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Inspiration Heals is dedicated to creating unique experiences in which you can learn to feel comfortable, express yourself freely, and heal the bad habits.

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J.S Chicago

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I've had the great opportunity to attend two of Molly's retreats. Both retreats offered authentic experiences and great adventures in beautiful and unique settings. I made wonderful new friends and created lifetime bonds. The excursions we took were well thought out, organized, rewarding and fun, and the food was simply delicious! I also experienced personal growth on these adventures. Molly was instrumental in supporting this growth by bringing together the poses and flow of yoga, meditation and self-reflection in a safe and supportive environment, geared towards each individual's comfort level. She is a gifted teacher and a special and caring soul! Molly's retreats have not only been enriching, they've been life changing. I'm forever grateful to have shared these experiences with Molly and our wonderful groups! She has left an indelible and beautiful mark on my life!

K.B St. Louis

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Doing yoga with Molly Cofman is pure freedom. I used to think yoga wasn't for me because I didn't think I could "do" it well enough to feel successful. Within moments of beginning class with Molly, all of that changed. I found myself free of the limiting stories, and embracing each movement as a welcome challenge to my body and mind. There was no judgment, just a beautifully honest experience. Molly has a unique way of taking people exactly where they are, and gently guiding them to exist only in the present moment. Molly is a brilliant teacher and doing yoga with her opened my heart not only to the practice of yoga, but to my own gifts. Don't miss a chance to learn from her.

P.B. Chicago

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Molly has created a unique vision in her yoga retreats ,they are a wonderful blend of yoga, colorful vegetarian food and immersion into the culture. I have experienced Italy, Cuba and a Zumba -Yoga experience in Mexico. All were life changing, reflective and a total blast . The intensity of the yoga varies and is intermixed with great excursions that are not the typical touristy choices ,but amazing secret finds from locals. A remarkable fun experience to share solo or with a friend/partner.

G.G Phoenix

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The experiences and lessons learned during my time with Molly greatly impacted my life. She is intuitively a healer, teacher, and mover who cannot help but open your heart to new inspiration. Her grace, wisdom and playful spirit nurture you to find what it is inside you are looking for. Treat yourself to a retreat with Molly; you will forever remember the journey.

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