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Inspira Yoga provides one of the most comprehensive teacher training and certification programs worldwide.

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Raquel Salvador

Raquel Salvador was born in Spain in 1973. She moved to London in 1999 where she became interested in yoga and began practicing in many different schools in and around London. Seeking to deepen her knowledge of yoga, she undertook a 12-month teacher training course in 2007 in London with the intention of teaching her passion for yoga to others. In her teaching, she translates her personal understandings with a fresh and relaxed approach, with the intention of awakening the students self-wonder and providing a framework for a lifetime inquiry process and learning.

Mark Ansari

Mark has been teaching yoga since 1995 and is recognized as one of the first Ashtanga yoga teachers to settle and teach regular classes in the UK. From 1996, Mark spent 12 years as a senior teacher at the prestigious LifeCentre in west London. He now teaches on retreats, workshops, and teacher training courses in worldwide destinations including UK, Spain, Thailand, and India. Mark is the author of the book Yoga for Beginners which was published in 1997. It's one of the early yoga books written offering an introduction to Ashtanga yoga.

Reviews 3

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Great Teaching Style, very open and friendly, adapted to every individual level.

    Best possible location for this, no noise, only mountain views, fresh fruit, tranquility.

  • Clare Blackburn Scotland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I studied for my level 1, 200hr yoga teacher training under Mark and Raquel in India and cannot recommend the experience more. They created a beautiful and warm learning environment and brought so much energy and enthusiasm to each day. They have very different teaching styles and encouraged individuality and flexibility in our teaching methods which really helped me to develop my own style and approach. Their knowledge on yoga, anatomy, and physiology was expert and they managed to cover an impressive syllabus in the month I was there which gave me great confidence in my own teaching. From a philosophical perspective the course made me challenge a lot of beliefs and assumptions that i would never have thought to question. I left the course as a qualified yoga teacher, fitter than i have ever been and i really believe- a better, happier person.

  • Hannah Williamson


    I was lucky enough to receive teachings by Mark and Raquel during my yoga teacher trainings. With Raquel's warm and gentle heart and marks vast knowledge and experience, they both make the perfect team for a yoga tt experience. Both are approachable and relatable people with a beautiful gift of teaching. I wish them both and Lola the best of luck and full recovery. Namaste

Testimonials 6

  • Eszter Farkas


    "During a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Raquel and Mark Ansari in the mountains of Spain I felt that we were wonderfully taken care of: our spiritual and physical growth was well looked after by these knowledgeable teachers, and the shala and surroundings were amazing and allowed for a deep and focused journey inwards. The anatomy classes by Mark were fascinating and Raquel's centred but friendly approach made it possible to take the most out of the teacher training. I highly recommend these teachers and their courses to everyone willing to learn.

  • Hannah Williamson

    Inspira Yoga's website

    I was lucky enough to receive teachings by mark and raquel during my yoga teacher trainings. With Raquel's warm and gentle heart and marks vast knowledge and experience they both make the perfect team for a yoga tt experience. Both are approachable and relatable people with a beautiful gift of teaching. I wish them both and Lola the best of luck and full recovery. Namaste!

  • Karin Switzerland

    Inspira Yoga's website

    I have spent my first TTC 200hrs. with Raquel and Marc Ansari as my headteachers in Goa.

    Their deep knowledge of yoga and the passion to share their knowledge with us students was absolutely amazing. We could feel that they love what they do.

    Raquel is a very special person. From the beginning I felt her big support and positive energy. She is warm, patient and empathic. Her knowledge about assisting/adjusting, alignments and philosophy is very big. I absolutely enjoyed her classes, they were inspiring, creative and I could adapt a lot to my teaching styles.

    Raquel is a beautiful person - inside out!

    I remember all the early morning Ashtanga classes with Marc. Very clear and passionated he led us throughts the strong practice. His anatomy classes where full of useful practical informations, witch I use in my own classes now. Marc is very clear, focused and has a big knowledge. His classes were rich and always fun!

    I am very grateful for having Raquel and Marc as my primary teachers and I can highly recommend TTCs with them.

  • Sophie Serex Switzerland

    Inspira Yoga's website

    I loved everything about this yoga teacher training,the teachers were amazing and all had something different to teach us with their own approach.The training is very well organized and the curriculum very complete, covering many aspects of yoga and even more. We as students get lots of practice to feel confident to teach to the world once the training is completed. Having days off in between even though it was an intensive training is a nice break and allows for strengthening the bond with out fellow student yogis. The location was perfect, in nature, away from urban hustle and bustle, an ideal place to really immerse deeply into the training. I would do it all over again, I feel like I really learnt a lot during this month ad the whole experience exceeded widely all my expectations. Thank you!!

  • Lougal SUA

    Inspira Yoga's website

    What a great training! Five expert main teachers as well as three guests, all extremely competent and enthusiastic to share their knowledge and watch their students grow!

  • Laurie United States

    Inspira Yoga's website

    The InspiraYoga teacher training was truly life-changing. I signed up for a teacher training as a first step. The diversity of perspectives from the different teachers, the gorgeous setting in India, the warmth they held in their hearts, and the learning process was all amazing and inspiring. The training left me full of gratitude for the experience and with direction on where to go next along my yogic path.

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