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Kama Experiential creates luxury experiences that will take you beyond bliss, to a whole new world of possibilities. They also offer yoga retreats.

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It was truly an amazing and inspiring lecture! We listened to it in our Tantra for Women group in Malmo, and they were all very happy and listening with great curiosity. I could see the great joy in my students, being so curious after the lecture to know even more; they all expressed how wonderful it is to get a very different perspective upon these very important aspects in relationships. Big love and big thanks from us.


Kama Experiential website

Hedonism II is a very special place. I was a little skeptical at first, given its reputation, but having spent 2 weeks here I feel it is one of the most special places in the world to learn true tantra and to work on your relationship. Here you can be yourself, be free… You really need to experience it for yourself.


Kama Experiential website

Why I think this retreat is valid for anybody that is in any particular stage in their life is the ability to connect , to allow people to understand what wonderful gifts we have as individuals and how to start to relate to them. I have not once felt disappointed, not once that this isn’t for me, not at all.

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