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California, United States

Jack & Olive Retreats is a luxury health and wellness company combining fitness, yoga, beautiful landscapes, and adventure to create vacations of a lifetime.

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  • Helene Ravlich New Zealand

    Jack & Olive Retreats website

    I guess you could call me somewhat of a wellness retreat veteran I cant get enough of the chance to check in on myself and my week with Jack & Olive in Queenstown was most definitely up there with the best Ive had. The tools for transformation, the possibilities for adventure and the camaraderie that a smaller group brings were amazing, and the chance to explore Queenstown was the icing on the cake. I came back feeling fitter, stronger and full of inspiration as well as desperate to book in for my next one! Luke and Claire, you were the perfect pair.

  • Mira and Kevin Anselmi, USA

    Jack & Olive Retreats website

    The Queenstown Retreat was a retreat in more ways than we ever expected. It became an actual turning point for both of us. It enabled us to talk about our health and lifestyle in a way that can be difficult as a couple in everyday life. We loved the group, the evenings, the food, the wine, the cycling, hiking, and jet boating. Oh and the workouts were good too! It was the rock n roll of wellness retreats. We felt healthier and more energetic than we had in a long time and continued that way for the rest of our New Zealand adventure, doing yoga when we woke up many mornings, on mountaintops, island shores and hotel balconies. We continued onward vibrant and energized, as we swam with dolphins, paraglided over Queenstown, and hiked over 84 miles of gorgeous country. We had our dream honeymoon two years after our wedding.

  • David Diaz, from Los Angeles, USA

    Jack & Olive Retreats website

    I keep trying to describe my time in Queenstown with Jack & Olive Retreats without using the word amazing and find that I cant. It is difficult, because it certainly was, with the amazing views, amazing weather, the amazing group we had. I keep trying because amazing is a word thats overused, and easily brushed aside as a common exaggeration, which I assure you it isnt. I honestly couldnt have asked for a better way to experience Queenstown, waking to an invigorating workout before taking an always delicious breakfast overlooking the lake, then tackling the days activities whether it be mountain biking through the country or canoeing upriver through hidden canyons before winding down with evening classes. All this, of course, made truly memorable by the friends we made along the way. My only regret is seeing it end; I certainly hope to do it again some day.

  • Rebecca Barry Hill, New Zealand

    Jack and Olive Retreats website

    I can honestly say that going on the Jack and Olive Retreat is one of the best things Ive ever done. Not only was it an incredible get-away in itself spectacular food and wine, beautiful Queenstown scenery and loads of heart-pumping adventure activities - Ive come away with many new tools to use in everyday life. Claire led the group and taught the yoga classes with compassion, calm and a great sense of humour. Sharing the experience with such a wonderful supportive group encouraged me to push through my doubts and go beyond what I thought I was capable of. Truly life-changing.

  • Anja Kussler

    Jack and Olive Retreats website

    What I loved about this retreat is that it struck a perfect balance between nurturing your yin (our calm feminine side) and yang (your energetic, fiery, masculine selves). In no small part we have our hosts to thank for creating this equilibrium - Claire, whose Vinyasa and Restorative yoga classes were strength building, mentally challenging, emotionally liberating and relaxing all at once.

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