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January Wellness offers fitness classes, yoga, holistic nutrition consults, and retreats in tropical locations.

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  • A participant

    January Wellness

    I attended January’s Bula Wellness Retreat in October 2016, and truly just cannot say enough about the experience in its entirety. I wanted to stay in Fiji and on January’s retreat forever and can’t wait to attend again!

    The information provided beforehand was extremely supportive and informative, allowing me to amply prepare for the trip and all items I’d need to bring. I definitely did not have to overthink the trip, the planning done for me allowed me to travel without worry or having to pre-plan my days, adventures and experiences…I knew I was in for a treat without having to lift a finger!

    The travel experience itself was great with friendly folks along the way and camaraderie among the other attendees, as facilitated through pre-retreat happy hours, meetups and group messaging. This makes it great for solo travelers/attendees who may want support or just a travel buddy. There is also zero pressure to travel with companions, and my friend and I traveled just amongst ourselves, while joining the group whenever we were able. With the information provided by January, we ran into no unexpected travel complications or unknowns.

    On arrival, I was of course amazed by the indescribable beauty of Fiji…(spoiler alert…it looks exactly like the pictures and more!), and instantly greeted with happy smiling faces, and folks who took care of every need. Throughout the retreat, the service and support provided both by January and the Koro Sun team was just indescribably wonderful. Every need was consistently met and I there was nothing I wanted that was not made readily available. The team even went out of their way to accommodate requests if made (such as saving our lunch until after hours because we were getting a mind-blowingly wonderful spa banana leaf treatment and massage literally in the rainforest…and then making dessert special for us after).

    The retreat provided such a wide and open variety of activities, from yoga, paddle boarding, kayaking, exercise, swimming, beach/tan/drink, snorkeling, and beyond. Attendees had the option to attend or to spend their time how they would like. Taking a ‘personal’ day was always a welcome option, which was so appreciated and just added to the already zero-pressure, relaxed, low key and easy going nature of the trip. I was able to do this on the first day there, and it kicked off the trip in such a relaxing way. The activities were just incredible, and we were able to accomplish so much in the time we had, experiencing everything I wanted. This is not to say a retreater could not have an activity-free trip, though I do think they would be missing out by not taking advantage of all the amazing adventures made available.

    I truly cannot say enough about the retreat, it was a once in a lifetime experience that I fully intend to repeat again.

  • Lisel

    January Wellness website

    I went over six months with zero weight change while working out daily, not understanding why nothing was changing for me, and thinking that I was eating well. Sugar detox finally made that shift I needed and actually delivered results, both from a weight loss perspective as well as how I feel in general. I'm still eating according to the plan and I am so happy with how I feel and with all the changes the treatment has made for me. I'm so happy with the results.

  • Natalie

    January Wellness website

    I had what I thought was a pretty clean diet. I made exceptions too often but I also drank green juice regularly and was already buying all organic. As a runner, weightlifter, and yogi with a fairly clean diet and in my mind no sugar addiction, I really questioned how much I could get out of this program and whether or not it would even challenge me. I dont say this lightly, not only did it challenge me, it also changed my life. Thanks to January's Sugar Detox, I realize that its so much more than what you look like in your jeans.This experience created a shift in my mindset. I am now at a heightened state of awareness with regards to what I put into my body and the effects it has on my life like my sleep, my skin, my digestion, my mood, and my ability to give my best in a workout. I can no longer claim ignorance when I experience first-hand what my body feels like without a bunch of garbage in it. I feel better than I have in a long time, my mind is clearer, my body is transforming physically, and I sleep better.

  • Amy

    January Wellness website

    Thank you again for such a wonderful program, I really loved it. The daily emails were awesome learning tools and the tips were simple, mindful things I could easily get into my day. I feel stronger in my workouts and my skin is glowing. The whole detox was a huge eye opener, it is hard to change your habits especially with sugar, but totally worth it.

  • Najia

    January Wellness website

    I tried many times to curb sugar cravings on my own and I always failed. A couple of my friends completed the January Wellness sugar detox. They are intelligent, smart, fit women, and I valued their opinions, so I bugged them about it for about a year. Although I was frightened of another failure, I ended up joining the program. And it has been the best gift Ive ever given myself. Januarys program taught me more about my body, its nutritional needs, metabolic reactions, and caloric efficiency, than I had ever learned before. I cant remember the last time I slept better, felt better, and looked better than during this detox. Even my skin feels reborn.January walks her talk. That in and of itself was inspiration enough for me. Most importantly though, she provided a structure within which I could succeed. Thats what I had been missing when I tried to quit sugar on my own. Januarys structure included an incredible private group with other participants, daily emails with fountains of information, prompt replies to all questions, ideas for recipes, tips for preparation and success, alerts for what was coming up and what was to be expected, and of course, constant encouragement and empathy. Most importantly, the structure did not focus on weight loss and I never would have joined if it had been. It is about arming us with tools needed to make the best, mindful food decisions most of the time. It is not about showing us how to live better, but how to thrive in our own version of our best self. Of course, the fact that I lost almost two inches around my waist was great.

  • Stephanie

    January Wellness website

    I can't say enough about January's sugar detox. January opened my eyes to a way of fueling my body I never thought was possible. Besides kicking my sugar cravings, I learned the definition of truly clean eating. She was there for me every step of the way as I prepared for the biggest day of my life, my wedding. I felt my energy sky rocket through the roof and was surprised by the major changes in my body. Three weeks before my big day it took three people to zip my fitted wedding dress, but the day of my wedding, only one person was needed. I can honestly say I look and feel my best when I'm practicing the mindful eating January has taught me. It's a way of life that even my husband has embraced.

  • Fia

    January Wellness website

    Thank you again for introducing me to completely transformative and wonderful lifestyle. I feel honored to be part of this process and I am feeling amazing. Doing this detox again has given me so much confidence to now live my life with the skills and tools this program has given to me.

  • Kaitlin

    January Wellness website

    Thank you for the sugar detox. I just wanted to say thanks for never making this detox about losing weight. I've struggled with body image and confidence issues. I did lose eight pounds in a week. This sugar detox was difficult, but awesome. I was eating a ton, looking leaner, and my skin was incredible. I want people to know that they can look and feel great without doing an intense cleanse.

  • Miriam

    January Wellness website

    This sugar detox has been a life changer for me. I never felt like I was denying my body needed nutrients. The recipes and food suggestions provided me with a wide array of menu plans and for someone who hates cooking, it made me think more thoughtfully about what I'm putting into my body. I find I have way more energy, I'm sleeping better, and I've leaned out, which wasn't the reason I started this, but it's a nice perk. I truly appreciated the support from the other detox participants. Of course, January was there every step of the way giving us support, ideas, articles, and encouragement during and long after the two week program is up.

  • Laurel

    January Wellness website

    As someone who has been educated in, battled with and been a part of the health, wellness, and fitness communities for years, January's sugar detox has really set me on the right track. I was skeptical at first, having studied nutrition and food, but I feel great. January encouraged me to listen to how my body felt as opposed to weighing or measuring myself. She is very quick to respond my questions and she provided me with a support network of other people who were also in the detoxing program. Now I feel light and full of energy.

  • Cristina

    January Wellness website

    I drank shakes for a little over a month and didn't know if I could go without them, thought I would cheat with them, but I have been eating whole foods and now i feel so much more full and satisfied. It's amazing that two weeks have already passed. I feel great and so happy that I decided to join to this group. I have more energy and feel more motivated, with that being said I was more active at the gym and made it to my yoga practice more as well during this transition. I am definitely sticking with this new lifestyle. Thank you January and fellow participants for helping me through this transition and new way of eating.

  • Jennifer

    January Wellness website

    I am currently on day 23 without sugar and I feel so much calmer during the day. I get horrible anxiety sometimes and have even considered medication, but since I have cut out the sugar, I am managing it a lot better. My job is so physical and my feet and legs often hurt a lot during and after work. Now, I feel like I actually have the energy and ease in my body to go enjoy activities after my shift. I dont feel like Im going to yoga to ease my pain so much anymore as I am going to experience a class and move my body. My practice feels lighter and like how my body is looking. I am so grateful that I have this knowledge, its so wonderful to know that this really works for me. So thank you for helping me learn that again.

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