Jessi Rae Yoga

Illinois, United States

Jessi Rae Yoga also known as Wild Roots Yoga mainly focuses on aerial yoga teacher classes and training, massage, Thai bodywork and stand up paddleboard classes.

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  • Sally

    Jessi Rae Yoga website

    I gave Aerial yoga a try this summer and fell in love. I have done yoga for years and find that Aerial is a perfect complement to my regular yoga and other fitness activities. Jessi is a supportive teacher, even on those days when getting into the silk is hard. I love the freedom, the challenge, and the sheer beauty of moving through familiar yoga poses suspended in the air and fully supported in the silk.

  • Sherri

    Jessi Rae Yoga website

    I never expected to fall in love with Aerial yoga like I have. My favorite move of the class is when I inverted for the first time. At that point in time, all is right in the world for me. I look forward to seeing the other clients that are in the class as you give each other confidence, share frustrations, and have laughs together. In a very short amount of time, you will see your strength develop.

  • Tara

    Jessi Rae Yoga website

    Aerial yoga has been such a fun, energizing experience for me. It has been beneficial in developing my strength and flexibility, and because I am trusting the silks to support me, I am able to practice poses that I am not able to do on my own. Jessi brings her amazing talent and energy to every class, suiting the practice to everyone's individual needs. Thanks to the spine-lengthening inversions, playful swinging on the silks, and the blissful Savasana, I always leave class happier and more peaceful.

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