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Institute of Natural Medicine provides Yoga Retreat, Yoga Teacher Training, Massage Training, Meditation, Yoga hikes & Yoga Trekking, Healing Chakra

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Surya Bahadur Karki

He is the founder of Institute of Natural Medicine and Nepal Meditation Center. He has already spent his 40 years in yoga and naturopathy. Doctor Karki is the ancestor in this field. He is a single man who is still devoting his life for growth of yoga, massage, and naturopathy. Until now, he is struggling for the own council of yoga and naturopathy. He works alongside a skillful team of teachers and trainers in the areas of yoga, naturopathy, and complementary medicines such as yoga, nature cure, therapeutic massage, yoga and meditation, acupressure, acupuncture, Reiki, and reflexology.

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Darija Hays

from Oman, August 2018

"Fantastic retreat"

I can highly recommend this retreat. It is in a quiet area of Thamel, with a beautiful garden. You will spend most time outside doing yoga, meditation, eating delicious local food and relaxing. The massages and healing sessions are on a very high level. Thamel is only a short walk away so you can spend your free time sightseeing, shopping and chilling in one of the many nice bars and coffee shops. Nepali people are super friendly. I felt safe and welcome from the minute I arrived. The food provided was plenty and good, especially their local dishes like dal bhat, porridges and curries. A big thank you to Nabin, Sangita, Susmi and Manhal. They go out and about to give you the best experience. I have learned many new things and left Nepal very happy and relaxed. Great value for money.

Luciana Foti

from Peru, May 2018

"Amazing experience, totally recommend!!!"

Loved the programme as it was different from what offered elsewhere: very diverse including, besides morning and evening yoga classes, also several powerful healing treatments, taicee classes, delightful massages and very tasty local food.

Instructors were very professional, incredibly prepared and above all very friendly and helpful.

Location was also perfect. The retreat was held at the Institute of Natutal Medicine, a quiet place only few minutes away from the Thamel area of Katmandu. A simple place that gave me a homely and authentic Nepali experience. Accommodation was offered in the hotel across the road which was very comfortable and very clean.

At the end of this retreat I felt fantastic!!!

Gina Butler

from United States, April 2018

"ThFalse Misleading Misleading Mislae"

Nothing ...

Lize-mari Snyman

from South Africa, March 2018

"A wonderful healing experience "

Nabin is a wonderful facilitator and gives amazing massages. The yoga sessions were excellent, I’m in love moon salutations now, and Mnhal’s crystal healing and tibeten singing bowls sessions were life changing. Fantastic instructors and very lovely people. I had an amazing, relaxing time, was a perfect Nepali experience.

Florence Butler

from Australia, February 2018

"Kathmandu Nepal one amazing journey"

Nepal yoga and Meditation retreat an oasis for yoga and meditation. A down to earth Nepali sanctuary in the midst of chaos and rubbles.

The host Nabin and his wife Sanguta Shrestha , an absolutely delightful yoga teacher who’s skillful knowledge of yoga ( beginners to advance) which our group unanimously agreed is a very talented compassionate teacher who caters for all kinds of students who have different needs!!! Always starts the day with subtle yoga and before you know it leading everyone to a taste of dynamic yoga but always ready to offer alternatives if desired. Treatments are exceptional especially the lady who gave me Ayurvedic massage which I will always cherish . Definitely one of a kind. Susmi Kunwar deliciously cook breakfast, lunch and dinner and service with a smile with endless cups of lemon or ginger teas. Meditation with a Sadu is quite unique. All in all yoga and meditation programs , they delivered and more👌🧘🏽‍♀️


from United States, January 2018

"A week of relaxation, but not much yoga!"

Throughout my stay, I was made to feel very welcome by everyone who worked and lived here. The food was plentiful and delicious and there was a very packed schedule of meditation and alternative therapies. I would recommend this retreat to anybody who is in need of some "intense" relaxation (is there such a thing?!) and who is interested specifically in chakra healing. There is a variety of different healing therapies provided, including: reiki, reflexology, shirodhara, third-eye chakra healing massage, Nepali massage, Kundalini meditation, healing meditation, chakra healing meditation, singing bowl therapy. The accommodation was very nice, however it should be noted that I did not end up staying in the Forest Retreat Centre. As it was January, when I arrived I was informed that temperatures got very low at the Forest Retreat and that I would instead be staying at the Institute of Natural Medicine, which is based in Thamel in Kathmandu. I was offered to stay in the Forest Retreat Centre if I really wanted to, but was told that there was no heating and little sun reached the site, making it VERY cold. Therefore, I decided to stay in the central Kathmandu location as opposed to the Forest Retreat and was put in a very comfortable hotel opposite the Institute, where I had my own room and bathroom (with heating!). I would like to emphasise how kind and helpful everyone was who looked after my during my week here, even if it wasn't quite what I was expecting!

Sadal Aldakhil

from Saudi Arabia, January 2018

I really loved the food, Sangita's yoga classes, and the meditation teacher. People are friendly and super nice. Sangita were super helpful in explanaing everything and guiding us. It was a beautiful experience.

Filomena Bruno

from Ireland, November 2017

"A magical spot"

An oasis of pleasure just a few km from Kathmandu, where the concept of time fails and where you are overwhelmed by positive energy. I deeply enjoyed all the activities thanks to the professionalism and the attention of Nabin, Deepak, Sangita, Manhal and all the people who works there.

Linda Granzow

from Germany, November 2017

"Big variety of activities with really good teachers"

There is a very big variety of different activities like yoga, meditation, healing classes, different kind of massage, little hike ...

The quality of the different teachers is really good.

Ellinor Eskilsso

from Sweden, October 2017

"Yoga and healing retreat"

A nice and cozy retreat with small groups, good value for your money! The instruktors are welcoming, friendly and verry competent. The program includes a lots of differens treatments wich was a deal breaker for me, from masssge to healing sessions.

Everyone in the team works hard to make you happy, from pick-up at AirPort and untill you leave.

Both the institute of medicin in the valley and the forrest retreat are nice places with good vibes. I'll be back!


from Nepal, September 2017

Manhal the yoga and healing teacher was amazing. The yoga was tailored to me as I ended up being the only one there.

The singing bowl healing of chakra was awesome.

The food was cooked by Sangnita and was very tasty and plentiful.


from Romania, August 2017

"Healing your mind and your body in te Nagarjun forest"

I was lucky enough to be the only guest during most of my stay, due to the rainy season and some renovation work that was about to start at the resort, which will soon make it even more beautiful.

The atmosphere I got was that of an extended circle of friends, and I immediately felt at my maximum ease. Nabin, Deepak, Sangita and Manhal arranged a personalized program that fit my needs to the fullest and beyond. In my highlights, chakra healing through Tibetan singing bowls, shirodara to relax your mind and your body, vipasana meditation, dynamic meditation, ayurvedic massages, customized classes of yoga for my petrified joints. Also a note about the food, as healthy as tasty, and very well prepared.

My intention was not to find the keys to the universal truth, nor to change my life in one week, but to just relax, detox and de-stress. And I got much more than that, with the wish to continue the peaceful feeling of my days in the Nagarjun forest in my day-to-day life.

Stephan Mokesch

from Nepal, August 2017

"A healing and inspiring experience"

It was an intense week for the mind, but a holiday for body and soul. All four teachers are extremely competent and more than willing to adhere to needs and wishes of their guests. Plus, food and accomodation are amazing. It will not turn your life around, but it will give you more than enough inspiration and food for thought to turn it around by yourself once you are back home.

Cindy Braat

from Netherlands, November 2017

"Retraite Nepal"

Loved yoga with Sangita, the singingbowls and healings with Manhal and satsang and meditation/healing with Deepak. It was a wonderful experience. Everybody was really kind and we had so much joy. Massages by nabin are great especially the reflex, loved it!!

Nicole Reinke

from Germany, October 2017

Essen in der Innenstadt.

Nabin hat sich unglaublich viel Mühe gegeben.

Yvonne Kenny

from Sri Lanka, July 2018

"Excellent yoga teacher training in Nepal "

I completed 200hr yoga teacher training at Mandala studio in Nepal. The training was such an amazing experience. The program they run is excellent and Kriti our yoga teacher is fantastic. We had 3 different parts to the program each day which was the perfect combination of Pranayama, Yoga (hatha, yin and vinyasa), yoga philosophy and was very professional and the teachers were so nice and helpful. We even got to go and stay at an ashram for 5 days which was amazing to experience. We stayed at the Sunny hotel which was a lovely hotel, the rooms were so big and extremely clean and the food they cooked for us was amazing and the perfect Yogi diet. The family there were just so nice they did everything for us and treated us like family. The Mandala yoga studio is also a lovely studio not far from the hotel with a great range of massage treatments that we had access to also.

I would definitely recommend doing any sort of yoga training with them. Nabin and Biren were the people who organised my training and accomodation and extra activities and they couldn’t have been nicer and more helpful. I will be back for sure

Kate Mooney

from Ireland, July 2018

"Highly recommended 200h ytt"

I chose this course to begin my training as a yoga teacher, I’m so happy I picked this one!

Kriti is an amazing teacher.

In only 3 weeks they managed to packed in so much learning but we always had our own time off to do some studying, take a rest or explore Kathmandu.

The food was great, the accommodation was really comfortable.

Was sad to say goodbye.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to take the first step in their yoga career.

Thank you Kriti, biren, nabin and everyone at mandala and the Institue.

Yulia Kiseleva

from Nepal, June 2018

"It was a great and relaxing stay"

I really enjoy my stay at the yoga retreat. It was a good decision after hiking to everest base camp. I took 5 days of trekkers retreat, it was well-planned: a mix of spa procedures, yoga classes (I really enjoyed Sanita's yoga classes -- as she is giving good bases and correct your poses) and meditation.

The retreat is taking place in a quiet and green area of Kathmandu -- basically, you don't even notice that you are in a noisy city.

The food was great as well!

It was a great recovery!

Hannah Silk

from Thailand, May 2018

"5 Days in Heaven"

The retreat was held at the Institute of Natural Medicine, a family run centre offering a range of healing therapies, massage, yoga and training.

The five day programme that I did was packed full of activities & therapies with daily massages, singing bowl therapy, crystal healing, reflexology, reiki and shirodhara as well as lots of yoga and meditation.

The therapists are all highly trained and professional and to get all of this for the price paid is incredible value.

The three yoga teachers I had classes with were all brilliant. I have not practised any yoga for a while so I'm not flexible right now but the teachers were so helpful with adjusting posture etc and so encouraging that by the end of the week I saw my abilities improve dramatically. I wish I could continue doing classes with them as I've never found teachers that good at home!

Although the Institute is not a five-star hotel and is in the city rather than in leafy countryside I felt very comfortable doing the retreat there. The garden is a lovely place for yoga & the area is very peaceful, while being conveniently close to Thamel. I stayed at the Sunny hotel next door which was very comfortable. The staff at the Institute looked after us like we were family, always bringing us drinks & tailoring the meals to our tastes. The food was outstanding, lots of Nepalise dishes to try and all cooked to perfection. We felt spoiled rotten. One of the best experiences of my 6 months' travel.

Cherry Wong

from Hong Kong, April 2018

"A great retreat for town people (like me!)"

- The massage sessions they offer each day are great! Nabin and Kiran are really good at doing the massages and they helped relieve a lot of muscle pain for people who just went trekking.

- Ganesh and Mnhal are really good yoga and tai chi teachers, gave us interesting classes and helped fix our postures.

- Susmi prepares amazing meals and teas for us and she always wears a smile on her face.

Penny Wilkinson

from Nepal, March 2018

"Excellent varied programme"

Catered for all levels. Very friendly accommodating atmosphere. Was able to sample many practices/classes by professional qualified staff. Very friendly family run. Massage every day!

Mai Nguyen

from Denmark, March 2018

"Incredible experience among the most kind people"

The hotel we stayed in was very nice and the staff was always smiling and caring towards us while always making sure and provided us what we needed. They treated us like we were family, which was the overall impressions of all Nepali people that crossed my way. The food was cooked with love and was delicious.

the Yoga teachers were amazing and was able to explain very well even though English is not their main language. They all had passion and great understanding of yoga in their own unique ways which provided me with a much better understanding of what yoga is. The excursions was one of the best part of the training where we went to sacred places and gave us a deeper understanding and background of the history and philosophy of yoga which is a completely different world that i'm used to in the westeren world. And it was an excellent opportunity to get away from the stressful city and heavy air in Kathmandu city. All teachers were not only professional, but interacted on a very personal level and shared life stories of themselves and we students were able to connect with them very easily. This led to so many situations where the term "laughing yoga" was more appropriate to describe the whole course. We also spend time together outside the yoga studio and had a lot of fun.

at the end of my stay, I was lucky to spend time with Nabin and Sangita and their wonderful family. They took me out shopping, eating and great hiking with yoga in the incredible nepali nature.

Alexis Trainor

from United States, March 2018

"Relaxing and fun experience!"

Overall, this retreat was a very cool experience. It included lots of different types of therapies and massages, some of which were quite new to me. The host was really flexible and was open to changing around the schedule/adding other activities to best fit our needs. Additionally, the location was perfect and we had plenty of time to explore Kathmandu. The food was also amazing!

Tove Wireby

from Sweden, February 2018

"Excellent "

Great mix with yoga types, meditation, tai chi, massage and different types of healings. The food was soo good and the staff and intstructors were super friendly and helpful. We had such a great time and I can really recommend it!


from Great Britain, November 2017

"A healing experience"

Great range of classes throughout day. Excellent massages and treatments with focus on healing.

Rebecca Washlow

from Argentina, October 2017

The diversity of the program from different types of meditations, to healing practices to massage treatments. Nabin was a wonderful host taking care of everything from the moment I walked out of the airport.

Chloe Hurst

from United States, October 2017

"5 day yoga and post-trek retreat"

I came to the retreat after completing the trek to Everest Base Camp. I was looking to unwind and relax in the forest retreat.

The massage treatments were very effective and beneficial.

Sangita (Nabin's wife) was in charge of the yoga classes and I really enjoyed these. I was a complete beginner but she was a brilliant teacher.

The food was excellent and I enjoyed staying in the forest centre. On one of the days we took a trek up through the was a tough climb but the monastry and views from the top made it worthwhile.

Nabin's team were all very welcoming and friendly. They made sure we were always happy! So thank you for making my stay so enjoyable :)

Thomas Slater

from Great Britain, June 2017

"A beautiful yoga haven"

If you have been trekking in Nepal and need a place to relax and recuperate. Then this is perfect. The schedule involves a great mix of massages and yoga. The hosts of the retreat are very accommodating and will always be happy to help you. As for the location, it could not be in a better spot, away from the noise of the city and by the tranquility of the forest.

Melissa Therrien

from Canada, July 2018

"Peace, love and healing "

The schedule was filled with great activities such as meditation, yoga, massages, etc. The hosts were very flexible with the schedule so that it would best suit your needs and wishes.

Nabin and his wife Sangita as well as assistant Susmi welcomed you with open arms and made you feel at home.

I also appreciated how they offered to take you sightseeing during leisure time.

I will sure miss my new Nepalese family now that I’m leaving Kathmandu :(

Charline Nibodeau

from France, May 2018

"amazing place to learn Yoga !"

This trip was amazing ! We stayed in the Sunny hotel which was very clean, the people were just so sweet with us. We did the yoga at the Mandala studio and learnt a lot, the teachers Dipendra, Kriti and Ganesh are very professional, fun, nice !

I enjoyed the massages, crystal healing and during our day off, they took us outside to visit temples in Kathmandou. Everything went perfectly well !


from United States, March 2018

"Komme wieder "

Die Singing Bowls Healing Sessions und Mantra Meditationen waren große Klasse. Mahal Tousis is a great teacher!

Laura Iglesias

from Spain, August 2017

Everything has been perfect. The situation of the place is incredible, inside nature. Everything very celan and in order. As the people who work and are there are great and care to make you feel at home.Regarding the food and services offered are great. All this generates a special postive energy.

Testimonials 5

Kelly-ann Barlow London

Tripaneer website

This was a lovely family run retreat. I travelled in late November and originally booked for the yoga retreat in the katmandu valley forest but was moved to the Natural Institute of Medicine and Yoga shortly before my trip as the weather had turned very cold. This was a blessing - it was very cold in the forest at that time of year which we experienced when we visited.

The overall program was great, the treatments were good from the healing massages, to rekhi, to singing bowl there was so many to experience. The programme was also flexible and would be trailered to your needs - we also included a few trips to local sights.

The instructors were friendly, clear and flexible. It was a small group so we were able to really get the benefit of the experience of the Nabin and Sangita who run the programme.

The one thing I would reiterate is the cold at that time of year, make sure you bring warm clothes and maybe a hot water bottle for the night!

Jesse Smith Australia

Nepal Yoga & Meditation Center

The most important thing in life I learnt in INM. "Trust the vibes you get. The energy never lies."

Catharina Karlsson Sweden

Nepal Yoga & Meditation Center

Institute of Natural Yoga has provided me lots of knowledge on traditional and modern yoga, that has helped me to be a good person.

a traveler

TripAdvisor website

Was in Nepal for about two months. During this time I did a course for ayurvedic massage which was great. The teacher has a very good knowledge and brought the topic of natural medicine to my consciousness. The place is situated in a peaceful environment. If possible, take the opportunity to visit it's ashram outside of the city! It offers you a surrounding where you can concentrate on your inner self and given courses.

a traveler

TripAdvisor website

Great teachers very professional, nice atmosphere, great place! I was very happy there, in fact its my favorite place in Kathmandu. Fully certified by yoga alliance courses also also spa treatments and courses, the institute is run a yoga family honest and friendly and helpful. Couldn't be better!

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