13 Days Cultural Adventure and Yoga Retreat in Bali

  • Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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Cultural Exploration Yoga Retreat in Bali

  • 12 days with instruction
  • Share this inspirational and healing journey, as you renew and replenish yourself in these heavenly realms. Your heart will be deeply touched by the tranquil spirit of this place. Bali, known as the island of the Gods, is a lush tropical paradise. You will be greatly touched by the graceful, spiritual essence of the Balinese people. Their prayers, offerings, and compassionate way of life reflect the essential spirit of yoga. We hope that you will join us for this sacred journey.


    • Yoga classes twice daily
    • Meditation sessions twice daily
    • Day adventures to sacred temple sites
    • 1 Guided walks through the local countryside and rice fields
    • 1 Purification ritual and blessing ceremony
    • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • 1 Traditional Balinese massage
    • 12 nights accommodation

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    We will be staying at three beautiful resorts: in the mountains, at the ocean, and in the rice fields near the cultural village of Ubud, by the Monkey Forest. Each of these exquisite resorts is hand-crafted in traditional Balinese style, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and peaceful grounds. The rooms are tastefully furnished, with private bathrooms and a verandah.


    This retreat is open to people with all levels of yoga experience, as each student will practice according to their individual needs. This retreat is truly a gift to yourself. You will deepen your understanding of the vastness of yoga through heart-centered and inspiring practices. Practising yoga in the warmth and beauty of this land will connect you with your deepest essence.


    We will explore yoga as a practice of embodying spirit in a heartfelt and mindful way. You will expand your perspective of yoga through an in-depth experiential investigation of your connection with the sacred energy of yoga and meditation. You will be held in a nurturing and healing environment by our loving and supportive faculty, who are trained in healing modalities and stress-relief therapies.

    We will explore a wide range of poses including standing poses, inversions, backbends, twists, forward bends, restorative poses, therapeutic yoga, and breath awareness. Each day we will practice insight and loving kindness meditation. Insight meditation develops moment-to-moment awareness. Loving kindness meditation uncovers the joyful radiant heart within us. Every day will begin with a guided meditation followed by a personal yoga practice. After breakfast, we will have morning yoga classes and on some days an afternoon yoga session. Morning classes will be active and energising, while afternoon classes will be rejuvenating and relaxing. Most afternoons will conclude with a peaceful meditation practice.

    We will visit many of Bali’s sacred temples, which are sites for renewing contact with the spiritual world. Through offerings and prayers, these temples play an essential role in creating harmony between the people and their connection to the spirit. Innumerable temples and shrines are found throughout the island, in house compounds, local villages, and at sacred sites.

    We will journey to Bali’s sacred mountains, Gunung Agung, home to the mother temple ‘Besakih’, where people bring special ritual offerings of flowers and food, and Mount Batur crater, which is the sanctuary dedicated to the fertility goddess. At Tirta Empul, home of Bali’s most sacred waters, we will take part in purification and blessing ceremony with a local Balinese priest.

    Below these majestic volcanoes are the spectacular terraced rice fields, which nourish the Balinese people. We will walk and drive through this breathtaking scenery of rice terraces, volcanic lakes, and lush green landscapes on our day trips. We will attend spontaneous local festivals and see processions of people carrying offerings to various ceremonies which happen throughout the island.

    The spiritual world of art, dance, music, theatre, and ritual is an essential and honored part of Balinese life. We will attend both Balinese dance and gamelan music performances. Local guides will teach us about their unique culture, and how to make the beautiful offerings that are part of Balinese daily ritual. There will also be lots of time for exploring art galleries, shopping, and receiving spa treatments.

    Bali is a unique visual experience of unsurpassed beauty. You will be a part of the integration of daily spiritual practice and abundant traditional cultural expression. Learning about local culture, religion, art and life, you will discover a hidden Bali that most tourists never see.

    • Massage
    • Spa
    • Restaurant
    • Shop nearby
    • Tour assistance

    We will feast on a delicious array of fresh, nourishing foods, including many of the local specialties.

    • Balinese cooking class
    • Bike trips
    • Explore the Monkey Forest
    • Fantastic shopping expeditions to local crafts villages
    • Local hikes
    • Rafting
    • Visit art communities
    • Walk through botanical gardens

    Included in this retreat is one amazing local spa treatment. Balinese traditional massage is often followed by an herbal body exfoliation and a therapeutic bath of either luxurious spices or fresh flowers. Also available are tropical fruit facials, which refresh and nourish your skin using local fruit. This is a truly heavenly experience in a beautiful setting! You may enjoy a wide range of spa treatments available at very affordable prices, as well as sessions with traditional Balinese healers.

    • 1 purification ritual and blessing ceremony with a local priest
    • 1 traditional Balinese feast
    • 1 traditional Balinese massage
    • 2 Balinese traditional dances
    • 12 nights shared/double accommodation
    • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • Day adventures to sacred temple sites and spectacular scenery
    • Guided walks through the local countryside and rice fields
    • Morning and afternoon yoga classes
    • Morning and evening meditation classes
    • Transportation from the airport and on local tours
    • Airfare
    • Additional spa treatments
    • Travel insurance
    For information about the booking conditions, please send Karuna Yoga an inquiry.


    • Review by a traveller

      "In my fondest dreams I could not imagine the depths of bliss and union I experienced with you there. Tipi Camp is truly a blessed and sacred haven."

      Karuna Yoga website, edited

    • Review by a traveller

      "What an amazing journey! It renewed my faith in human beings to be honest with you. We all live such busy lives. Tipi Camp brought together a group of strangers who together lived in harmony, respect, love and peace. I am proud and humbled to have been part of such an amazing, truthful and powerful experience."

      Karuna Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Callie

      "I cant thank you enough for all that youve arranged for us to experience in Baliit has truly been the most magical trip Ive ever been lucky enough to go on! Ill go on any trip with youanywhere!"

      Karuna Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Bill

      "Thanks for this magnificent journey through the heavenly realms of Bali. The trip was seamlessly organized with many wonderful and unexpected extras including Balinese dance, amazing temples, interesting healers, and great meals."

      Karuna Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Bruce

      "This has been without a doubt, the best experience of my life. I could never have dreamed the abundance, creativity, and love of this journey. Thank you for your wonderful, kind, and gentle energy while orchestrating this amazing retreat. All your help with planning for the next leg of our trip is also much appreciated."

      Karuna Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Andrew Harvey

      "I have had the great good fortune of working with a true genius of yoga, Karuna Erickson, in developing a new system called Heart Yoga."

      November 2013. Karuna Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Rodney Yee

      "Karuna is delighting us with her authentic and intense inquiry into spirit. Her yoga is inspiring!"

      November 2013. Karuna Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Sumati Ganeshan

      "Karuna is a loving Goddess of yoga. She conjures images and awareness in her class, inspiring and infusing yoga practice with joy!"

      November 2013. Karuna Yoga website, edited