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Just Relax Yoga Holidays offers relaxing and fun yoga holidays with skilled yoga teachers who can guide guests through the practice.

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8 Days Yoga Holiday in Greece

May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct, 2019
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Julee Yew-Crijns

Julee's classes are playful, dynamic and flowing, sequenced to take you into a different peak pose each time. This is the way of Prana Flow yoga, focused on moving with the breath, and tuning in to the body's intelligent alignment, to find balanced action in your practice and leave each class feeling lifted.

Marc Laws

He practices using theme, music and awareness of the senses, breath, flow and meditation. Drawing from different modalities of yoga. Hosting an environment to learn more about Self and empowering ones self on the adventure we call life. His personal mantra to live by: Never look down on a person unless you’re helping them up.

Rishin Paonaksar

Yoga Alliance RYT 200

Rishin grew up in India, and although yoga was taught at his school, he didn't take it up until several years later to recuperate from a cycling injury. In 2012, he left a career in banking to start his own food business and also completed his 200 hour Yoga Alliance training at Hot Power yoga. He has since then trained as a myofascial body worker with senior Forrest yoga teachers Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell and as a yoga sports coach with the Institute of Yoga Sport Science. He teaches classes and workshops at studios around London as well as online classes.

Jon Cinque

Jon's first yoga experience was a packed donation-based class in New York with three inches between mats. Despite shaking limbs and a sweat-soaked mat, he found himself in a unique state after the hour, enjoying a vigorously energized body and creatively awakened mind. Through big changes and depressive episodes, yoga has been the stabilizing constant giving the opportunity to ground the body in a physical routine and ease the mind of stresses. After living benefits of a yoga practice for years, he pursued teacher training in London to share the practice with loved ones and new friends.

Yvonne Manzi

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School)

Having grown up in a family of yogis, for Yvonne yoga is a lifestyle. She began to take her practice seriously while at university, and ultimately completed her RYT 200 teacher training with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School. Her classes are energizing and challenging, always following the classical Sivananda tradition with some variation. She values the importance of adapting each class in order to meet the student’s present needs and feelings, and always maintains a friendly, relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.

Melina Kirtata

Melina was born and grew up in Athens, where she graduated from the State School of Dance in 2003. During her prevocational attendance at school, she had sparse contact with Hatha yoga. That’s when her passion for yoga began. She decided to learn yoga in schools abroad, such as in Belgium and Amsterdam. Her most profound approach in Hatha yoga began with the teacher Andrea Provellengio, taking more substantial knowledge not only on the science of anatomy, psychology, but also on its philosophy. After training with Tanya Popovich, she moved and started teaching Hatha and Aerial yoga in Corfu.

Flavia Cerrone

British Wheel of Yoga Yoga Alliance International

When she first started practicing yoga, Flavia was surprised by the benefits she could experience after class, especially the sense of happiness and gratitude in addition to the physical well being. Life seemed a little easier after yoga and she resolved that she wanted to go deeper. She graduated from the triyoga teacher training program with distinctive grades under Jean Hall and Mimi Kuo-Deemer. She is now a British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance professional registered teacher and she is currently teaching assistant on the triyoga teacher training program.

Antonella Gibilisco

Antonella is Italian and grew up in German-speaking Switzerland before moving to Paris over 20 years ago. She is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher; she has been the director of her own dance structure named “D.TERMINE” since 2003. In parallel, she has been working as a kinesiologist and a certified instructor tutor in kinesiology for 13 years. She practices at the Centre de Formations et de Consultations en Kinésiologie (CCFK) in Paris, which she founded with Sophie Pascual and Anne Wojtyna. Her two passions have led her to create Ki’Danza, a method that combines dance and kinesiology.

Jasmine Pradhan

Jasmine teaches both publicly and 1:1 in the UK and also returns to her other home country, Nepal, yearly to run yoga retreats in the Himalayas. Her early upbringing between Nepal and the Sussex countryside has instilled a deep love a deep love for nature in her. With a combination of attention to alignment for safety, and tailor made class plans to bring the postures to life, Jasmine’s classes aim to build gentle heat, strength and flexibility in the body, whilst simultaneously bringing a sense of deep release and calm to the mind.

Sara Fusaro

Sara was trained as a yoga teacher at Yoga London and achieved her 200-hr Yoga Alliance certificate followed by more hours of training, specializing in different styles. She continues to deepen her practice often traveling to have the opportunity to study with worldwide recognized teachers.

Kate Lister

Kate found yoga the tender age of 14, and her practice has become increasingly important throughout her life. With a background in Ashtanga, training in Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga, and an aversion to taking life too seriously, Kate shares playful, dynamic, breath-led sequencing with a focus on mindful alignment. She encourages students to find a personal practice in each class, so that they may cultivate their own yoga and experience the many ways in which it expands all areas of our human life. Also a professional singer, when Kate’s not on a yoga mat, she’ll likely be at the piano.

Angie Pollacchi

Angie strongly believes in working with your body, rather than against it. Everybody's body is different and she encourages you to explore, celebrate and focus on your yoga practice, no one else’s! She creates practices that acknowledge individual body differences, contribute to strengthening and conditioning the body and the mind but primarily focus on encouraging a sense of self-awareness, compassion and care within a safe environment.

Ashley Ahrens

Ashley started taking yoga classes in 2010 at the Sattva School of Yoga in Edmonton, Canada. After experiencing several losses, a friend recommended she try yoga. She was keen to try anything and gave yoga a go, albeit skeptical as she has a background in science, and had never heard of mindfulness before. Having never been a fan of physical activity, she enjoyed the challenge that yoga offered. She began noticing the profound effects yoga was having off of the mat. She felt much more focused, and daily stresses and anxieties started to become insignificant.

Luna Anderson

Movement and exploration of one's self is what first drew Luna to yoga. She treats her asanas like a dance for the mind and body, knitting together the emotional and physical aspects of Yoga harmoniously. She found yoga or rather yoga truly found her a few years back, after leaving the world of dance behind due to an on-going struggle with her health. She had dabbled in a few classes throughout her teens, but the extent of what yoga can do for the mind and body didn’t come to her until she had reached a particularly challenging point in her life.

Becky Crepsley-Fox

In Becky's classes, you can expect creative sequencing and a strong emphasis on the breath. Becky is very good at adapting a class to mixed level groups, always teaching with many variations so everyone in the class can practice to their own abilities. On the retreat, the morning classes will be based on uplifting energetic energies giving you the vitality you need for the day and the evening classes will be based around grounding energies to get you relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep. Becky now lives in north London with her partner and 3 cats, teaches 5 styles of yoga.

Fern Ross

Yoga Alliance International (Associate Level 2)

Fern has a love of alignment and teaches grounded yet playful flows. Students are encouraged to experience and embrace the simple joy of being in your body and mind that this beautiful practice brings. She first discovered yoga in 2007, and in 2015, she signed up to do her 200 hours with Stretch London and Frog Lotus Yoga, and graduated later that year. She’s been teaching ever since and completed trainings in pregnancy yoga with Nadia Narain and Triyoga, Yin yoga with the incredible Norman Blair, and a six-month mentorship with the inimitable Naomi Absalom.

Allie Rimanic

Allie began her yoga journey whilst training as a professional ballet dancer. With a degree in health science, a love of movement, and her dance background, Allie enjoys teaching dynamic flows and facilitating the connection between breath, body, and soul. Allie also teaches Acro Yoga and is passionate about the practice and its ability to cultivate trust, connection and community. Allie has committed to living her yoga on and off the mat and continues to delve into the richness of yogic philosophy as well as the physical practices.

Darren Hunter

When curious, adventurous and reckless Darren discovered yoga, it was a baptism of fire but he immediately felt the benefits as the practice built both strength and flexibility helping him to continue hiking up mountains, cycling across the country and swimming in the sea. Also an advocate of the benefits of the deeper philosophy of yoga, Darren aspires to weave the ancient spiritual practice with fun creative flow, linking it to the modern world through storytelling and having a laugh. Expect his classes to be strong and mindful leaving you with a new perspective both in body and mind.

Sammy Furnival

Yoga Alliance RYT 200

After discovering the transformational benefits yoga, and beginning a journey towards mindfulness, self-love and light, Sammy traveled to India to complete her 200hr yoga teacher training. Forever learning, Sammy now practices and teaches regularly across London, as well as in Europe and India. Her classes aim to empower and invigorate, regardless of whether you are a yoga jedi or a yoga newbie. Using creative sequencing, rooted in strong breath her classes both ground and balance. You can expect a non-judgemental setting, a mindful theme to sink your teeth into and good dose of playfulness.

Hannah Almond

Hannah discovered yoga whilst training to become an actress over 14 years ago and hasn't stopped getting on the mat since. Hannah completed her 200 hours yoga alliance training in 2013 with Hot Power Yoga and then returned to further her studies with a year long mentorship programme. Having taught at surf camps and retreats, she is now head of yoga at BLOK London.

Sarah Powdrill

With a strong background in strength and conditioning, personal training as well as competing in competitive running, Sarah was always taking part in physical challenges. For a long time, she felt that yoga was boring or too slow for her but after attending a yoga retreat 4 years ago, that mindset began to change. Slowly, she started to build the habit of practicing for just 10 minutes per day no matter how she felt and over time this grew into a deep love for the strength and grace both physically and mentally that time on her mat was adding to her life.

Reviews (73)

Hennie Thomson

from United States, November 2018

"One of the best holidays I have ever been on!"

The yoga was a fabulous mix of power flow, acroyoga and relaxing yin and meditation. The instructors were delightful, inspiring and encouraging, and I felt myself improving in confidence and skill every day.

I never thought I would be able to reach headstands, handstands and arm balances with such ease, and some of the meditations were incredible. As a group everyone was encouraging and we bonded so well together thanks to the warm and open atmosphere.

The villa was perfect - comfortable, stylish, well-appointed, quiet and RIGHT on the beach. The yoga shala was gorgeous and evening sessions on the beach were heavenly.

Alice was so welcoming and warm, and treated us like best friends from day one. We were given everything we wanted and more, and all the food, drink, complimentary massage were fabulous.

The location was amazing, a short walk along the beach to the village and views of Albania across the bay. It was quiet and peaceful, and easy to get to thanks to a reasonable, quick airport transfer organised by Alice.

I could not recommend this highly enough, whether you are new to yoga or an instructor wanting to escape and top up on your skills, there was room for everyone. With plenty of free time and options to involve yourself as much or as little as you liked, it was the perfect balance.

Vera Sergeeva

from United States, October 2018

"Unbelievable "

I liked the pleasant relaxed atmosphere and a very good company

Anastasis Koulias

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"An absolute amazing experience "

Such a brilliant holiday. Excellent yoga instruction, awesome food (I didn’t even miss not eating meat!). Great location absolutely brilliant experience.


from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Justrelax - wonderful retreat! "

Great vibe, yoga teacher, food, house! Feel like a home away from home

Rebecca Pence

from United States, September 2018

"Beautiful Just Relax in Corfu"

Every aspect of this retreat was lovely. I came back renewed and happy. The classes were terrific, the lovely villa was so comfortable and offered the perfect opportunities to make friends but also have quiet personal time. Yoga on the beach and facing the mountains and flowers was spectacular. Our hosts, Alice and Hara were kind, attentive and fun. The beach and Corfu are beautiful.

Andrea Suarez

from United States, September 2018

"Just Relax was JUST WHAT I NEEDED"

The hosts of Just Relax Yoga were both very wonderful, both personally and professionally. Every detail of the week's agenda was managed impeccably, and they made each guest feel like family. The group of women (it just happened that this session was all women) was an incredible group of strong, amazing individuals and I felt honored to share the week with them. Our instructor was great; I connected immediately and enjoyed her classes thoroughly. We were yoginis of varying skill levels but each were challenged according to what we wanted and needed. The vegetarian/vegan food was awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better way to get away from it all and JUST RELAX. :)

Margaret Pesuit

from Italy, August 2018

"Relaxing yoga retreat on the beach"

The classes were great, the pace was relaxed, the food was amazing - the fresh smoothies every day - yum!!! - and the people were wonderful. Alice really worked hard to accommodate all our needs!! There is a lovely sandy beach right in front of the property.

Spyridoula Oikonomou

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Amazing location, amazing food, amazing vibe"

I had an amazing time at Just Relax, Alice and Hara were such amazing hosts and they took such a good care of us. The location is absolutely stunning, just 2 min from an beautiful beach and the food is as good as it gets in my opinion.

The yoga sessions with our teacher also exceeded my expectations! Challenging but accomodating for all levels and doing yoga watching the sun go down is just out of this world.

Would very highly recommend this place of you want to relax by the beach while developing your yoga practice.

Benedetta Ferrario

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"An ideal holiday in a stunning island"

The Island of Corfu’ is stunning; I really enjoyed the day when we took the boat to Cape Drastis; I also liked having a free day to go around the island, and to explore other beaches, little villages on a hill, or other amenities.

I was so grateful for being able to have a State of the Art massage with Willi, who is very skillful and knowledgeable, and who charges a very reasonable price if you wish to take extra massages with him at his place. The house is very beautiful. The two Masterminds of the retreat, Alice and Hara, are very efficient, welcoming and friendly. I liked the fact that the house is in front of the beach, so I could get to the beach right after breakfast. On the beach, there is a nice little bar-hut, which rents umbrellas and sun beds for only 4 € per day, which resolved my lunch. I also liked the fact that the section of the beach in front of the house is not as crowded as other beaches.

Enda Allen

from Ireland, July 2018

"Exactly what we needed!"

Alice and Hara as the organisers as well as Melina as yoga instructor worked seamlessly to create an environment where we could "just relax" - The organisers were as committed to the yoga experience as the yoga instructor was committed to the organisational aspects. Everyone really wanted to make our experience special and unique and especially concentrated on creating a great group atmosphere from the get-go. A great team with strong local knowledge so that our free-time could be well guided.

Hassina Sakhri

from United Arab Emirates, July 2018

"I would highly recommend this yoga retreat!"

I like the whole experience, Alice and Hara are a pure joy to be around, they care so much, the villa is beautiful, the food healthy and delicious, came back with a toned, tanned body, and relaxed mind. What more could you wish for!!!😁😁😁

Sydney Smith

from United States, June 2018

"Helping Me Truly Relax"

The retreat was more than I could have hoped for! I went in to the week feeling exhausted and run down and left feeling like I could take on the world. I felt like I was at home for a week - if home was next to a gorgeous beach, with amazing food, and I had little to no responsibilities.

The yoga was a perfect compliment to the rest of the experience. I typically do more work out focused yoga, but during the week, we did much more relaxing and restful postures. Honestly, I didn't realize how tight and beat up my body was! Would definitely recommend the experience for any level practitioner.

Libby Burgess

from United States, June 2018

"Just Relax is aptly named"

The hosts were wonderful, the food was super good, the yoga was delightful

Julia Snowball

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"Fantastic relaxing experience"

Alice and Hara could not have made you more welcome and I immediately felt at home in the villa, with gorgeous views of the beach, sea and sunset and Yvonne’s was a fantastic yoga teacher. The week was just what I’d hoped for!

Angela Schofield

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"A relaxing and rejuvenating yoga retreat in lovely Corfu"

The fantastic hospitality from our hosts Alice and Hara, the inspiring and quality yoga teaching from Yvonne, the food, the location and the interesting people I met there.

Rita Date

from India, May 2018

"Fantastic Experience"

Alice and Hara are genuinely warm people who treat you like family. They made a genuine effort to make sure you had a wonderful week!


from United Kingdom, October 2017

"First time at a yoga retreat, a very special experience!"

Having never been on a yoga retreat before I didn't really know what to expect. What a wonderful experience! The host made every effort to ensure everyone enjoyed their stay and the yoga itself was out of this world, I couldn't have been happier with the style of teaching.

Jill Mcallister

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"Corfu Just Relax"

The most amazing experience, shared with lovely people. Alice and Hara were exceptional hosts, nothing was too much trouble.

The food was delicious. The 'welcome' massage was nice. Great teacher.

'Just Relax' totally sums up the whole wonderful holiday. Thank you.

Katarina Bakoova

from United Arab Emirates, October 2017

"Infinity and beyond "

Everything was better than expected

Andrea Jobbagy

from Hungary, October 2017

"Great retreat!! "

I had a fabulous time, with amazing people in Corfu!!! The classes and activities were excellent, the food was delicious and and the accommodation was clean well equipped and with a beautiful sea view. What more can one ask for?

Evangelo Panagi

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"Great retreat, better than expected!"

Instructor Allie Rimanic was excellent, diverse, flexible. Food was plentiful and varied, hospitality by the hosts was warm, genuine and added the extra "je ne sais quoi".

Filipe Pinto

from Netherlands, September 2017

"A perfect start!"

This was my first yoga experience and retreat and I think it would be hard to have gotten better. The location is beautiful with a long beach with great views of Albania valleys. The house is beautiful kept and my bedroom (cronos) had a great sea view. The yogis were a great fun and we spent great time together. And of course, the host Alice, who is always caring for the group well being and with such great and fun personality makes you feel welcome right away.

Ksenia Bazarevich

from France, September 2017

"Relax and listen to your body"

The location of the villa is superb! whether you just want to hang out on the beach, that is just steps away, or tour the island- everything is possible. The sea is amazingly blue. Yoga lessons happen either in the garden, either on a deck by the sea, both options are fabulous. Acharavi is just a 20 minute walk by the shore. There are good bikes you can take any time. 2 hammocks, where you can chill, read, or doze off. This week was exactly what I needed and wanted. Alice and Hara are there for you if you nedd to organise something, or just give tips on what to do and where to go. I watched the sunset in sunset restaurant- stunning view, walking up there makes it even more deserved.

Rachel Stephens

from United Kingdom, August 2017

"Perfect holiday away from it all"

This was my first Yoga retreat experience and I didn't really know what to expect and was nervous but it went beyond all that I was hoping it would be (which was simply that I would be able to relax, recharge, have some space) I got so much more out of it. I was immediately put at ease by the wonderful hosts, met some truly lovely people in our group, enjoyed the big wide sea views and the feeling of space and calm, the yoga by Flavia was excellent, she is a brilliant, caring and patient teacher, the food was delicious, the villa is peaceful and the gardens lovely. Activity wise, there are different options and I loved that we had the use of bikes to explore. I would highly recommend and I will be considering their new venture in Morocco.

Sue Hubbard

from United Kingdom, August 2017

"Grecian yoga"

Generally nice atmosphere

Zara Curtis

from Ireland, August 2017

I really enjoyed my week in the Just Relax villa in Corfu. It's location, just across the road from the beach, was fabulous and so much more impressive than it had seemed online before I went. Its proximity to the beach meant that one of the yoga shalas was right beside the sea which made for a spectacular view and a calming atmosphere during yoga class. Alice & Hara have cultivated a very chilled out vibe which really makes the week a calm and lovely one where you can't help but 'Just Relax'.....

Barbara Harder

from Switzerland, August 2017

"I had "

Alice and Hara are wonderful organisers, everything went extremely well. Yoga with Lauren was inspiring, challenging and fun. The venue is lovely, the location superb. I look forward to hopefully going again some time.

Xenia Elisa

from Switzerland, August 2017

"magical week in Corfu"

This was my first yoga retreat and it was just perfect. For meit was the perfect combination of yoga, holiday and meeting new people. Hara and Alice are amazing hosts and made me feel at home from the moment I entered the door. Voula, the housekeeper was always friendly and did a great job. The food is always fresh and good. We had a sunset dinner on the terrace every night. I met so many lovely people on this retreat, I really didn't expect this when I booked it I had the Aphrodite room and shared my bathroom with two other girls, which was not a problem at all. The room was comfortable and quiet.

The yoga classes (either on the beach or in the Shala) were inspiring, I learned so much!

Thank you for everything

Gisella Silva

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Conecting to yourself and others"

The instructor, hosts, fellow yogis, accomodation and location on the island of corfu and last the incredible hospitality.

Emily Tay

from Singapore, August 2017

"a yoga retreat that far exceeded expectations."

Alice and Hara do an excellent job of making you feel so at home and part of a family during the week. The villa is right on the beach - couldn't have asked for a more picturesque and secluded part of the island. Special sunsets every night and a view of Albania! The food was delicious and healthy, catering to all dietary requirements. I would definitely do another yoga retreat with Just Relax.

Valerie Doucet

from Switzerland, July 2017

"Want to relax and do yoga this is the place ! "

Hara & Alice are nice, friendly & welcoming. It was wonderful to stay at Just Relax. They are really chill. The organisation is great and they take care of everything. The food is amazing. I didn't know what to expect but this was just so yummy! The villa is only seconds away by foot to the beach. It is in quiet location. Most beautiful sunsets. Yoga practice directly at the beach facing the sea and in the evening behind villa on platform in a nice quiet area. The villa is clean, the rooms are perfect, balcony facing the sea. I was in room "Ares" (shared twin room with balcony) awesome. I would definitely recommend. They organised taxi pick up from Airport (60 euros) but less if more passengers (they try to coordinate the guests who arrive to share a taxi. There's bikes at the villa so you can come and go as you please. Acharavi is only about 20 minutes by foot from the beach.

It is as described .. You are there to relax so you do as you please. Morning and evening yoga are offered and you have the day to stay at the beach, go bike to town, read in the garden, take naps, relax in the hammock... etc.

I met such amazing people during my stay. It was such a great experience. Willy welcome massage was just what I needed. I then booked another one during the week. A must :)

The day off is nice as you chose to do as you please. I rented a car and went around the island - was great. There's also excursions offered in town so you can book from there.

Regina Leybengrub

from United States, July 2017

"Beautiful accommodations and relaxing environment."

The setting is on the gorgeous island. Place is conveniently situated on the beach. The owners are very friendly. Knowledgeable yoga instructor.

Kate Ruch

from United States, July 2017

"A week in paradise"

Alice and Hara, our hosts, were absolutely amazing. They helped us with everything, planned great activities, and made us feel instantly at home. Yvonne, our yoga teacher, was wonderful. She was extremely knowledgeable and patient, and she helped us understand the practice better. It was a great week!

Carin-marie La Cock

from Switzerland, July 2017

"Just relaxJus"

I had a wonderful time at Just Relax: the organizers/staff (Alice, Hara and Vula) were fantastic and really catered to all our whims, the food was delicious, the house was great with enough spaces to meet with others or be on your own and the proximity to the beach was a real plus. The yoga sessions on the deck facing the sea and on the peninsula in the middle of the sea were new experiences for me and quite memorable. Kate the yoga teacher was a real inspiration. I would love to join them again in future.

Luann Rukke

from United States, June 2017

"Heaven on Earth ?"

Alice and Hara are such gracious hostesses. The location, food, Rosanna, accomindations, weather...everything was perfect. I look forward to returning.

Anna Colominas

from United States, June 2017

"Great yoga retreat/beach holidays in Corfu"

I loved the location, the hosts, the yoga teacher, the new friends I made there, the villa, the terraces, the yoga classes in the garden and by the sea. It was my first yoga retreat experience - and it has definitely set the bar very high :) Would have loved to stay a week longer if my job had allowed!

Tracy Giles

from Canada, June 2017

"Totally Relaxed at Just Relax"

The villa was spotlessly clean in a great location. There was a place to do yoga in the garden, and a deck right on the beach for evening yoga. Meals were simple but excellent with local fresh ingredients. Alice and Hara were very kind, friendly and helpful host. Rosana was a great yoga teacher, who had planned each session well, was kind and encouraging, and a lot of fun.

Sruti Gokaldas

from Portugal, May 2017

"The perfect getaway!!"

It was my very first retreat and since the beginning, the communication with Alice was great. She arranged taxis so that we could arrive together and together with Hara, they welcomed us with the biggest hug and smile :D everything was great, the food (ESPECIALLY THE FOOD!!), the location (right in front of the sea), a small walk to the nearest village of Acharavi and the amazing yoga classes in the morning and in the evening. It is the perfect getaway to a hectic life, to surround yourself with lovely people and positive energy. Thanks for everything Hara and Alice!


from Germany, October 2018


Sehr herzlicher Empfang von Alice und Hara, eine entspannte Heimfühlathmosphäre in der Villa, tolle Lage direkt am Strand. Die Yogalehrerin Hannah war toll, ist auf jeden eingegangen und hat viel erklärt. Somit konnten alle Schüler mit verschiedener Yogaerfahrung untergebracht werden. Auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert!

Sandra Odermatt

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Alles kann, nichts muss"

2 Wochen sind perfekt um yogamässig und auch persönlich weiterzukommen. Ich als totaler Angänger bin begeistert von der Gastfreundschaft, der Professionalität der Lehrer sowie der Umgebung der Villa.

Sarah Hadorn

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Just relax!! :)"

Very, very, very beautyful location by the sea! Really kind hosts, very good Yoga lessions and good food. I just loved the garden.


from Greece, September 2018

"Soooo relaxing and funny "

We had a fantastic group of different ages coming from the US, Ireland, UK, Germany, the Netherlands and France. Everybody including our teacher Darren and our hosts Alice and Hara were just wonderful and committed to have a great and relaxing time together. Thank you 🙏🏼 i am feeling recharged now 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Celiana Kiefer

from Germany, August 2018

"Absolut relaxed und voller Power- der perfekte Urlaub!"

-Die Yoga-Stunden und Gespräche mit Angie Pollacchi! Sie ist eine wunderbare Yogalehrerin :-)

-Die super Organisation von Alice und Hara

-Die ruhige Lage mit schönem Strand und das schöne Haus

Generell: Absolut empfehlenswert!

Isabell Martin

from United States, August 2018

"Perfect place to calm down&relax"

Perfect Villa that is located in a quiet, not touristy area. Beautiful to sit on the Beach, watch the Sunset& relax. The organization and also the yoga sessions were brilliant. Our yoga-teacher Angie did a great job, fantastic!!

Sabine Pujol

from United States, August 2018


L’accueil, la gentillesse d’Alice et Hara, l’organisation de la semaine, leurs conseils pour les excursions... la beauté du lieu, les rencontres, les cours de yoga...

Janique Tissot

from United States, July 2018

"Une semaine extraordinaire"

L'accueil chaleureux, la situation de la villa, à deux pas de la mer, avec un grand jardin vert pour se reposer.

Cristina Rodella

from United States, July 2018

"Séjour de rêve"

Tout était parfait. J'ai été super bien accueillie, très chaleureusement. J'ai tout de suite été mise à l'aise. Le cadre est fantastique, la nourriture excellente, le lieu est propre, très bien entretenu. Le jardin est magnifique. Un vrai havre de paix. Alice et Hara font tout pour que le séjour soit parfait. J'ai tout simplement adoré.....

Corinne Bezençon

from United States, October 2017

"Éval. Allie; j avoue avoir été déçue car elle ne corrige pas"

Le cadre : villa - plage est magnifique


from France, September 2017

"Sympathique, convivial et reposant"

Je me suis sentie détendue


from Netherlands, September 2017

"Good vibes"

Hara and Alice gave me such a nice holiday feeling, they really live their just relax vision on the yoga holiday.

The house is great and also beautifully situated (but don't forget to bring earplugs because a bar nearby has karaoke sometimes till 23:00).

Sara Fusaro was also a great teacher, and also a lovely person to be around with.

Thank you!

Thomas Stein

from United Kingdom, September 2017

"Énergie positive Relax"

L'ambiance et l'emplacement.

La maison se juste devant la plage et à côté d'un restaurant 5 étoiles

Clélia Bianchi

from France, August 2017

"A nice break in Corfu"

Alice and Hara were very attentive to what we wanted and very available. They really paid attention to their clients.

The wonderful house on the beach. My room was really nice with a terrace and always clean thanks to Yulla who was very nice.

Free Time in the day let time to explore Corfu which is a wonderful place with very different landscape : mountains, beaches, sea...

The last day in Cape Drastis was so relaxing and just perfect ! I had never imagined admiring a so wonderful sunset !

Sabine Pujol

from France, August 2017

tout! les participantes, Alice et Hara, le yoga, la maison....! Tout!


from Austria, August 2017

Eine wirklich tolle Woche

Melanie Nydegger

from Switzerland, July 2017

I totally enjoyed my yoga vacation on Corfu island from the first minute to the last. It was the perfect combination of yoga, excursions to beautiful spots and plenty of time to soak up the sun on the beach and float in the sea. And the food was just amazing, usually containing home-grown veggies from Hara's garden and just healthy and delicious. The villa is beautiful and the location couldn't be better: laid back and close to a beautiful calm beach, but still there are a cute beach bar and a nice tavern with a beautiful garden nearby, where you can enjoy some delicious greek food. The yoga classes with Diane were excellent and she took good care of us, corrected our positions and made sure we were ok with the heat. My body feels healthy and strong after this week and I still wear a big smile on my face :-) definitely want to come back and can recommend this retreat to anyone looking to just relaxxx!!!

Angela Fredlmeier

from Germany, June 2017

Die Lage, das Haus und die Gastgeberinnen einfach super!

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