Joglo Gumuk is an Eco-lodge and Retreat with Javanese Wooden Houses situated in the middle of a beautiful landscape of rice fields outside of Yogyakarta.

Reviews (10)

Eng Kiat Toh

from Singapore, July 2019

Host is kind and friendly. Everything is very good for wellness retreat.


from Indonesia, May 2019

"Best forest and nature yoga retreat!"

I loved the place ambiance! The little joglo gumuk hut is so cozy and beautiful and all the cultural activites makes the 3 days so much fun! The yoga is very flexible so you can make it to your own style. I liked that they had already put up a schedule, which allowed for a good day filled with activites but still time for chilling in between. Loved the food too :) absolutely recommend! Will never forget these lovely 3 days :)


from Malaysia, December 2018

"Soul rejuvenating Experience."

The serenity kampong house warm familiar ambiance that instancely seep deeply into the rumbling souls. We spend most of our days in Joglo Gumuk, admiring the traditional architecture, and exploring the surrounding breathtaking paddy field view kampung areas in between classes and mini workshop.Please do hang out at the deck watching the sunrise and once night comes, fireflies parties right in the middles of the rice fields. We love it. Peryisem is forever helpful and friendly and Murti too. and for the host, Katia, Thank you so much for providing the soul rejuvenating crib for us to experience such of a kind special retreat.

Samuel Rott

from Indonesia, November 2018

"Great yoga and location, room for improvement on the rest"

Peaceful place, great yoga teachers

Lasse Johansson

from Denmark, June 2018

We liked everything about this place. The joglo (cottage), the view of the rice fields, the food, the yoga and the staff! We hope to come back some time in the near future. Terima kasih everybody!

Yvonne Yeoh

from Singapore, April 2018

"Great Place and interesting insight to yoga for beginners "

Enjoyed the peace and serenity of the place.

Katharina Pries

from Germany, March 2018

"Wonderful all-round programme according to individual needs in beautiful place"

We really appreciated the personal and warm atmosphere, the friendliness and flexibility of the staff aiming for a perfect adoption to the individual preferences and interests, the variety of the programme and workshops, the beautiful landscape surrounding the very nice and comfortable joglo with outside bathroom, the food and the daily fresh and healthy drinks... We basically liked everything about our stay a lot!! Thank you for these wonderful and healthy days of relaxation, body-mind-focus and learning about the culture of central Java!

Jonas Schnabl

from Indonesia, April 2019

Our stay at Joglo Gumuk was magnificent.

A special home in a beautiful location with people so friendly and welcoming that we wished for at least a few more days.

The food was delicious and diverse with lots of nice snacks and amazing drinks in between.

It is more than a yoga retreat since you also have other things to do and learn and the atmosphere is just lovely with the team and the place!

And of course the yoga, it was intense and soothing and very direct and personal because of the small group.

All in all a very very good time which was perfectly balanced and diverse.