K'in Yoga Retreats in Tulum, Mexico is a space to connect deeply with your body and breath, practice yoga, and nourish yourself in nature's beauty.

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Alia Mai

Jennifer Goodman

Felicia Ovin

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Narda Razack

from ON,

What an absolutely amazing experience for a first week long yoga retreat! The setting was serenely beautiful, the yoga instructors were professional and outstanding in their ability to guide us through our daily yoga classes, the food was superb and of course Tulum is the best backdrop for this experience. I felt completely at peace during this retreat and the yoga was the number one reason why my mind, body, heart and soul felt so connected and I experienced utter bliss.

Sarah M.

I am giving this retreat a score of 10 because it is so excellent and I enjoyed it so much.

The retreat provided a good balance of strengthening and restorative practice along with movement meditation and time for reflection. The sounds included such a drumming, chants, poetry reading enhanced relaxation and recovery. The practice seemed to be mindfully thought out to assist in this. The optional termazcal (mayan sweat lodge) contributed to more healing and restoration although this may not be for everyone.

What can I say about the food: it was excellent catering vegetarian and vegan. The meals contributed to healing of the body along with the mind and soul. The retreat has left an aftermath of a sense of peace and calm that is continuing. I did the Santosha retreat and plan on doing another one in May.