Indra's Grace

Texas, United States

Indra's Grace is a yoga school located in Weatherford, Texas, teaching the science of Hatha yoga. They conduct yoga classes from Tuesday to Saturday for all levels and ages.

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  • Dana Farrell United States

    Indra's Grace Facebook page

    Indra's Grace is an amazing studio! Sandra is very knowledgable as well as all the teachers. It is friendly and very easy for someone new to yoga to come and experience. I love it so much I am a health coach!

  • Diana Kern United States

    Indra's Grace Facebook page

    I love it. The classes are for beginners and advanced yogis. I was afraid at first not knowing if I could keep up or do everything. I feel relaxed and welcomed.

  • Judith Gardner Kehoe

    Indra's Grace Facebook page

    I've been attending classes and workshops at Indra's Grace 2 to 3 times a week for about two months. I feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically than I've felt in years. I've lost 15 pounds, increased strength and flexibility, and discontinued medications for chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia that I had taken for over ten years. The teachers are amazing! I always feel supported and inspired.

  • Judi Trotter

    Indra's Grace website

    Four years ago I was introduced to Indra’s Grace. At that time, my left knee was so swollen and sore I could hardly bend it. I had been through physical therapy and it was still not allowing me to do the things I wanted to do. I started doing one yoga class a week. Sandra showed me a few knee exercises to do to help open the knee and I did these daily at home. In a couple of months I noticed the difference when we were at the airport and I had to walk quickly to get to the gate on time. I could walk freely, I still remember the wonderful feeling of being pain free and walking freely. I know it was because of the yoga and the exercises Sandra gave me. I am so thankful that Sandra came to Weatherford and is sharing her knowledge and love of yoga with us all. She is an inspiration to my life!

  • Laurie Vanzura

    Indra's Grace website

    I started yoga with the advice of my rheumatologist. I knew little regarding what miraculous changes were in store. I came for my body, but stayed for my mind. The more time I spend on my mat, the more time I have for the important things in life. Ever since I first came to Indra’s Grace, I have found peace, balance, and contentment. Transform your mind, body and spirit! Experience yoga the way it is meant to be practiced with Sandra Vanatko and her talented team at Indra’s Grace.

  • Leslie Pinkston

    Indra's Grace website

    This yoga and mediation studio is a wonderful space to either begin your yoga journey or enhance your yoga journey. No matter where you are on your path, there is something you can learn in every class! It is a warm and inviting space. It has given me the gift of learning how to quiet my mind both on and off the mat, through poses, meditation, and breath work. I now find myself standing in tree pose when cooking or doing squats when working in the yard. Yoga has made me a much happier person. Thank you Indra’s Grace for such a precious and wonderful gift.

  • Nancy Graves Bowden

    Indra's Grace Facebook page

    I only had these yoga classes at the Weatherford Senior Center. Megan is fantastic! She educates as well as teaches therapeutic yoga. Everyone loves Megan's class, she truly makes a difference in our lives.

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