14 Days Ayurveda Yoga Retreat India

  • Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan, Sant Bindu ji Marg (Parikrama Marg), Atalla Chungi Road, Posh Colony, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121, India

Ayurvedic India Yoga Retreat

Experience the authentic Indian culture first-hand from a family-run ashram. Keep yourself flexible by practicing yoga on a daily basis and detoxify yourself with daily Ayurvedic massages and treatments. You will also get the chance to get to know how yoga is implemented into your daily life. Join this retreat to gain insights in Indian life you couldn't get anywhere else.


  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily Ayurvedic massages
  • Daily Ayurvedic treatments
  • Relaxing ashram atmosphere
  • 13 nights' accommodation
  • 3 daily Ayurvedic meals
  • 12 days with instruction
  • English
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In 1995, Swami Ji founded an ashram in his hometown Vrindavan. On this land he built an underground cave, which he entered in 1997 to spend the following three years and 108 days in meditation.

Today, the ashram is home not only to him and his family, but also to a number of students between the age of 8 and 20. They come from poor families who cannot afford their living or education and they thus become part of the ashram family.

The ashram is very open, friendly, and hospitable. The rooms are simple, air-conditioned, and have Western bathrooms. There is also a beautiful lawn and patio. Someone of the ashram family is available 24 / 7 for all questions or help. Any interested visitor to India is welcome to visit and stay at the ashram. Usually, Jaisiyaram offers single rooms with queen-size beds, but of course you are welcome to stay as a couple or in family together, too.


  • 100% power backup
  • Free mineral water
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • AC
  • Western bathroom
  • Lawn and patio

Why join?

For some people, the answer to this question can be the relaxing atmosphere of the ashram and for others, it can be the unique combination of Ayurvedic massages, Ayurveda treatments, yoga, and relaxation that only Jaisiyaram offers. However, the most important factor is that 100% of the profit for this holiday will support children charity projects. By doing something good for yourself you are doing good for poor children.

This retreat is not a course filled with hours of classes, a tight schedule, and teachings which will result in a certificate but it is a time of treatments, cleansing, and getting to know yourself.

You will experience yoga and Ayurveda on different levels and will have time to simply lay back and let your body and mind let go of the stress and pressure of your usual life. Relax, enjoy, and feel well in the loving surrounding of the ashram.


Yashendu Goswami will be leading your retreat. Yoga classes will be given by yoga teachers trained by him. Swami Balendu will also always be present for any counseling or questions. The yoga style is basic, original, Indian Hatha yoga as it has been passed on in yogic families for centuries.

You will have daily yoga practice at the ashram. One hour daily will be dedicated to stretching, bending, and strengthening your body. Due to the limited number of participants, your yoga teacher will be able to personalize the workshops to everybody's needs.

Depending on the group, the teacher will not only include gentle yoga positions for beginners, basic yoga poses, yoga for back pain and other areas of the body, but also advanced yoga positions if you are already a yoga instructor or long time practitioner. Whatever your level of practice is, these yoga classes will be designed for you.

Additionally, you can join the children of Jaisiyaram's school in their daily yoga class in the morning. Whenever they have school, they do yoga and you can just grab a mat and sit in between them.

You will additionally be able to meditate on your own in the beautiful garden, on the roof while watching sunset or in the cave in which Swami Ji spent three years and 108 days in meditation. Combine the yoga practice and Ayurveda treatments with your own meditation practice for a complete relaxation on this Ayurveda retreat in India.


The word Ayurveda means science of life and one of the main principles in Ayurveda is that your body is the temple of your soul. Take care of it, keep it clean, and nourish it. It will make you happier and give you a more satisfied feeling from inside.

Each body type has different needs and with Ayurvedic treatments, massages, and food, your body will be purified and strengthened so that it can regain its balance in the doshas.


The day usually starts with the 1-hour yoga class and a delicious breakfast after it. Depending on your individual schedule and treatments, you will have your Ayurvedic massage and oil treatment at this point or after a light lunch in the afternoon.

In the remaining time of the day, you can visit the charity school, to which all profits go, play with the ashram children, relax with a good book in the garden, or talk with the other guests and ashram family. On Sunday, you are free from yoga and Ayurveda for shopping, visiting Vrindavan, and the neighboring towns, or on for a trip to Agra to see the famous Taj Mahal.

  • Yashendu Goswami

    Growing up at an ashram, he learned about yoga, the holy scriptures, and the classical philosophic texts as a child. At the age of 14, he started giving lectures and thus traveling through whole India. In 1995, he started his studies of astrology and the methods of palmistry and face-reading which are connected with astrological studies. Through his studies of Ayurveda, together with years of watching how the own body reacts, Yashendu gained a profound knowledge of vegetarian food and Ayurvedic diet.

This retreat will be held in Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan, an ashram which is located in Jaisiyaram, Vrindavan. Vrindavana is a pilgrimage town 150 kilometers south of Delhi and just one hour away from Agra where you find the Taj Mahal. The town is the place where Lord Krishna spent his early childhood and with its 5000 temples and Indian ashrams, Vrindavana is one of India’s main pilgrim cities.

The major temples in Vrindavan are Bankey Bihari Temple, Govind Dev Temple, Radha Raman Ji Temple, Rang Ji Temple, Radha Vallabh Temple, Madan Mohan Ji Temple, and Pagal Baba Temple.

Nearby places

  • Agra - 1 hour
  • Mathura, 12 kilometers
  • Massage
  • Steam room
  • Garden
  • Yoga studio
  • Free bottled water

You will be served 3 Ayurvedic vegetarian meals per day at Ammaji's Ayurvedic Restaurant Vrindavan. You can choose to have Indian traditional food, continental pizza and pasta, or Chinese snacks. You can also choose to eat dishes that will suit your body type best with the help of Jaisiyaram's staff.

Jaisiyaram also offers the option for you to book this retreat without meals. If you prefer this option, kindly send Jaisiyaram an inquiry for further information.

  • Day trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal
  • Explore the town
  • Have a nearby sightseeing
  • Practice meditation
  • Visit Jaisiyaram's charity school
  • Visit the Red Fort

Ayurvedic massages

On this retreat, you will have the chance to pamper yourself with Ayurvedic full body massage, shirodhara, kati basti, janu basti, nasya, vaman, and whatever else you might enjoy.

Ayurveda recommends massages with certain oils and Ayurvedic herbs as a support for a cleansing process. When stimulated with herbs, the right oils, and massage technique, the body releases toxins via the skin. For your well-being and relaxation, you will daily get Ayurvedic massages with oil and with well smelling and purifying herbs.

Trained Ayurvedic massage therapists will make sure that your massage is completely in line with the needs of your body. After only a few days of massage, you will feel rejuvenated, your skin will shine, and your body will thank you for this extra attention.

  • 3 daily Ayurvedic meals
  • 13 nights' accommodation
  • Daily Ayurvedic massages
  • Daily Ayurvedic treatments
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Airport transfer

Arrival by airplane

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) in Delhi is the closest international airport and the airport is located approximately 150 kilometers from Vrindavan. Transfer from and to airport is available on request. Jaisiyaram can also pick you up in Delhi or Agra. Pick up and drop off each cost 60 EUR, so for only 120 EUR, Jaisiyaram will have you picked up when you arrive and dropped off when your retreat is completed.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

  • Review by Karine from France

    "I was so disillusioned with this ashram. If they live the same experience, I would like other customers to share it with me, in a very factual manner. What I will try to do now."

    "First, I had to wait three hours and a half before the driver for my transfer arrives to the airport. I had no notification to advise me of the delay and had to call the ashram several times to have information. When I was in the car, I didn’t know if I would arrive alive to the ashram. The driver was so tired, he was almost sleeping at the same time he was driving and the car went from one side to the other on the road. The same happened when we decided to go to Agra and see the Taj Mahal. But I will talk about this later. I don’t know why he was so tired, but the people who manage him should be more attentive because he has our lives into his hands."

    "The next bad experience I had was when a young man of the staff shaked my hand at my arrival. After a moment he was still holding it, looking at me with a mocking smile. I had to release my hand by force so he exploded with laughter. It made me feel very bad."

    "For this stay, the program I chose was the weight loss program. I was supposed to have a 10 km walk in the morning at 7 am, before breakfast, but nobody seemed to be informed. I finally could obtain two walks during my stay, but after lunch."

    "The program also included a massage every second day. What a surprise when I saw the room was in fact a kind of garage, not heated, full of dust and of all kind of bazaar, with a wood table in the middle. The lady put a little heater at the end of the table and I had to take care not to have my feet burnt. I was very far from a treatment in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. I had no steam treatment at all and even could not see any installation like SPA, sauna or hammam."

    "The restaurant where I had to take my meals was good (no family meals as shown on the photos…), but once again, nobody of the staff was informed about my weight loss program and I had French fries and sandwich for my first breakfast! I had to ask the owner (who is German) to intervene: the communication with the staff in English is impossible."

    "What I don’t understand is how they can speak about weight loss program when there’s no physician, no dietitian or nutritionist to have a consultation the first day, to measure the weight at the beginning, to follow the progresses and adapt the program if necessary all along the stay? When I talked about this to the owner, he answered me the objective was not to lose weight but feel good with yoga. I just want to specify that you have more than half a dozen references to weight loss in the text of the offer!"

    "The manager of the ashram also mentioned facilities to organize a tour to Taj Mahal. We decided to accept, the two other guests and I. But in fact, we had a driver to go there and bring us back, no guide. Before leaving the ashram, we told the manager that we’ll stay for one night. He promised the driver would help us to find a hotel and then will show us different things in Agra. But it seemed like he was coming there for the first time, and could not help us: we had to find a hotel by ourselves and we made the visit of Taj Mahal on our own."

    "The yoga classes were great and the teacher, a very good man, always trying to explain the benefits of each position. But the specificities of each guest program were not taken into account."

    "Another guest and I finally left the ashram after only one week (my program was two weeks, and the other guest’s four weeks), with an important extra cost to change my flight. I could not obtain any goodwill gesture from the ashram for this big scam."

    "Jaisiyaram's response:"

    "Dear Karine,"

    "First of all thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience – which I also appreciated when you wrote to me while you were in our Ashram. In that time, I got to know that after settling the primary issues, you had found your rhythm in the Ashram and were enjoying."

    "That’s how I was so surprised when you decided to leave early."

    "First of all, I want to express that I am sorry that you left my home with such a feeling. My family was not able to be there in the time you were, however I can assure you that it is the first time we get such a feedback. During our absence, we left our Ashram in the hands of our capable manager who speaks English and with whom you did have conversations as well. He was informed about your retreat and its inclusions as well."

    "Obviously we will talk to him about the management of the driver, as this is a very important point which we cannot accept. The safety of our guests is our very first priority!"

    "I am very surprised that you had such feelings about our massage room. It is a nice Ayurveda setup – the wood table is traditional – with the equipment for all treatments in it. As you mention a heater, the room is heated and for extra comfort, we add a heater on the table – it would have been nice of you to tell when it got too warm for you."

    "What you are telling about your program, I want to once more express that the focus of our retreat is for our guests to feel good with their bodies, to get a positive body feeling and not be obsessed with counting calories or kilograms. This is why we intentionally do NOT weigh our guests at the beginning of their stay."

    "We will however reconsider this offer of a ‘weight loss retreat’, as it seems people come with an idea which does not fit with our overall approach on life and feelings in life."

    "We are happy however that you enjoyed your meal as well as the yoga classes. And I can assure you that you and all our guests have our goodwill and wish for the best – which is why I gave you the offer for extra facilities when I heard of your issues."

    "Finally, I would like to add that India is sometimes a shocking experience, that there are a lot of differences in culture and surrounding and that not everybody feels comfortable there, either, especially considering the big gap in between rich and poor. Each of our participants however contributes to helping those who need it the most because our work with Yoga and Ayurveda supports our charity school for unprivileged children, which you have surely seen during your stay as well!"

    "Yours faithfully, Jaisiyaram Team"

    BookYogaRetreats.com Website, edited


  • Review by Jodie Tsekrekas

    "From the Minute I entered the gate of the beautiful Ashram, it stole my heart! The family and friends that I've met there will forever be in my heart. I truly cannot wait until I can return! The most amazing experience ever. (The food was Spot on delish as well as the daily Massage!) Oh, I dream of my return!!"

    Google review, edited

  • Review by Maeve Domican

    "First time to India can be scary, especially if you are a woman traveling on your own. But when you arrive in the ashram and are welcomed, you feel immediately that you are part of a family. Everyone is really nice and loving. I stayed at the ashram for 1 week in 2013. Since then I have stayed in contact and feel that they are never far away. When I can I will visit again. The food in the ashram was amazing. Not to speak about the daily ayurvedic massages ; heaven !!! I've incorporated most of the advises being given when I left in my life and feel much healthier."

    Google review, edited

  • Review by Melissa Mamayek

    "I had a wonderful week at the ashram celebrating Holi. I felt like an immediate part of the family. It was my first experience in India and after finishing a two-month stay in the country, I'm convinced it was the best introduction possible. Fun, relaxing and an excellent learning experience."

    Google review, edited

  • Review by Peter Draper

    "Beautiful place and beautiful people. This haven of tranquility sits amidst the bustling, noisy and intriguing village of Vrindavan. The kids at the school are a joy to meet, the family are wonderful people and bonus....... monkeys!!!!!!!!!!"

    Google review, edited

  • Review by Melanie Gaudette and Francine Lecours from Canada
    10 out of 10

    "When I saw the Ashram, I already knew that its a safe and nice place. I felt like a member of your family and is sad that I did not have time to stay longer, one day was not enough. I reached very tired and it was the perfect place to recharge my energy, I tried ayurvedic massage for the first time and it was an amazing experience. The city is very nice, I spent 3 hours walking around the city saw beautiful temples and had a really great time."

    Jaisiyaram website, edited

  • Review by Anna Juricic from Italy
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you so much for taking care of me and my little Leo. We received so much love and care here from all of you especially the kids, we left this place knowing that we found our second home here! Everything was great, the food, the ayurvedic massage, your kindness and patience with Leos wishes. I will never forget my stay here, I have really learned a lot from this experience. I love you all, and I want to give a special mention to my yoga teacher Pawan, you will be in my heart forever and I know one day, you will be the number one yoga teacher in the world!"

    Jaisiyaram website, edited

  • Review by Karin Heinrich from Germany
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you for a wonderful week here at the Ashram! Your place is lovely and feels like a little paradise! I loved the food and the peaceful environment, I certainly will come back and is looking forward to it."

    Jaisiyaram website, edited

Vrindavan, India

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