International Yoga & Meditation Society is a consortium of talented yoga gurus of Rishikesh, India. They aim to present a world-class yoga training facility.

Reviews (10)

Liam Boyle

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"A fantastic experience "

My teachers; Bhupendra (Pranayama), Himani (Hatha Yog), Raju Joshi (Ashtanga Yog) were all excellent. I only had some experience of yoga before this retreat, and the teachers were always very supportive of my journey. They became like a family to me! The food at the ashram was great too! All the people around the ashram were very lovely.

Jessica Mckenna

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Amazing, authentic experience!"

Everybody at the ashram was so friendly and made me feel at home, the teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and all obviously quite passionate about yoga, and the food was to die for! I'd expected to get tired of eating similar food each day for a month, but I ended up looking forward to each and every meal, and have been missing it ever since I left!

In the beginning I felt quite homesick, but everyone on the course and at the ashram was so friendly that I soon felt at ease, and once class started we were so busy that I had no time to be anxious anyway!

The ashram itself is lovely, rooms were very basic but the place was so peaceful and had everything we needed. Coming from a comfortable western lifestyle it did take a bit of getting used to, but that was all part of the experience, and looking back I wouldn't do it any other way. I was, however, very grateful for the wifi!

The days off were few and far between (3 throughout the course, one of which was the only rainy day we had the entire time!) and the excursions organised for the two non-rainy days were great - a trip to a waterfall and Ram Jhula, and a visit to a temple in the mountains where we watched the sun rise over the Himalayas. I'd have loved a bit more free time to explore, but the time we did have was well spent.

I also liked the cows that came to the ashram every morning, they were very friendly :)

Jessica Vineyard

from India, May 2019

"An affordable school inside a genuine ashram"

Vivek, the school's owner, is just a delight. Warm, friendly, and eager to do whatever he needs to do to fill any needs and make the experience better. The teachers are all highly knowledgeable in their respective fields (pranayama, Hatha yoga, philosophy, meditation, anatomy and physiology, Ashtanga yoga). Overall a very good experience.

Katalin Borbély

from United States, May 2019

"28 days peacefulness "

It was the best experience that I ever had! India was incredible and the yoga retreat taught me so much about not just yoga but myself too! The location is excellent, in the real Rishikesh,not the tourist part, so we could see how the local people live their daily life! Was fantastic!

Maria Friis

from Denmark, April 2019

"TTC 200 March-April 2019. Super yoga & location."

The teachers were all knowledgeable within their respective fields. Shailendra (Hatha), Havindra (Ashtanga) & Lakhiram (Meditation) were outstanding communicaters as well and made us feel special, not just another batch of students.

Location was in “real” Rishikesh across the river from Ram Jhula & Laxman Jhula, in the commercial centre with markets etc. Walking distance to Ganges where a Ganga Arti ceremony took place each evening. Not to mention walking distance from the restaurant Rajastani, that almost became a home away from home.

Ashram regulars and inhabitants were all gentle souls, kind and patient despite our lacking proficiency in Hindi. Rooms were spacious and I had a corner room with the most lovely view of the mountains and a big tree, where the local monkey clan resided. We soon learned always to keep our windows closed as the monkeys are clever creatures.

Food was plentiful; highlights were, when Vivek’s wife had lovingly prepared the food.

Garden and court yard were beautiful, little green spots in the middle of the city.

Overall impression: excellent teaching, kind people, spacious rooms, super location. Choose it for the people, the teachers and their commitment, if you can ignore the layout of where classes are conducted.

Joseph Swords

from Kuwait, March 2019

"First class instructors, a brilliant host and amazing value!"

I am a beginner and the instructors were fantastic. Very helpful, patient - and very knowledgeable. I have some yoga experience, with enough to realise that these guys are genuine practicioners. The value for money was excellent. The rooms have everything you'd need and the ashram is lovely. The guys at the retreat really take care of you and you instantly feel welcome. The food was always plentiful - and Vivek was a brilliant host. He always joined us at meal times and took the time to answers any questions about the ashram, his background, India and the local area. I would definitely recommend IYMS to everyone and anyone! The philosophy teacher and Shaliendra were amazing!!

Kristina Bacova

from Czechia, June 2018

"Great spiritual experience!"

Lectures, Lectors, Delicious food, Location

Lalita Macdonnell

from United States, January 2018

"I had a fabulous time. Best quality I could’ve asked for!"

The instructors are extremely professional and passionate about their work. You don’t find this love for what you do very often. But here at IYMS the staff is pure and authentic in all the best ways possible!

Caoimhe O'Sullivan

from Ireland, November 2017

"Wonderful ashram"

I had a lot of experience in hatha yoga before coming to India but I realised how little I knew through the knowledge and dedication of the staff. They are thorough in their teaching, engaging and good fun.

I only did a week retreat but would definitely comes back to further my 200 ytt that I have from home.

Eva Cardona

from United Kingdom, October 2017