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Rishikesh, India

Kaivalya Yoga is a team of dedicated yoga teachers with more than 20 combined years of experience and expertise providing the highest quality yoga instruction.

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28 Days 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr, 2017–2018

Instruction language: English

from US$3,200

Great 9.3/10

Based on 3 reviews
from US$3,200
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28 days / 27 nights

Great 9.3/10

Based on 3 reviews

Reviews 3

    • Hanne Belgium


      My time in Rishikesh has been amazing! I had such a lovely time I am confident I will be back in a year or 3. I wouldn't mind writing a review for Kaivalya Yoga, but in a way, I didn't do my retreat with them.

      Basically, what happened was this: I received an email a couple of days before going to Rishikesh that the majority of the retreat had cancelled. Since there were only 2 people still interested in the retreat, it would be difficult for them to organise a retreat. I had already paid everything up front so they found a solution for me. They made sure I could join another yoga retreat in Rishikesh which is one of their partners.

      They assured me the scheduled would be more or less the same and there would also be daily excursions. In general, most of that was true (I did go river rafter, visited temples, caves and waterfalls.), but, I did feel like I had too much free time. The afternoon was free from 14:00 till 18:00.. However, there were 2 yoga teacher trainings (100h TTC and 200h TTC) running during my stay at the other yoga school and since we had our Hatha morning class and Pranayama classes already together with the 100h teacher students, I asked if I could join their afternoon Ashtanga class and they told me that wasn't a problem.

      I met up with Amit (my contact person from Kaivalya yoga) almost everyday or every 2 days, even though I had the retreat at a different school. He clearly wanted to make sure everything was fine, that I was happy with the place, that I had a good room. Therefore, even though I didn't do the retreat with Kaivalya Yoga in the end, I still give them a rating of 8.5 out of 10. They did make sure everything was taken care of, they gave me a personal driver who came to pick me up in Delhi and they made sure they were available throughout my stay in Rishikesh.

      My trip to Rishikesh has been amazing. I love the vibe that goes around Rishikesh, the stunning view of the Himalayas, the friendliness of everyone on the streets, in the restaurants and in the shops. The people I met in the yoga school were lovely, radiating positiveness and kindness. It had been an unforgettable experience and 100% worth the trip.

    • Patricia Fuchs Germany

      November 2014. BookYogaRetreats website

      The experience at Kaivalya Yoga 200hrs Teacher Training Course has been truly life changing. The school, its teachers, the venue, the town, my fellow students, everything has been amazing! Rishikesh itself is a very unique, magical, spiritual place and everybody there was extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming, which makes it the perfect location for a Yoga Teacher Training.Kaivalya Yoga offers the perfect combination of Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Ayurveda. The teachers make sure that you get a detailed knowledge on true and traditional Hatha Yoga and help you to understand what Yoga is really about.Amit, the manager of the school, makes sure that everything is perfect for the students. Whenever there was something we weren't happy about, he went out of his way to change it immediately. He is extremely organized and structured in a very untypical Indian way which makes his school work so smoothly. You can tell that he is in it with all his heart and that he is totally devoted to his school and his students.All the other teachers were very firm in their subject and shared all their knowledge with us, not minding to go deeper into subjects that interested us more or doing extra hours. Even on Sundays Amit and his teachers didn't take a day off but showed us the local sights, went trekking or even rafting with us. If there were any personal questions or deeper spiritual experiences that happened during the training, Amit was always there for us, answering to every questions and giving us advice.At the end of the month we all felt like a big family and it was really hard leaving this place. In my opinion, there is no better school you could choose in Rishikesh! You will get all the possible knowledge on traditional Yoga, meet amazing and inspiring people and learn a lot about yourself. Thank you so much Amit for this life changing experience, I will definitely be back for the 300hrs Training!

    • Denise Currie Canada

      November 2014. BookYogaRetreats website

      I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience with Kaivalya Yoga 200hr Teacher Training. The program is well designed and presented in an organized comprehensible manner. I was looking for training in traditional yoga, and that is exactly what I got. Equal emphasis is put on asana, pranayama, and meditation. I went into the program thinking the main focus of my own teaching would be asana, but with the knowledge and experience I've acquired, I feel equally equipped to teach classes in meditation and pranayama.It is unquestionably clear that Amit's foremost concern is the well being of the students, and that the quality of the program stays true to the traditional teachings. Philosophy and anatomy classes are interesting and informative as well, with Ayurvedic studies included. All of this combined with the Rishikesh experience leaves nothing missing. Go with Kaivalya! You will be happy you did. Thank you Amit!

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    • Melanie

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      I completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training course at Kaivalya Yoga School, Rishikesh, in January 2016. It was a great way to start the year. The schedule was full of physical exercise (two 1,5 hour asana classes a day), meditation and pranayamas (one practice and one theory class a day each), and so much information (about anatomy, ayurveda, philosophy). Every single class was super interesting. I particularly enjoyed philosophy class. We received a lot of knowledge while covering the Yoga Sutras. I was also very happy about the pranayama classes. We started with the four ways of natural breathing before moving on to different types of pranayamas. In the last week, in preparation for our exams, I was able to integrate aspects of different classes and connect the dots. This gave me a sense of achievement. I recommend Kaivalya Yoga School to each and everyone thinking of doing a yoga course in Rishikesh (or Dharamsala or Goa).

    • Maria

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      I had an inspiring and unforgettable time at Kaivalya Yoga School last September. The training, accommodation, Sunday trips, food were excellent and very well organized. Amit and Monu always had time for our concerns. The teachers are very well educated and have a lot of experience by sharing there knowledge and experience. The four week training went to quickly and at home I often remember about the time in Rishikesh at Kaivalya and the people I got to know.

      Dear Amit and team, thank you for the great experience!

    • John

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      I spent my best time in Kaivalya Yoga School, an ideal yoga school. Rishikesh is so nice with a huge yoga training place in the front of the mountain. So much peace full and blissful! Teachers are very great and share all the best knowledge and experience. Really, I enjoyed this time and it made me perfect in the yoga practice. Thanks for all things that this school share me and praise this school greatly.

    • Merry

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      Really, I learnt so many aspects of yoga. I studied hatha yoga teacher training course Dharamshala in Kaivalya Yoga School, a good yoga school. This was very good experience because I enjoyed teacher training here. I hoped that this was my interesting and exciting life journey. I did regular practice here, which was better than I’ve never thought. Importantly, I started to live a healthy lifestyle. So I am very grateful to all teachers. It is true that it has changed my life.

    • John

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      Kaivalya Yoga School is very good yoga school that gives me an unforgettable experience with strong training in yoga and enjoys the yoga concepts by the experienced teachers. I can say that this school is a world recognized yoga school for the best yoga education. Everything is excellent! I am grateful to this yoga school.

    • Shalani

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      I enjoyed my experience at Kaivalya Yoga School, it was very unforgettable. I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge of yoga classes. I took my heart to learn each mantra of yoga, so I felt myself perfect in yoga. I got the most important information from this institute. Yoga Teachers are very humble, experienced and proficient to teach each lesson of yoga, so now I am very happy just by taking the classes of yoga in Rishikesh, India.

    • Rita

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      I was very eager to learn yoga, so I chose yoga education to learn yoga concepts, disciplines and programs. I chose Hatha yoga training course Dharamshala, India and studied properly each concept of this yoga course. I got a good learning center, Kaivalya Yoga School, experienced yoga teachers, best class facilities, good learning environment and other facilities. I gained a lot of things here, now I have a bright career. So, I am very happy and thankful to this yoga school.

    • Jimmy

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      I came to India to join hatha yoga course, which was the complete yoga program. I attended the classes and lessons regularly, so I learnt so many lessons and concepts of yoga with practical ways. I experienced the real meaning of hatha yoga from yoga gurus. The daily asana practice and schedule are highly demanding but completely manageable. Teachers are also very good and helpful! Highly Recommended!

    • Mark

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      Excellent Yoga Training School! I studied yoga very well and got the training from Kaivalya Yoga School. I attended the classes regularly, so I fully understood the concept of yoga. Teachers taught me so many lessons, so now; I am perfect in the field of yoga. Thank so much!

    • Charle

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      Really, I enjoyed the 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh with the great interest. I got a lot of knowledge and experience about hatha yoga. I love Kaivalya Yoga, an ideal school. This school is the best for the excellent yoga education. Highly Recommended!

    • Sofia

      Kaivalya Yoga Facebook website

      I took the hatha yoga training course in Rishikesh India to look for a successful career. I learnt so many important tips and mantras from Kaivalya Yoga School, the best yoga learning center. I fully concentrated on the lessons of course, early I became expert in everything. I made perfection easily, now I have a shining career in yoga. Thanks for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners of Kaivalya Yoga School, Rishikesh India.

    • Alon Matzov

      Google reviews website

      Just finished a 200 hr yoga teacher training at Kaivaly Yoga School a couple weeks ago and i miss the place already. Its been a wonderful experience over all, internet was slow at times but with so much yoga who has time for the internet anyway?!? With very little experience of my own with yoga Ive learned a lot and am looking forward to visiting again in the future!

    • Silvia Marcoe

      Google reviews website

      My experience at Kaivalya Yoga School was absolutely amazing. I have learned and evolved so much in such a short time, the tight schedule comprehends every significant subject, and the utterly interesting and useful information I was receiving in classes kept me motivated and excited to attend each of them. The teachers are professional, kind and keen on sharing the true knowledge of yoga. The overall vibe was wonderful, I was most inspired to choose this course for my 200H YTT. I am humbled and awed by the month I spent in India at Kaivalya.

    • Varuna Khullar

      Google reviews website

      Choosing Kaivalya Yoga School to undertake my 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training was amongst my wisest decisions ever made. The precision and interest with which Amit and his team delivered their sessions was indeed impressive and enriching for my learning as a Yoga facilitator. Without a doubt, I will comeback for my 300 hours teacher training to KYS in future. Good luck to the KYS team!

    • Jessica Todd London

      May 2013. Kaivalya Yoga website

      After weeks of research, I finally decided to do my 200 Hour TTC at Kaivalya Yoga. I arrived into Kaivalya Yoga idyllic Yoga Village with a warm welcoming and a cup of chai. The course started the next morning at dawn, A day filled with intense yoga practice, insightful lectures and self discovery within your own practice and others. The relaxed atmosphere at the shala and vast knowledge and experience of the teachers was truly inspiring.

    • Mavdela Perriere Canada

      March 2013. Kaivalya Yoga website

      The way, yoga is taught at Kaivalya Yoga is just perfect. The teachers share each and every aspect of yoga. They have equal emphasis on asanas, pranayamas and meditation. Thank you.

    • Lauren Pitts

      November 2012. Kaivalya Yoga website

      I came to Kaivalya Yoga, yoga teacher training for one month and underwent a life changing experience. I saw my physical practice improve greatly over the four week course as well as my attitude and understanding of yoga and the philosophy behind it. Kaivalya Yoga has a unique style of teaching which encourages you to push yourself to your personal maximum using his knowledge and support. I would highly recommend Kaivalya Yoga to any level, beginner or advanced- because as I learned there is always room for improvement. Kaivalya Yoga takes his students and yoga very serious but manages to bring light and fun to the practice with his charismatic and fun vibe. Anyone looking to learn yoga or improve their practice in a beautiful, tropical outdoor space with a great atmosphere- Kaivalya Yoga shala is your place.

    • Joseph and Maayan Israel

      November 2012. Kaivalya Yoga website

      Amit, we cant thank you enough for the last two weeks. We leave Rishikesh with mixed feelings, but with a lot of inspiration and motivation to continue this beautiful path, you have shown us. We dont take for granted meeting such a committed teacher, with a clear and professional vision of how yoga should be practiced. We hope our paths will meet again in the future in one continent or another. With much love and appreciation, thank you.

    • Yin Canada

      March 2012. Kaivalya Yoga website

      In March 2012 I had the opportunity to practice with Kaivalya Yoga at Petnam Beach Rishikesh, India. Kaivalya Yoga offers teacher training and intensive practice programs, which are ashtanga based, however he is not rigid or linear in his teaching method. He mixes specific exercises within his programs to help develop strength and flexibility in the back and hips and for jump throughs. This extra practice was great for my stiff body, which was developed through years of running and stress. Kaivalya Yoga works hard to develop his students in the Asanas, philosophy, pranayama and meditation. It is not just Kaivalya Yoga that works hard as his students are expected to make an effort as well, in a fun atmosphere. My time spent practicing intensive yoga with Kaivalya Yoga was very beneficial, as my practice moved forward and I had the opportunity to meet some great people. I would recommend this opportunity to any aspiring teachers, or those wishing to further develop their practice. My plan is to return in the future.

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