Joan-yoga is an expression of the moment, an invitation to flow with pleasure and letting go of the pressure.

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I offer you whole body and spirit care through an integrated approach by opening a safe space where you will feel held by my strong presence and calm state of being. I will invite you to slow down the over-worrying and thinking dysfunction that causes stress and to open to a deeper state of awareness and sensitivity to enjoying the life moment by connecting you to your breath and body. As a professional skier and a surfer, I found a way to tune the strength of my body to the elements of nature through yoga, meditation and bodywork and I transmit that integrity through my service.


Satpremo started with movements like yoga, Qigong, and Thai Chi in 1986 after studying medicine at University Göttingen (physicum). His main interest was always the question “Who am I?" so he found another gate to his own inner being through Satsang and silence. To Satpremo, Satsang is an invitation just to stop and become silent, when the mind stops, there is a possibility to recognize who you really are without your story.

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