Small group quality 200 & 300hr inHarmony.Yoga Teacher Trainings with a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner Antonina Ramsey.

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Antonina Ramsey

Vivek Mohindra

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Hedwig Lambert

from Austria, November 2019

"18 intense and beautiful days"

Within the 200h Yoga Teacher Training, Antonina gave us a well balanced foundation of up-to-date knowledge, physical and spiritual practice and the opportunity to deepen our knowledge individually.

The balance between intense learning and freetime was well chosen - Antonina managed well to induce a strong group feeling so I left not only with a certificate, lots of new input in brain & body and first teaching experience, but knowing I made new friends from a bunch of former strangers.

I really enjoyed in the wide and sound knowledge Antonina shared with us and in the didactic design of the course. I appreciate how Antonina combines her profound knowledge of ancient sources and spiritual approaches with scientific state-of-the-art. And that she can laugh about it ;) I loved Isabellas and Antoninas cooking and that we were in a beautiful surrounding with the beach nearby. Last but not least, the group was simply amazing and in the meantime it was just a lot of fun. Thank you for that wonderful experience!

Anna Kurpierz

from Spain, November 2019

Very good yoga teacher training. I learned a lot. Great experience.

Dar Kozub

from Canada, April 2018

"Yoga for Health - Estapona"

The focus and comittment to yoga for health and wellness was wonderful and refreshing. This is the kind of approach to yoga that I have been hoping to capture and share with others. I was connected with an amazing yoga community that I continue to learn from and to reach out to for inspiration. Very grateful.

Svetlana Podlinova

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Not only a yoga training, but also personal transformation"

Deep profound information about yoga, pranayama, ayurveda, philosophy and many other toppics. Delicious food every day, great appartement with everything you need. multicultural group of loving, understanding, respectful people; location is only 5 min walking from the beach.

Lisa Schuster

from Germany, April 2018

"Dear Antonina,"

I just can’t describe what have happened the last 18 days. I only feel peace, calmness, relaxation and happiness inside of me. It has been a pleasure to spend these days with you and our family <3 We all had the ability to heal ourselves with your tools with our energies our yoga sessions our meditations our discussions our happy laughters <3

I have never experienced such state in my body and mind. There is nothing but LOVE, HEALING, COMPASSION and ONENESS. I really feel like I know exactly what I have to do now in life, because I could go back to the source to my real self. And this is the most important gift you gave to me: The ability to experience true love.

I am so excited and full of love for life. And I can’t wait to spread the message out in this world: SPREAD LOVE AND HEAL SOULS.

Thank you for showing me what I already knew deep inside of me, but now by being in touch with my true nature I could finally not only listen to my inner voice but understand it and feel it <3

Cant wait to bring the knowledge I gained out in this world to make it a little bit better than yesterday <3

Thanks my love.

Rawya Rachid

from Spain, July 2018

"Yoga therapy "

I loved everything about it. Thank you so for this wonderful retreat, Antonina.