Integrative Wellness Yoga travels the globe year-round from Nepal and Bali to Australia with the aim of balancing your mind, body, and soul into harmony.

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2 Days Cultural Yoga & Wellness Trek in the Himalayas, Nepal

February | March | April | May | June, 2019
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Instructors (2)

Robyn Davis

Amrit Thokar

Reviews (11)

Sonja Herberth

from Nepal, November 2018

"Perfect experience: yoga + short trek"

I must say I really enjoyed this yoga trek. It was the first time I had ever done something like that and I did not know what to expect. I got to see some beautiful Nepalese villages, forests, amazing views and a spectacular sunrise. Amrit is a gentle, experienced guide and yoga teacher. He answers your questions about Nepal, the mountains, yoga, spirituality, food. It was a pleasure to be with him.

Grace Brown

from Nepal, August 2018

Nikole Wintermeier

from Nepal, April 2018

Only me and my sister on this yoga trek which meant lots of quality time with Robyn and Amrit, and some interpersonal yoga touch too!! Our accomodation was perfect and the areas where we did yoga was great. Amrit's yoga after the trek was super nice and we did chanting and meditation too which we then got to discuss before dinner which was really nice and intimate. Food was great, trek was awesome because we got to swim in a beautiful magical river on our way down. Massage at the end topped off this fantastic trip really well- I think it was the best massage I've ever had!! Amrit then helped us get onto a night bus later which was so sweet of him. Their dog Rex was another highlight.

Banmali Pradhan

from Australia, January 2018

"Blissful Himalayan Experience"

Special Mention to our lovely guide Bijay Tamang

Samantha Dickinson

from United Arab Emirates, January 2018

"Wonderful experience "




Local friendliness

Intensity of the hikes

Matt Mak

from Hong Kong, November 2017

"Its the best trip to fulfil all MUST DO items in short stay"

It is the best trip to fulfil all the MUST DO items in nepal with short stay

- Trekking in Annapurna conversation area (must go for trekkers) with experienced local guide, providing exclusive sharing on nepal treks, nepal special characters/living organisms and nepalese living in rural area

- Yoga practice and meditation, at beautiful sunrise and sunset, on top of mountain with amazing snow covered Himalaya great view

- Local food tasting with ‘no cutlery’ dining; momo, nepalese dumpling and masala tea

- Luxury accommodation during overnight in trekking - tent with mattress, pillow and blanket provided

- after trek whole body massage by professional spa spealist

- one stop service, providing assistance on airport-Kathmandu-pokhara travel; stay in nepal (both Kathmandu and Pokhara)

There are more longer treks available for different needs and in-depth experiences

I felt overall the contact of organiser (Robyn) and the trekker guide/yoga master (Amrit) were so nice and friendly; who demonstrated the most welcome and friendly characteristics of Nepal and Nepalese.

My trip was tailor made according to my needs and concerns; they were all the way very patient and willing to offer every help to make sure my trip was enjoyable and memorable.

There’s a popular Nepalese saying, ‘You happy, I happy’. Thank you Robyn and Amrit for such a happy trip, showing the comprehensive side of nepal; hope and your staff are happy forever too.

Danielle Kibble

from United Arab Emirates, October 2017

"Amazing experience!"

Amrit truly made the whole experience. He is filled with knowledge about Nepal and spent his time sharing this and answering any questions I had. He was very relaxed and would adapt the experience to suit me. He was so friendly, so although I was on my own I felt I had already made a friend. The yoga and meditation was perfect for me just to feel relaxed in the stunning setting. An experience I won't forget. Thank you :)

Abdulhameed Alhosani

from United Arab Emirates, October 2017

"Journey to the camp was fantastic and Amrit made it even bet"


Katherine Howard

from United Arab Emirates, June 2017

"Integrative Wellness hike & yoga"

The guide, very knowledgable, kind and interesting. An excellent guide & yoga teacher.

Loved the scenery, trekking and general vibe!

Yolanda Rickli

from Switzerland, October 2017


Ces 2 jours étaient fantastiques.

Nous étions une très bonne équipe. Le guide/professeur de yoga (Amrit) est très sympathique et très professionnel.

Nous avons appris beaucoup de choses.

Le levé de soleil à l'Australien Camp était magique ainsi que le massage à la fin du trek.

Je recommande cet établissement à tout le monde car c'était génial.