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Alexis Alcalá

Yana Shevchuk

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from Sweden, July 2020

"My first life coaching session - online"

My instructor was excellent and the session was structured and energising. I felt calm, connected well with the instructor and enjoyed the breathing method he showed me; something that I have used every day for the last week since my session, at least once daily. It's so simple and yet powerful - I'm terrible at being consistent with many things in my life, but this is something I will definitely continue to use, to help me feel connected to myself, my surroundings, amongst other things. I was surprised how emotional I got half way through the session, but it was probably useful as I was encouraged to be as transparent as possible. It was also probably good as I've started relating to that family issue in a more productive way. I really liked the aspect of the session where the instructor mentioned that all the answers we need are inside us. I love that. I feel I got a lot out of an hour's coaching and will book another time soon. I have never had any life coaching before and it was even beter than I anticipated. The whole online format was good and made me think that this was definitely something good to come out of the whole Covid chaos. Thank you! xx