JaiLife offers yoga, scuba diving, consciousness workshops, and retreats in beautiful surroundings across the world.

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I met Charney in 2008 when I walked into my first ever yoga class while going through a dark time in my life. With her gentle, friendly, welcoming nature, I felt as though I’d come home and so my yoga journey began with her as my instructor for the next five years. Over that time, I flourished and grew (and continue to do so), not only in yoga but within myself as well, with the essence of each practice reaching into and opening up my heart, mind, body, and soul. The sacred space she creates and holds for the duration of a practice feels safe and inviting to explore each asana at one’s own pace and depth and to just let go and release whatever needs releasing in whatever way it needs to. Always upholding the integrity of yoga and honoring its sacredness, while at the same time bringing an element of playfulness and fun to her classes, she encourages and empowers her students to explore and push the boundaries of their self-imposed limitations, while always being ready to assist and guide. I also attended one of her weekend retreats and to sum it up, I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want it to end, I could’ve stayed cocooned in that blissful space of reconnection forever. Thank you Charney for so much more than you can ever know. I remain eternally grateful for the role you and your classes played in my healing journey.

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