7 Days Tailor-Made Meditation and Yoga Retreat in India

  • Kairali Yoga Retreat, Olassery, Kodumbu, Palakkad District, 678551, Kerala, India

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Personalized Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala

  • 7 days with instruction
  • Guests are welcome to create their own immersive therapy or education retreat programs, allowing them to benefit from expert training on a private basis. Our doctors, teachers, and therapists offer a wide range of skills in natural health practice and lifestyle care. Resident teachers at The Ayurvedic Healing Village are the best in their area and work together to create an immersive program based on your exact requirements. Through this yoga retreat, you will be able to do things at your own pace in exotic Kerala.


    • Daily yoga therapy
    • Daily Nidra and Restorative yoga
    • Daily Ayurvedic philosophy or massage training
    • Daily breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
    • 7 days accommodation
    • Meditation coaching


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Kairali Yoga Retreats will be offering the deluxe villa for this particular retreat. Villas include rare Valambari conch shells and cool red oxide flooring. They are also surrounded by a flowing stream; further enhancing the spiritual atmosphere bringing energy and peace of mind. It has sprawling jungle surroundings of rare healing trees and herbs, 600 coconuts, 200 teaks, 20 mangoes, and more.

    Deluxe villa

    Set among the serenity of our retreat community, the luxury elegance of this villa style allows you to surrender yourself entirely to the warmth and natural beauty of the habitat. Each of our deluxe villas includes air-conditioning, telephone, bath, and shower. Our deluxe-style villas enhance the peaceful and rejuvenating experience of our yoga and Ayurveda retreats in Kerala, India.


    • Yoga teachers and spa therapists seeking to expand their skills
    • Spa and wellbeing entrepreneurs seeking to expand their knowledge in this growing market sector
    • Business executives seeking to maximize the benefits of their free time by immersing themselves in tailored therapy and lifestyle education
    • Individuals intending to develop a meaningful and self-sustainable yoga and meditation practice
    • Guests with specific health requirements or chronic health problems, who may wish to combine the following programs with our personalized yoga therapy retreats

    Course components

    • One hour yoga therapy per day
    • One hour specialist meditation coaching. There are three types of meditation offered tailored to the clients preference and what suits them best.
    • One hour morning in-house group yoga class
    • One hour in-house group meditation class
    • One hour Ayurvedic philosophy or massage training per day

    Other possible course components

    • Traditional Hatha yoga
    • One hour Nidra yoga daily
    • Yoga therapy
    • Meditation
    • Indian philosophy, yoga scripture, and mantra chanting
    • Ayurveda theory and practice
    • Ayurvedic spa and massage training
    • Ayurvedic spa treatments and health packages
    • Ayurvedic nutrition and cookery
    • That is 5 hours specialized private coaching per day. Classes may include two or three others, but not more than that or completely dedicated to one client depending on the schedule.

    We are set in the beautiful, quiet, and natural jungle of north Kerala, near Palakkad. Our grounds are specifically designed to meet Vaastu Shastra. This intensifies the healing atmosphere and you will enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by several hundred ancient rustling coconuts, mango, and other herbal healing trees.


    • Coimbatore International Airport, 75 km - 2 hours
    • Cochin International Airport, 125 km - 3 hours
    • Palakkad train station, 25 km - 30 minutes
    • Activities
    • Fitness center
    • Gym
    • Massage
    • Swimming pool
    • Tennis court
    • General
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Garden
    • Services
    • Internet access
    • Library
    • Wireless internet

    Luxury Ayurvedic cuisine will be served during your stay in Kairali Yoga Retreats. There will be a specially prepared organic vegetarian diet: 3 x 3 course meals per day, as well as an unlimited supply of herbal detox tea.

    Palakkad Local tour

    A local tour that can be completed within 4 hours. Guests have the opportunity to visit Palakkads eighteenth century Tippu Fort, rock gardens, and local snake park, completing the day with a boat cruise across the stunning Malampuzha Dam. This costs 35 EUR for a maximum of 4 persons per car.

    Nelliyampathy tour

    A 75 km drive through the breathtaking forests of Kerala brings our guests to Nelliyampathy, a majestic hill station offering an awe-inspiring view of the valley below. From this viewpoint, you can see the Palakkad gap between the Western Ghats, meaning that you get a panoramic view of both Kerala and Tamil Nadu! An ideal spot for trekking and wildlife, our tour to Nelliyampathy provides the opportunity for nature walks, as well as a visit to the Pothundi Dam and tea plantations en route. This costs 85 EUR for a maximum of 4 persons per car.

    Silent National Valley Park

    Visitors to the Silent Valley National Park will consider it aptly named for its undisturbed natural habitat and still beauty. Part of the Western Ghats World Heritage Site, it contains hundreds of rare species of wildlife, trees, and plants.

    Our tour experience to this location gives access to the crystal clear Kunthi Puzha River flowing through the evergreen forests where you can spot porcupines, lion-tailed macaques, flying squirrels, wild elephants, and leopards. After a days unforgettable experience in nature, we make time for a refreshing swim on the journey home. It costs 100 EUR for a maximum of 4 persons per car.

    Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

    Just 100 km from Palakkad, lies the 285 sq. km Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. Abounding in majestic neem, sandalwood, and rosewood trees; the sanctuary boasts Asias largest teak tree and a fascinating view of Indias rarest wild animals. Known to have the worlds largest population of Indian bison, guests may be lucky enough to spot Bengal tigers, sloth bears, lion-tailed macaques, leopards, and flying squirrels from the sanctuarys watchtowers.

    The area is an ideal spot for trekking and boating, with cruises available at three major reservoirs within its boundaries. Kairalis tour to this unforgettable location includes a visit to an elephant camp, where guests can take elephant treks through the jungle. This costs 100 EUR for a maximum of 4 persons per car.

    Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple Elephant camp Kalamandalam University of Art and Culture

    This tour begins at the Kalamandalam University of Art and Culture, center of the South Indian arts and Keralas most famous training center in Kathakali dance. We then proceed to the Punnathurkotta, an ancient fort and former palace, and now housing sixty-six elephants given as offerings from Krishna devotees to the Guruvayur Temple.

    The elephants live in a palace sanctuary where they are trained to participate in temple rituals and Keralas many festival processions. The final stop on the tour is the Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple itself, one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Kerala, and known in Sanskrit as the Bhuloka Vaikunta, or Holy Abode of Vishnu on Earth. This costs 67 EUR for a maximum of 4 persons per car.

    • Private luxury villas, designed according to Vaastu Shaastra (Indian feng shui)
    • Select your villa based on your star sign
    • Vegetarian organic meals
    • Use of facilities: swimming pool, outdoor yoga pavilion, tennis and badminton courts, fitness center, Amphitheatre, library, cyber center
    • Highly experienced Ayurvedic doctors (4 generations lineage)
    • Ayurvedic diet and cookery classes
    • Walk/jogging path
    • Local sightseeing, including a rare 1,200 year old temple nearby and national parks (for long travel distance, extras must be paid)
    • High quality room service and warm-hearted staff
    • Meditation coaching to suit personal goals and ability to learn specific practices
    • Daily Restorative yoga
    • Daily Nidra yoga
    • Your full Ayurvedic 7-day treatment package including daily massages and other treatments.
    • Kairalis own authentic Ayurvedic herbal medicine following ancient traditional recipes and safe formulation practices using the finest organic herbs
    • Unlimited therapeutic warm herbal water: pink color herbal water for blood cleansing and yellow herbal water for kidney cleansing.
    • Any other activity not mentioned in the above given program, accommodation, and amenities have to be paid for additionally. Telephone calls, internet, personal laundry, and other additional service requested will be charged extra.
    For information about the booking conditions, please send Kairali Yoga Retreats an inquiry.


    • Review by Late Pramod Mahajan from India

      "I really felt the difference between city life and life at the resort, which is free from pollution. The area is beautifully cultivated with vegetables and fruits. I am sure that Ayurvedic treatments can do the world of good for those who need timely rejuvenation after living a city life full of stress and tension."

      Kairali Yoga Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Sharad Pawar from India

      "Kerala has given a magnificent gift to India and world and that is Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village. Ayurveda is a great contribution from India to the whole of mankind, and KAHR is sincerely working for Ayurveda, which is really helpful for everybody. My stay here was very useful for me, I am confident I will now be able to work 18 hours a day quite happily."

      Kairali Yoga Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Amitabh Kant from India

      " Ive had an extremely relaxed and rejuvenating stay at Kairalis Ayurvedic Healing Village in Kerala. The resort is imaginatively designed and beautifully landscaped. It reflects the ethos and ambience of Gods Own Country. The Ayurvedic Spa is of a very high quality and I have received genuine and authentic treatment, as well as personal care and attention from Dr. Ramachandran. This is not merely a resort; it is a destination advocating a new way of life. It needs to be marketed as a unique spiritual destination. I wish Kairali and its staff all the best and a bright future. "

      Kairali Yoga Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Chaggan Bhujbal from India

      " I really felt the difference between the city life and life on the Resort, which is free from pollution. The area is beautifully cultivated with vegetables and fruits. I am sure that Ayurvedic treatments can do the world of good for those who need timely rejuvenation after a city life full of stress and tension. "

      Kairali Yoga Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Mr. and Mrs. Ajitabh Bachhan from London, UK

      " We are going back to London feeling relaxed, healthy, and well. I will remember our three week stay here with fond memories. We look forward to returning in the near future. "

      Kairali Yoga Retreats website, edited