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Janesh Vaidya

The word ‘Vaidya’ simply means ‘traditional Ayurveda practitioner’. At Janesh Vaidya's Village you will experience the authentic Ayurveda treatments.

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Sophia Tilman

Janesh Vaidya's written paper

I am forever grateful for the generosity and warmth I was showered with at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village. I am leaving a part of my heart with the wonderful therapists, in Kala's kitchen and her magical cuisine and with Kerala's beautiful people and stunning sunsets. My brain has been fed with good thoughts and empathy, my body has been taken care of inside and out and a sense of happiness and well-being has taken hold deep in my soul.

Sylwia Karol

Janesh Vaidya's written paper

Thank you for the wonderful experience for my soul, mind and body at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village! So much love and care I've got from all of you. I'm thankful for good food, treatments, yoga and wonderful people I have met.

I loved every minute of my stay. It is a peaceful and a beautiful place...with awesome sunsets.

Susanne Nåtby

Janesh Vaidya's written paper

Loved my second visit at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village even more than the first (if that is possible). It's a part of paradise. So much love in this peaceful place.

Eva Palm

Janesh Vaidya's written paper

Thank you for the wonderful time at Vaiydas Ayurveda Village. It was amazing to come to this beautiful place and to get all this love and care. Thank you everybody. Hope I´ll be able to come back some day.

Maria Torjussen

Janesh Vaidya's written paper

Thank you very much for four lovely weeks at the retreat. I loved every minute of my stay! I loved the food, the treatments, the yoga mornings, yoga workshops, all the lovely staff that always had a smile on their faces and also all the lovely people that I spent my time together with, all our wonderful moments together and the sunsets on the beach each evening. I will always value this stay and I hope I will be back some day. I feel like I am 10 years younger in my body and mind and loaded with a lot of new energy.

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