Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

immayogi offers affordable luxury yoga retreats that help you relax, rejuvenate and reconnect! All levels welcome.

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  • Sharon New Zealand

    Immayogi website

    I have gained from all this and Amy totally changed my life. She is a very generous instructor, always patient, calming, encouraging and giving. The minute you walk in the room you feel her aura of love. I feel safe because of her knowledge and expertise. Amy always reinforces the correct technique and breathing. Her verbal instruction is of perfection--a blind person could do her class and follow easily. Naturally, she is beautiful to watch as well, her poses are beautiful but she makes you feel they are attainable with practice, always encouraging and giving different options for where you're at that day. Amy always gently eases us in and out of class and helps with different options around my many injuries from years of abusing my body at the gym. So all I can say is, if you want to feel amazing come and join me. We just had an epic weekend at the Te Kaha Resort--was life changing! Awesome yoga, accommodation, massage, books to read, nutritionist, food, beautiful people and amazing value. Attention to detail was huge from the beautiful welcoming gifts to making sure the food was yummy and healthy. Treat yourself--self-care is so important. Thank you Amy, may your life be as blessed as you are making others.

  • Anna New Zealand

    immayogi website

    I would thoroughly recommend this retreat for anyone wishing to rejuvenate both the body and the mind. Fabulous accommodation, divine yoga deck overlooking the sea, delicious wholesome food and a wonderful dose of mindfulness. From the start to the finish this was the perfect two day escape. Ill be back again and again. Thank you Amy and your gorgeous team.

  • Christine New Zealand

    immayogi website

    The retreat was fabulous...the whole experience was positive in every area.

  • Tara New Zealand

    immayogi website

    The yoga was good for me as a beginner, and it's great how you gave options for all levels...I loved the food! Dinner was was 100 out of 10 amazing! The massage was so good as well!

  • Georgia Australia

    immayogi website

    Loved every class! I absolutely loved every class I had with Amy while I was pregnant--because of her teachings I was able to have a beautiful natrual birth and I was lucky enough to be able to attend one post-natal class once my baby was born. Amy made me feel very comfortable and safe in both classes...Loved it!!!

  • Katherine China

    immayogi website

    Her lessons are still with me. Although it has been awhile since I took lessons with her, her yoga instruction still resonates today. She provides a balanced class, demonstrating correct poses and breath flow, but also circulating the room and helping with individual adjustments as needed. There is also a good mix of the spiritual influences of yoga with the reasons and explanations that tell you the 'how' and 'why' yoga helps your body (and how to do it the best way for your body). I now live in a country where I frequently have to rely only on visuals during my yoga lessons, as I don't understand the language of instruction. As I make adjustments, it is Amy's instructions and suggestions I hear in my head...

  • a traveler Austria

    March 27

    We stayed for almost two weeks, had the superior triple room which was spacious and absolutely lovely, right next to the kitchen and terrace. The Surf house is very clean, new and beautiful, has a small pool and several chill areas. It is a great place for solo travellers or small groups who seek to mingle with other travellers. Activities included in the package will keep you busy the whole day if you wish to participate (which most people do) - yoga in the morning, surf lessons and more surf and yoga again. People usually get together to have dinner, during our stay the Surf house organized an activity for everyone to join in twice a week- movie night and the delicious BBQ. Regarding surf, you will get to know several different surf spots - from 10 minutes to 60 minutes drive, which gives you a better idea of the great variety of surf spots in Bali. As a beginner or intermediate surfer you will have a great time in the Surf House, the surf instructors split everyone into groups according to levels and try to push everyone's level individually. If you surf a shortboard, better to bring your own. You can also make use of the scooters and drive down the road to a local spot on your own before breakfast, if you wish to surf even more. All in all, we had a wonderful stay, everyone was nice and welcoming!

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