6 Days Luxury Detox, Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat in Bali

  • Svarga Loka Resort, Jalan Penestanan Kelod Ubud 80571 Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat in Indonesia

  • 5 days with instruction
  • Join Integration Into Oneness for 6 days of yoga and mindfulness. Learn how to relieve stress, improve concentration, and access inner harmony. All while soaking up the beauty of Bali, and its culture. Integration Into Oneness has designed an incredible interactive program unlike any other to immerse you in the joy of life.


    • Personalised therapeutic sessions
    • Initial online personal session prior to arrival
    • Stress relief, mind & body restoration sessions
    • Nutrition classes along with your detox meals, juices and supplements
    • Purification ritual at Tirta Empul holy water temple & visit to Tegalalang rice terraces
    • 2 daily yoga movements & breath classes
    • Myofascial release workshop
    • 5 nights accommodation


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    You will be staying at a beautiful Svarga Loka Resort just minutes from the center of Ubud. Featuring stunning rooms, the Sanjiwani Restaurant, Ayusha Wellness Spa right on the water, two pools, and beautiful views, the property captivates your senses and makes you wish for for more.

    This 5 day Detox & Wellness Retreat is your chance to cleanse your life and build a new routine for optimal health, longevity and beauty! Embrace this opportunity of transformation as we explore how conscious nutrition, Yoga and meditation can all help you to improve energy, decrease stress & restore mental clarity.

    Yoga, nutrition therapy, meditation, spa treatments and more are all organized for your complete satisfaction, and your "personalized treatment" means that you will learn specifically what your body and mind need to achieve greater overall health and well being. Although these days are powerful it will take more than one week to drastically change your life, that's why we focus on teaching you how to implement these practices and techniques into your own home to continue your life in a healthier way.

    Nutrition is a key element in the health of our body, and we are going to do more than just feed you amazing foods! Our nutrition classes will teach you amazing science and importance behind particular nutrients, micro nutrients and anti-nutrients to better your understanding of how to feed your body and brain for optimal health. You'll be able to take this knowledge and share it with your family and friends helping everyone to a better state of health!

    Yoga's primary function is relaxation- relax the body, relax the mind, and fall into the sweet state of your inner peace. We teach a holistic Yoga method to encourage optimal strength and well being of the body and mind. Using a gentle approach to compliment the detox our classes take you on a journey of your body and mind leaving you feeling relaxed and vibrant at the end of each session.

    Providing you with a personalized experience is an important factor us, so we will start our journey with a video conversation shortly after you sign up. We'll meet and discuss what you would like to gain from your time with us and identify any issues like physical pain or excessive stress that may be slowing you down in life and prepare appropriately to help you restore to an optimal state!

    Integration Into Oneness' retreat itinerary is built to give you a complete and amazing experience. Classes, workshops, and treatments are scheduled all day.

    • 07:00 Morning yoga practice
    • 09:00 Breakfast
    • Late morning restoration
    • 12:00 Workshops / ceremony
    • 13:30 Lunch
    • Afternoon massage, relax
    • 16:30 Evening yoga practice
    • 18:45 Dinner
    • 20:00 Mindfulness, meditation and contemplation Jnana session
    • Mind and body purification at Tirta Empul holy water temple
    • Visit to Tegalalang rice terraces

    Hosted in Ubud, directly where the two sacred rivers merge, sits the beautiful Svarga Loka Resort & Spa, a luxurious and sprawling property on the largest river in Ubud. This peaceful haven rises directly over the sacred Campuhan river providing a beautiful views of lush green jungle and the river below. Relax by one of the swimming pools, in one of the Balinese gazebos, in the spa or take a stroll to the Ubud market or a meditative walk in the surrounding rice fields. Take advantage of the artisans, traditional massage therapists, landscapes, and the culture. This will be an enlivening, beautiful, and luxurious experience of relaxation and exploration.

    • Massage
    • Mountain walking / trekking nearby
    • Spa
    • Swimming pool
    • River
    • Garden
    • Kitchen
    • Yoga shala
    • Free bottled water
    • Free toiletries

    Delicious and nourishing meals and juices will satisfy your taste buds, while helping to detoxify and cleanse your body. Nutrition is a key element to our health and because we want you to leave with more knowledge about this amazing science we will teach you more about nutrients, micro nutrients and anti nutrients so you can better understand how to feed your body and brain to enhance your health. You will be able to take this knowledge and share it with your family and friends helping them to a better state of health.

    The program is very complete and each day will be filled with activities. Excursions such as visiting to the holy water temple Tirta Empul and trip to Tegalalang rice terraces are included in this program. However, if you choose to skip some of the classes and go on more adventures, Integration Into Oneness Retreats can help you plan your trips around Bali prior or after the retreat.

    • Full spa services
    • Travel around Bali

    This retreat includes two 60-minutes full body Balinese massages. If you would like to pamper yourself more, you will be able to indulge in as many spa treatments as you like in the Ayusha Wellness Spa right on the river.

    • Initial personal session (online) prior to arrival
    • 5 nights Luxurious accommodation & local transport for excursions
    • All meals, juices & detox supplements
    • 2 daily Yoga movement & breath classes
    • Daily workshops & evening mindfulness session
    • Personalized therapeutic sessions
    • Daily mindfulness integration practice
    • Tibetan bowl meditations
    • Nutrition education
    • Stress relief / mind & body restoration
    • Myofascial Release Workshop
    • Two 60 Minute traditional Balinese massage
    • Onsite Spa Availability
    • Purification ritual at Tirta Empul holy water temple
    • Dynamic Pranayam sessions
    • Visit to Tegalalang rice terraces
    • The full availability of yoga therapists during your entire stay 7am-8pm
    • Airport and excursion transportation

    Arrival by airplane

    Please arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) where you will be transferred to the Svarga Loka Resort. The transfer is included in the price.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Integration Into Oneness Retreats an inquiry.


    • Review by Tahi G.

      "My goal was to better understand "Oneness" and how to apply it to my everyday life, and through this course I gained tools to do exactly that. The methods helped me to experience a lightness and deeper level of peace which helped me to have a clearer understanding of who I truly am. "

      Integration Into Oneness Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Steve W

      "I just finished the most wonderful, intense, enriching, life changing advanced Yoga retreat in my life. Jnana Yoga the Yoga of knowledge combined with outstanding heart opening vinyasa, dyana and pranayama. A must for every teacher!"

      Integration Into Oneness Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Dean H.

      "During a time of deep personal inquiry and questioning this method calmed me as I was gently led to see beyond the mental noise and right into my own being, my own heart. A beautiful experience!"

      Integration Into Oneness Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Felicity

      "I felt totally overwhelmed by the power and love I regained in this amazing program, as I found a better understanding of myself and the whole universe. Lucas and Alena really dedicate their heart and soul to these programs. Give it a chance to discover the utmost possibility of life!"

      Integration Into Oneness Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Chazelle O.

      "I felt completely safe and able to surrender completely to this loving experience. No words can really describe the depth of sensations and peace I felt."

      Integration Into Oneness Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Toby K.

      "Lucas is a down to earth teacher who truly lives the realization of being one with source. His positive attitude and sharp intellect allows him to directly identify the root of suffering: our identification with the separate ego."

      Integration Into Oneness Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Susana S.

      "I think of these lessons all the time! My life is changed, and I've been brought so much light!"

      Integration Into Oneness Retreats website, edited