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One Week Yoga Retreat with Linda Madani in Bali

  • Oneworld Retreats, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

One Week Yoga Retreat with Linda Madani in Bali

  • Oneworld Retreats, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Healing and Spiritual Development in Bali

Yoga is a form of spiritual development, which strengthens your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. During this retreat, you will embark on spiritual journey and go through a process of spiritual rebalancing through pranayama, mantra chanting, asana, and meditation classes.

<strong>Healing and spiritual development</strong>

This yoga retreat is intended to teach you different tools for self-healing:

Relearn how to breathe

Learn how to channel energy within your body

Understand and activate your chakras

Explore the connection between the breath, posture and emotion

Connect with your inner fire/power

Activate your seat of intuition

Be initiated into the first level of Mudra Pranala (Balinese healing system)

<strong>Eco-friendly retreat centre</strong>

The ten bedrooms Holistic Retreat is located 1.5 km from the heart of Ubud in Bali. Bordered to the west by a small creek the eco-friendly retreat is surrounded by jungle and rice fields. The centre offers 2 swimming pools, dining room, Spa and a 100 sq. meter Yoga studio open to nature. Each room is air conditioned, has its own terrace with garden mini-bar, bathtub and shower. Comfortable yet unpretentious.


  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Morning and evening yoga sessions
  • Presentation on jamu or traditional herbal medicine
  • Kirtan session or devotional singing, mantra chanting
  • Delicious breakfasts and dinners
  • 1 relaxing massage
  • 6 days with instruction
  • Indonesian, English


  • Review by Lisa Allwell from Australia

    "Linda and her teaching team have developed a unique and wonderful training program that takes you on a journey to know yourself, to connect with spirit and to truly understand the ancient art that is yoga. I highly recommend it."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Elvira Gesumaria from Canada

    "I am grateful to have been part of this beautiful journey. The opportunities to grow and transform were incredible and I am blessed to have met such beautiful people. I learned so much about yoga and myself as a way of life. Being a part of the Balinese ceremonies was such an honor. I am inspired and looking forward the next chapter in my life."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Sally Roberts from Australia

    "The healing and spiritual development retreat was a terrific experience. Linda was stalled, positive, supportive and giving. The practice built through the week leaving me feeling quite transformed by the end. Thank you so much."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Shannon Twidale from Canada

    "This teacher training has been such a gift for me, and something I never could have imagined. Receiving the tools I need to teach yoga to others is only a fraction of the knowlegde I gained from this experience. During the training, my mind, heart and soul opened up to the spirituality I have always possessed, but never knew how to explore or understand it within myself. I had no idea this experience would be so magical. It truly is an amazingly well-rounded training, and words cannot describe how grateful I am to have learned what I have learned from Linda. I will never forget my time in Bali, where I met my beautiful soul sisters xoxo"

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Olga Jansen from Netherlands

    "It was a very intense, beautiful and inspiring retreat! And I felt strong your love you give to the people and to me. I love your combination of doing the asanas with full awareness of the breath and all what happened in your body… Beautiful how you told us many times to connect our self with the energy of mother earth and father sky in connection with our breathing, and I became even more aware of that this is my base, the base of everybody. I loved your work with the chakras… thank you very much Linda!!!… Breathing, keep releasing."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Celia Esplin from Australia

    "Linda is an inspiring & confident teacher who instructs with compassion & precision. She has brought a dimension into my life which will enable me to continue my spiritual journey. Linda’s passion pervades her entire being this is supported by being in such a magical spot. The staff at Kumara were perfect. Everything done with knowing less humbleness & that lovely Balinese smile to be able to return & continue this path with so many supportive people around can only be a form of the heaven on earth. I bow to you all. Namaste. The depth of Linda’s knowledge is extraordinary, her ability to impart it even more so. She creates a symphony with the visible and the invisible, my heart sings."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Heidi Rendall from Switzerland

    "I found the teacher training program to be extremely well organized. The teachers were the best so far I have known."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Libby Mc. Queen from Australia

    "I am grateful to have completed my yoga teacher training with Intuitive Flow. The daily program was rich in culture, knowledge and ceremony. The setting is a true Bali experience. Thank you so much Linda, Anouk, Emil, Dr Remil and all the staff at Intuitive Flow."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Lynn Weiss from U.S.A

    "I met Linda last year at her studio. I was drawn to Linda’s depth of knowledge and authenticity to her yoga and lifestyle. I knew from the 1st class that I attended that I would enjoy and get a lot out of her teaching. It was all I had hoped for. Thank you. I am so happy that you held space for all of us. I think of this group as wonderful extended family."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited

  • Review by Maria Stefania Zielinski

    "Very nice yoga :)"

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Jo Harrison

    "Amazing location and wonderful classes. The yin yoga was superb."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Madzia Lubowiecka

    "� Keep smiling�"

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Caroline Van Keymeulen

    "This is THE place where sunshine comes right into your heart, mind and body..."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Tiffany Olcott

    "This yoga studio is a must visit while in Bali. What a gorgeous setting!"

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Shy Sayar

    "Gorgeous studio, beautiful view of Ubud, not super crowded like the ones downtown and run by a wonderful yoga therapist."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Tracey Eve Winton

    "I took the yoga nidra class here with Linda Madani many times, it's a very special studio and the instructors are wonderful."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Christine Jane Mogg

    "A beautiful studio perched in a treehouse overlooking the beautiful Campuhane ridge in Ubud. Enjoyed a lovely Vinyasa class with Anu."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Kadek Armini

    "A great place to flow... The view from class very fantastic."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Belinda Egan

    "Such a serene setting for yoga! This is one of my favourite places in Ubud. The teachers are great and work to each individual's capabilities. I like to think it's my secret place.........until next time....."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Mary Sturmer

    "Changed my life from depression and pain to health love and light. Feeling like I am truly flowing in the right direction again. A healing path and life changing experience, if your looking for one. Thank you 'Intuitive Flow' teachers and Bali."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Anne Bosman

    "The best yoga studio in Ubud, with a beautiful location. The classes are in a room with windowed walls, so during yoga or meditation you can either close your eyes or enjoy the beautiful view. The teachers are skilled, very kind and helpfull, and each individual teacher makes her or his class very fun and special to join. Definitely a place I would recommend to everyone."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Ralph Thoren

    "Worth the walk. The view is inspirational and people warm and helpful."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Layah Davis

    "The beauty of Intuitive Flow is found in many aspects of the studio that contribute to cultivating a personal practice and sharing a communal experience of group classes:"

    "great teachers and their care to apply and share the deeper authentic practices of yoga, intimate class size, fabulous valley view and fresh air, far from crowds and noise, and only one minute from the one of the best locally run organic or locally sourced cafe's. "

    "It's a community located in one of Ubud's oldest areas of rice fields, Penestanan.... simply gorgeous!!, I would highly recommend you make it one of your stops when visiting Ubud, Bali."

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Sandra Prugne

    "Beautiful yoga studio hidden in the narrow alleys of Penestanan ... a so beautiful place!!"

    "Thanks to Chiara for your relaxing pranala classes!"

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Sue Churack

    "What a wonderful week we've had!"

    "Eva thank you so much, your care and nurturing was wonderful for my husband being a first-timer at Yoga. He loved it and is now going to keep up with classes in Dunsborough Western Australia. I hope it's not to long before we are back in another round of Yin Yoga with you."

    "Thank you, Sue and Tim Churack.�"

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Inga Jonaityte

    "Most blissful yoga experience I've ever had. Only one issue - difficult to keep your eyes closed as you don't wanna miss a moment of the splendid view. Thank you beautiful Chiara!!"

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Sydne Fouche

    "I love this studio! The teachers are all unique, so there are options for a students personal preference. There are international and local instructors. Balian mineral water is available in the studio so no need to bring my own water. Thy capture a beautiful Bali mood, not pretentious at all. I enjoy it so much. The atmosphere, the teachers, and the classes. Plus they sell affordable cold young coconuts at reception :)"

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Andrea Ng

    "A beautiful yoga shala with a nice view of the Campuhan Ridge and valley. Class sizes are much smaller than the more popular studios in the heart of Ubud, so it's great if you like an intimate setting. It's just a little out of the main Ubud area but you can treat the 20-30 min slow walk as a form of morning exercise. Getting to the studio is a little pleasing adventure. Climb up the stairs to Penestanan and make a right at the top. Walk along narrow, quaint alleyways and you'll find it. Further along is a little, cool cafe called Yellow Flower. Try it! It's a hidden gem!"

    Intuitive Flow Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Jane from Australia

    "Im a beginner to yoga so take what I say with a grain of salt. This was my third trip to Ubud and I enjoy doing yoga classes. This year I stayed in Penestenan, a short walk from the Intuitive Flow studio. The room looks out over the Campuhan ridge onto lush vegetation and in the distance you can see Mt Agung. It is quite an amazing view which enhances the yoga experience incredibly.I attended three classes on my visit this time. The instructors were very welcoming and warm people. Attributes which work well for novices like myself. I found the classes to focus more inward than other yoga classes Id been to. There was not much focus on form which is something I would have preferred. All three classes I attended went more than 10 minutes over the stated time. Not a big deal if you have no plans but something to keep in mind. I also attended a meditation class which went 45 minutes over, and it was a 1 hour class! I felt it would be rude of me to leave before the class ended but had people waiting for me afterward and it did not contribute to a meditative experience."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Julia B.

    "Amazing yoga experience.I believe that if you are fond of yoga culture you must attend class like that. It starts from 7 a.m. and, trust me, it is a very right time and teacher was very caring. Amazing atmosphere, nature flow, fantastic view and spiritual renewal! Must visit!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Australia

    "I came to one class here and it was worth it just for the view! The class itself was wonderful too, though, with only 3 other people and a very attentive teacher. If I come to Ubud again I'd like to stay a bit closer to the studio and go more often."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Melissa H. from California, USA

    "Only took one class here and was bummed I couldn't take more. You can walk to the studio along the path across from Alchemy. What a view! Wow! I totally lost track of time and was amazed by the view and the breeze and the practice. It's a chill environment, really quiet, healing, good flow. The teacher I had was great, she was personable and down to earth. If you're looking for a smaller more intimate studio it's a good spot to check out. Mats and blocks were set out when I arrived to class, if you have sensitive knees use double mats as the floors are wood. Now that I'm home - during my regular practice I try to imagine that stunning view at Intuitive Flow while doing my practice."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Ally C.

    "My husband and I went to the basic yoga class as we've only done yoga a couple of times. Beautiful studio with stunning views across the ridge, cool breezes and a class of 5! Perfect!Manis was an outstanding teacher- she encouraged, praised and corrected in such a supportive way. We really came away invigorated by the practice and loved her approach.Yoga is such a big deal in Ubud that it's hard not to feel a bit intimidated by it all, but Intuitive Flow is the ideal place to try it and go from there.Great place."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Samcastroval from United Arab Emirates

    "The studio was a bit difficult to find, but once you are there the location and facilities are really nice. I took the yoga cultural tour offered by the beautiful Luh Manis and this was just AMAZING. We started the tour at 3am, but trust me the money and effort it took me to get up was 1000% worth it. I was lucky enough to have a personalized tours as it was me and another girl only. We drive for 1hr more or less and the we went up to the mountain, we could not see the sunrise due to the fog, but it was still nice to hear the wind and feel the rain in your face while doing yoga at the top of the mountain! We got a very organic and healthy breakfast with organic coffee, I loved it! the descend was from a different side of the mountain and we arrived to a lake, we took a boat to the other side of the lake and change our clothes to take part of a purification ritual. I saw the most amazing landscapes during this tour. I really appreciate the guide of this great woman Manis. She is a great teacher that loves her culture and island. if you are going to Bali, you MUST do this trip."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Cheryl from Australia

    "Such a beautiful location for yoga. There are so many choices of times and types of practice. It was so easy to choose a class and we were made very welcome. I recommend the 7am classes as a wonderful start to your day."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Quebec

    "I actually loved the view from this 2nd floor Yoga Studio perched high on a hillside overlooking Ubud. We went for the Morning Flow class - and while I can't say I found it easy - having zero Yoga experience - I couldn't help but admire the view! Windows on 3 sides - birds doing what birds do in the morning - and the view of the Volcano - Mt Agung - was outstanding.Loved my first Yoga experience!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Akasha Brigitte A.

    "since 10 years i'm joining regularly the classes, every time staying in there more teachers, more students (very young sometimes)...and even in my age with an old body I feel moved in a holistic sense. my body, my heart and my soul gettting treatment.I am melting sometimes in the stunning view from studio windows."

    "the breeze is always cooling....and the classes helping me a lot, even in hard times."

    "thanks, dear linda and friends for providing us this excellent program."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Corine Dussouchet from France

    "La sincérité du chemin spirituel de Linda et de ses enseignements donnés lors de la formation m’amenée a approfondir et être plus sincère moi-même dans mon propre chemin."

    Intuitive Flow website, edited