Inward Bound

Nosara, Costa Rica

Inward bound is dedicated on offering cleanses and specialty trainings that incorporate juice fasting, healthy eating, yoga, and meditation.

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  • Rick Oden

    Inward Bound website

    When it was over, I wanted to continue. In fact, I felt a deep and primal yearning to continue.Sunday had arrived, signaling the end of our cleanse. But I had found the cleansing and Yoga combination to be an eminently healthful and sublime alternative, to all the various unhealthy addictions that one encounters in modern life: junk food, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine. The experience with Inward Bound and Hacienda del Sol had proven to be the antithesis of all that. And despite consuming negligible calories for the week, I was not hungry. My body intuitively craved the cleansing and weight loss, so much more than the calories.The experience showed me that there is no healthy weight loss without cleansing, and vice versa. The two go hand-in-hand. I also found that there is no separation between mind and body. I found greater clarity and peace of mind, not to mention better sleep, to augment the looser clothes. I found that what is good for the body is good for the mind, and vice versa. Much of what I experienced with Inward Bound & Hacienda del Sol was, for me, revelatory.I have already incorporated these lessons into my daily life. And I recommend a similar cleanse for anyone else suffering from modern-day addictions or pollutants. I found the experience to be quite easy and natural, with the support of about a dozen like-minded quality people.

  • Irena Marijan

    Inward Bound website

    I took the flight to Costa Rica without expections and found there a group of different people but full of love and ready to share their thoughts, feelings, time and love with me. I wanna thank you Quen and Mitra for sharing your knowledge and much more with me. I learned a lot, enjoyed the yoga classes very much, the acupuncture was a challenge for me as I am afraid of needles but I felt the benefit shortly, esp. with my headache and pain in the shoulder. I felt very secure during all the treatments.The meditations were relaxing, just being there without a need to speak. I released a lot during the retreat, shared a lot of emotions with you, had great conversation and received useful guidance and tools. I participated as well the juicing and some of them were difficult to drink but I did it :) I cannot remember when I received and felt so much love during a week as the week during the retreat in Nosara. Maybe I was not ready to receive it before but it feels like a relief and just wonderful.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this magical experience!

  • Georgia Stormes

    Inward Bound website

    I am back home now after a terrific additional 6 days in Nosara! The effects of our retreat are still with me the entire experience really resonated with me. I am so happy that I landed there! Still dont quite know how it all happened. Heartfelt gratitude to both you and Mitra for the thoughtful, caring and gentle guidance you gave to us.

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