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Jen Warakomski Yoga

Jen Warakomski Yoga offers yoga and Reiki retreats, workshops, trainings and classes in Europe, Central America, USA and India.

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Deb Australia

Jen Warakomski Yoga

Jen’s classes have a connection that allow us to share her gift and her light for yoga. Classes are physically and spiritually rewarding and I would highly recommend them for all levels. I’ve yet to find another teacher that provides the same balance and harmony as Jen. She shines. I am very grateful to have shared her guidance.

Catherine Australia

Jen Warakomski Yoga

I attended Jen’s Lanzarote Retreat and I had very few expectations of this retreat as I had no knowledge of this island to speak of prior to going there. I have to say the island is beautiful and the yoga with Jen is life changing and inspirational. She not only is a great teacher of the various asanas, she expands your thinking and confidence each time and teaches in such a way that you gain knowledge of yoga and how it has evolved too.

My favourite activity apart from the yoga was the surfing day. We all had so much fun and learnt so much with our wonderful instructor Peppe. The long, straight waves breaking and lapping the shore against the backdrop of the volcanoes was spectacular.

I would highly recommend this retreat in Lanzarote with Jen, it was inspirational and the landscape also adds an indefinable element that one has to experience for oneself.

Emily Sweden

Jen Warakomski Yoga

What a treat for Jen Warakomski to enter my life! After completing my Reiki Level One Training, I felt so much richer in terms of my self awareness.

Anyone can take a Reiki Course, even if you do not have any idea what Reiki is from the beginning. Jen answers everything you ask her about in such a good & understandable style. Her teachings compare the information with things you really can relate to, and it was very easy for me to learn. Her methods also encourage you to ask any kind of questions and leave you hungry to learn even more.

Jen has such a warm personality & desire to make us aware of our own importance in this world, and in this life.

I also attended a private study course in Tuscany with Jen. She created a custom learning program where I could take time to study, practice and also spend time enjoying La Dolce Vita in Tuscany.

No day was the same and I always had time to explore both myself and experience the sites, sounds and tastes of Italy. Jen had scheduled my stay to be “the best of both worlds”-I learned more in depth details about yoga, practiced yoga & meditation daily and also had a vacation!

Even though we live in different countries, Jen continues to keep in touch with me & guide, advise & help me keep going with my practices. I feel I can reach out to her no matter what.

Everyone should have “a Jen” in their life.

Laura Italy

Jen Warakomski Yoga

"Jen Yoga Joy". I've been practicing Yoga for many years and for this very reason I'd like to say that it's been a total Joy to have met Jen. It's not often that you come across such a soothing & effective method of teaching yoga. She has her own creative way of being mindful & soft, yet pushes your boundaries ever so gently that she takes you beyond your own expectations. I cherish her classes and love the variation of styles that she offers.

Sara UK

Jen Warakomski Yoga

Easy charm & fulfilling classes! Jen fills her class with love & laughter. She makes newcomers feel at ease and tailor makes each class so everyone whatever their level leaves feeling satisfied.

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