

    Bikes - used them for getting around. Very happy with that!


    from Turkey, January 2019

    "A mixed stay overall. On reflection I wouldnt recommend."

    They had a number of yoga halls and choices of yoga style. They welcomed beginners. The free use of bikes was a nice touch. The swimming pool also. The food was very good and the kitchen staff great fun! Friendly course mates to chat with between classes. The "silence only day" was new and interesting to me.


    from Vietnam, October 2018

    "Beautiful place for doing yoga and relaxing. "

    I went to Kashish for 100h yin and aerial yoga. Much more better than my expectations. Beautiful place, great teachers with their knowledge like Susan and Subham. Especially Patik and his staff.

    Highly recommendations for people who want to do yoga and relax also.

    Izabell Jonasson

    from Sweden, May 2018

    "The instructors are so good but management no so "

    Teachers where THE BEST and very knowledgeable, I learned so much. The perfect balance between fun/relaxing and tough and disciplined. Geeteka and Katrina are both incredible and encouraging. Im so inspired.

    Júlia Böszörményi

    from Greece, April 2018

    "the most valuable and unforgettable experience "

    The uniqueness and depth of teaching is incomparable to anything else I received before.

    The teachers are the highest level- both personally and professionally. This is the place if someone wants deeper understanding of yoga phylosophy and spirituality behind. Also the practical teachign experience is as of highest level.

    The staff is extremely helpful, fun, polite and the most beautiful souls I've ever met in my life. This place makes you want to go back and just spend time with all the people in this school.

    The venue is close to the sea, but remote enough to be able to focus on yoga and enjoy the silence. Namaste and thank you 1000000 times.

    Martina Corti

    from Switzerland, February 2018

    "Not good as expected"

    I liked the teachers, even tought the lessons were not at all for beginner, but only for the teacher training.


    from Switzerland, February 2018

    "Bad management, tension on campus and 300 hr level too low"

    The staff (kitchen guys, security guards) are nice, you can meet some nice students from around the world. The grounds have potential and the teachers I worked with had good knowledge, however, the bad management and structure unfortunately overshadowed much of this last point.


    from India, October 2017

    "A Wonderful Retreat!"

    My yoga retreat was fabulous. The instructors are all incredibly kind and knowledgable. I was brand new to yoga when I showed up and now I am completely addicted. I highly recommend this retreat (and the food is fantastic too!).

    Monika Fijalkowski

    from Sweden, October 2017

    "Perfect place "

    Good yoga good food and great teachers

    Jana Nova

    from Czechia, October 2017

    "A perfect choise for yoga retreat"

    Hospitality, amazing and welcome people, delicious food, great yoga classes every day, close to the beach, we were able to do some trips as well


    Monica Wieringa

    from United States, March 2019

    "A really magical experience. I would reccomend this to anyon"

    I loved the aerial yoga so much


    from India, February 2018

    "Good with a few Minus-Points"

    The Teachers, Akhilesh and Katerina were amazing. They shared their wisdom with us in a most comprehensive way and in theory and practice. Couldn‘t choose better ones.

    The Food was nice, but got kinda boring after the second week as it‘s always the same every week. Good options to eat outside are nearby though.

    Andreas Gleichauf

    from United States, January 2018

    Gute yoga lessons.