IKYU is a well-being center and an institute for higher studies of yoga, meditation, and related disciplines that also offers yoga retreats for you.

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Carlos Alberto Holguin

Sandra Benaim

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from Colombia, April 2020

"Unfortunately disappointing experience "

Extremely lovely ashram. The garden, and all the outdoors facilities is truly beautiful. They made an awesome job to built and maintaining it.

You feel totally submerged in nature, waking up to birds and nature’s sounds, even though you still are near all the city amenities.

I’ve loved all the meditation, breathing and consciousness techniques they teach.

And gotta say that this is the main part of the training.

Also, gotta give a major thumb up to Simon the “student teacher” who does do an amazing job... (wish he would teach the entire training).

Barbara Galdos

from France, April 2020

"A path of consciousness"

I am so happy I joined this training, because it ended up being way more than just a yoga training. With Carlos you will learn what yoga is really about : consciousness. The program doesn't focus only on the Asanas and the physical part of yoga, I would say it focuses more on developing the awareness of your breathing and your energy through many different techniques. I felt like I have learnt so much and that the training gave more meaning to my yoga practice. My stay here made me grow a lot even outside the classes. The staff is great, patient and loving, and you can really understand why the price is so low, they don't work to earn money but to share their wisdom with other beings. The ashram is beautiful, with many trees and birds singing all day long. The food is delicious ! I am so grateful for Carlos, Liceth and Simon, who always gave their best to help us in any way possible. I definitely recommend this training to anyone who would like to cultivate more consciousness in their lives.

Christoph Janssen

from Colombia, April 2020

"Amazing profound and holistic yoga education and training"

An incredible training, showing me what yoga really is and opening my eyes about so many things when it comes to our body, our mind, our consciousness and the world we live in. I found so much more in this Ashram than I could hope for and especially many loving human beings. For me it’s amazing which different aspects and viewpoints of wisdom are combined in this training and how we learned to connect with our nervous systems, muscles, cells, bones, breathing and so on. The activation of energies in the body, learning what really happens when we move or stand still in Asanas and experiencing meditations as deep and profound as never before in my life.

Truly a life changing experience and I’m super happy about it! Happy and excited about the future with yoga in my life :) thanks to Carlos and all the team for everything they have done especially in such challenging times with the Corona Virus approaching outside. You made people feel welcome and loved and safe and secure! You provided for us and created a space of peace. I will never forget this and be always connected with you and the whole group :)

Muchas Gracias y besitos to all of you!


Fleur Van Der Meer

from Colombia, April 2020

"Amazing experience!You will really learn more than you think"

The food was awesome! The people (instructors, teachers, staff) were awesome! The translation is excelente! I think they dealt really well with the corona situation. We were so lucky to be here when the country was shutting down! They helped the group organize, they provided food and shelter for after the training (because nobody was allowed to travel). Luz Estella did her ayurveda class online so we wouldn't miss anything. Even the cooking ladies agreed to stay with us in 'auto-isolation' to keep the program going for us. I feel nothing but gratefullness for all these people!

I would reccomend this training if you want to

- Really learn what yoga is about, what it means to be a yogi

- Deepen you practice and in this way learn how to deepen your students practice to

- Believe there is not one and only truth and are interested in different points of view like science, traditional hatha yoga, biomechanics, Mayan (yoga) knowledge and Feldonkrais method.

- If you are ready to receive A Lot of information (it might seem to much, but trust it will find a place in your head)

- Not only focus on asanas

- Learn how to teach through own experience (in the training you will practice with teaching, but this is not the main focus)

- Be in a beautifull tropical garden and just be in this possitive vibe of this place, enjoy and have fun

I also really liked we learned how to fall. This is really important for inversions and your overall confidence! Loved it!

Alexis Miller

from United States, March 2020

"Takes some getting used to"

I loved the people I got quarantined with! I made soul connections here and learned a lot from these beautiful souls! I enjoyed the fire ceremonies and the bonding we were able to make with our ancestors as this was already a practice I did at home.

Simon’s vibrant personality made the classes more enjoyable and very fun.

The overall experience reallly humbled my spoiled side. If I had not had the classmates I did, I would have wanted to leave early. But the love and insight they gave me will last a lifetime. This program is great if you want to challenge and humble yourself and be enlightened to new ways. Although I did not always agree with what Carlos had to say, he did give great insight on what it meant to be a true yogi.

Geitza Posada

from Puerto Rico, March 2020

"Extraordinary! Get ready to by challenged."

Carlos and his team have built an impeccable, meticulous, well researched and better yet implemented training. The experience at this training will leave you with a stronger foundation and will open an enormous field for continuing your growth.

The property is lovely even though the suburbs of Cali has encroached upon it.

I was amazed at variety of the birds and butterflies. Meals were served promptly, were balanced and more than sufficient. I brought a two person tent with a great rain cover that was really necessary since several days the rain kept on falling. The outdoors showers were my favorite, with no luxury at all in the stalls but plenty of water at anytime. I went to a yoga training and walked away wanting to learn more and extremely grateful.

Elias Beugelink

from Colombia, March 2020

"Very clear"

Very good yoga school, very nice training! Intense but you learn so much. The Ikyu team is amazing. Very non-profit with a yogi mindset. Fun and confronting.

Sofia Fonseca

from Netherlands, March 2020

The material of the classes is very interesting. A diferent way of teaching and learning yoga.

The group of students was very special. We all got along very well despite being at the begining of the course 35 people.

The fire cerimonies.

Ilona Pertl

from Austria, March 2020

"My Review "

The ashram is a lovely place, which is created with lot's of Love. The stuff was always friendly and shiny with good hearts. I felt really well there, the group was also amazing. The training was a mix of Feldenkrais, Chakra-, Breathingmeditation and Yoga asanas and much more :) It is a good training for body awareness. I love the approach to get really loose, flexible, moveable in the yoga asanas. To avoid any tension, to bring yourself in a meditative way while doing Asanas. The training program also involved rituals, like a sweatlodge, fire ceremonies ... there were really strong for me and I find it a great combination with yoga. I felt the spirit while the ceremonies and the program... it is good!

As we had two days off in the training, we went out in Cali and to the river ... Great place to dance Salsa ... I loved it .... so it was a bit a combination of holiday and Yoga :) It is not a tough Ashram Life, as I expected it ... or actually did not expected from the beginning.


from Colombia, January 2020

" "

We learned a lot about Maya culture, the parallels with the classic yoga culture and we did some really interesting ceremonys.

I liked all the different classes we had, I learned really a lot during this 3 weeks.

And I really like the philosophie of the yoga here, that we have first to respect and understand the body, with biomechanics and some new technics and not to force anything.

Matthew Coughlin

from United States, January 2020

"Wish I had more time in Cali"

The ashram is secluded yet still in the city limits. It has a real local feel to it. And the neighbors behind and in front are incredibly friendly. You should leave yourself time to explore Cali. The city has a lively art and music scene. I liked the training and especially the philosophical and bio-mechanical lectures. The training feels free physically and mentally. Carlos, Sandra and Simon teach an integral style, incorporating many different forms of yoga. The emphasis on self awareness, and meditation was healing and a chance to grow mentally. This training may not be for everyone. But it was exactly what I wanted and needed. And there are so many more grateful words I could express but the last thing I want to add. The groups that they form from all over the world are fantastic. The training gives you time to connect with people from all over.

Elizabeth Connelly

from United States, January 2020

"If you’re ready to change your life- book NOW!"

After taking two separate HIGHLY RATED yoga teacher trainings in India and Ecuador, I must say this training at IKYU was by far the most superior. If you’re ready to unlearn everything you thought you knew, and ready to dive deep into your own mind and body- this is the program for you. If you are being drawn to this program- look no further! Highlights for me were learning: different points of view from the traditional yoga I know and love originating from India, learning about the Kankuebs and Mayan traditions, advanced pranayama and meditation techniques, mantras, proper biomechanics and how to fall (taking the fear of falling away from your inversion practice is a game changer!). I truly feel my yoga practice and my style of teaching will never be the same! The ashram life and communal living was a beautiful experience. The food was delicious all locally sourced and made fresh daily- you will not go hungry! Every member of the staff truly cares about all the students and you can really feel they love their jobs!

Christie Chafoya

from United States, October 2019

"My Experience at ISHKA"

The first thing I felt about the ashram was the intención and love that was incorporated into every single part of the space and grounds. Every one involved was very sweet and caring, knowing how to make you feel at home without much effort. I loved the intención put into the food, as I like to eat a healthy meal. I liked how the day was set up in order to always be busy and leave to bed ready for the next day. I loved the animals that came in and out because that shows the loving energy of the space. I liked the flow of the course, every day was unexpected and full of knowledge that fit into studies I was already reading on like Mayan prophecies and how humanity is evolving. I loved that our instructors gave us so much confidence to just go for it, never making us feel like we couldn’t do something like an inverted pose and steering us away from self doubt. The rooms were great, cozy and the bathroom situation was also nice. A cold shower every morning is better than coffee! Overall I really appreciated the low maintenance with lots of intention the ashram has going on and would love to return one day to continue my studies in yoga.

Justine Lecaille

from France, October 2019

"One of the best experience of my life "

This is not just about a yoga training but more about a life changing experience. I spend amazing time living in ishka for those 21 days, with these beautiful people : carlos (incredible master with unlimited knowledge), liceth (beautiful smily soul Always here for anything) , Simon (giving great funny classes and perfectly traducing classes all day long) and so on... The yoga knowledge I got here is way more that what I was expecting, the practice absolutly perfect respecting each levels and progress, the use of my body has completly change even though I was already practicing yoga. The prana , meditation techniques , mayan science and tradition discovery, Sinestesia experience , dance, community life, the place ... Everything was gorgeous and perfect to me, well made , well educated... anything to complain about . Out if This training I feel lighter, happy, in peace with myself , self confident with my future projects, and even more aware about the beauty of life, and the use of yoga and meditation . Guys I will never have enough words to thank you for what you have shared with me. I wish everyone could go through This gorgeous experience. Thank you and see you soon Somewhere

Leticia Contreras

from United States, October 2019

"I am humbled by such a transformational experience "

First off, ISHKA is a hidden oasis just south of Cali. Every morning we woke up to the sounds of birds and the views of butterflies and every evening we fell asleep to the sounds of frogs and the views of the stars. What a treat!

I am so grateful to the time, the care, and knowledge that Carlos, Liceth, Lina, Simon and the rest of the ISHKA familia shared with us. We had the most instructional contact with Carlos and Simon and I am floored by their extensive knowledge in yogic philosophy, Mayan cosmology, and biomechanics and anatomy.

I am so glad that I came with an open heart and flexibility and no expectations other than to learn and to grow. I have already completed a 200hr training in Houston, which was also wonderful in its own right, but I am grateful to the amount of spiritual and energetic knowledge and growth I have attained during throughout this training. There were definitely moments where I was like “wait... why am I rolling my head on the floor back and forth?” Or “why am I doing this many shoulder stands”, but over time I saw the results as I began to understand the teachings of biomechanics and fractals.

I am forever grateful to Carlos for being so generous with his knowledge of the Mayan path and its connection to yogic philosophy. I feel more connected in my own path as a teacher and as a healing agent in my community. ISHKA is a forever home for me.

Mariia Mineeva

from Colombia, October 2019

"It was a grate experience! Thank you"

The atmosphere inside of our group was amazing. We were all like a family. I was happy to meet a lot of interesting and friendly people. The course was organized very well. Besides meditations, we did a lot of physical yoga. The food was a very nice, vegetarian. Near there are a few restaurants, where you can try traditional Colombian cuisine. Besides the main course, there were many additional, interesting and incredible events. I recommend this course for anyone, who wants to know themselves better, meet a lot of interesting people, learn meditation. Carlos, Simon, Lina, Liceth thank you so much! With love, Maria from Russia.

Tabitha Wertheim

from United States, August 2019

"Great experience of mindful and informative movement"

With years of experience as a Massage Therapist, I had come to a point of theoretical understanding of how the body moves and functions, how it repairs and heals , and how it reacts to emotion or trauma. With this meditation training , I found myself gently questioning what it is I hold in my body. When I thought I had cleared space from my past , I was surprised to feel as though I've always been jumping over instead of breaking through these energetic blockages in my being.

This subtle work extends so much further than the body, and to think it is all done with the breath, that realization in itself has been the most insightful for me.

For as long as I remember , I have struggled with the capability of my body. Through this training, I've realized it's not the body that changes the mind, but the mind that shapes and arranges the body and the way we see it. What an incredible nurturing feeling , to look inside myself and feel vibrant and whole , anywhere.

I understand I am stubborn, I dont like to feel pushed, or rushed to feel, understand or learn something. The style of instruction here completely supports that, and I could not have asked for more supportive instructors. You come as you are, and you leave as you are. The pace of the classes are more of a suggestion than a rule. If you cant do something , you challenge yourself , but you may begin to understand you can never get there by being forceful.

I recommend this training to deeply connect self to source.

Ana Romero

from Mexico, August 2019

"Unforgettable experience with wonderful people"

This is a life-changing experience guided by some of the most wonderful and loving people in the world.

From the moment you arrive at Ishka, it feels like a different world. You will leave the traffic and noise behind to enter a place filled nature and a peaceful energy.

The course combines the principles of traditional yoga with the Mayan knowledge and approaches it from a place of releasing and pain-free practices in order to progress. As days go by, you will certainly start noticing the positive changes in your body and practice.

I am extremely grateful for Carlos, Simón, Liceth, Lina, Sandra, Samuel, Elena and every single person that made this training possible.

Do not expect luxury accommodation or meals. Beds are comfortable, food is good and local, and showers are cold but great for Cali’s weather.

Do expect a wonderful training, wonderful people, and interesting experiences.

Nathalie Dearte

from United States, April 2019

I most appreciated the deep spiritual knowledge of true yoga. Fantastic environment and very professional and warm-hearted teachers. First class translation of all lessons. Highly recommend this training!

Gabrielle Anton

from United States, April 2019

"Magical dream land of doing less to accomplish more😜"

I liked everything! These are a quality and authentic group of folks who truly practice what they preach. The foundation of the program is rooted in conscious living and gives a soft opening to the infinite information around this topic.

Carlos is very intelligent, interesting and highly qualified to teach. Simon is excellent at translating to English and adds a lot of enthusiasm! Everyone on the team has a lot of charm, knowledge and personality!! All are loving, gracious and truly welcome each student as family 🥰

The course digs into ego issues so, come with an open mind and heart and you’ll have a great time and learn a lot!!!

PS. I especially appreciate Carlos’s awareness of where each student is at emotionally and mentally. Always providing room to rest and reminding “all things without effort.”

Lucas Seifert

from Colombia, March 2019

"It was the perfect yoga-teacher-training for me. I loved it!"

I enjoyed the 22 days at its fullest. The place is pure magic, the team loving and understanding. There is no duty, no pressure. All you do is because you want to do and if not you don't do it. For me the perfect atmosphere to learn, grow and develop my proper Yoga. When i look back i would say that it was the best investment of time and money i've ever did in my life.

Katie Criscuolo

from United States, March 2019

"Intuitive, compassionate, meditation-based yoga training "

I did the teacher training in March 2019, and I highly recommend this program to someone who wants to deepen their meditation/yoga practice with highly skilled teachers. The reason why their price is so low is because they don’t want to make money off of yoga (similar to ashrams in India) and because they believe yoga should be accessible to everyone in order to help heal the planet, NOT because their training is sub-par. This is not a “you pay for what you get” situation. Carlos is the main teacher, but you will also receive classes from other members of the team on things like anatomy, biomechanics, and Ayurveda. You will learn breathing techniques and how to maneuver the energy in your Everything is in english&spanish. This program is not heavily based in asana, meaning that a head stand is not the main priority (but you will work on it). It is more spiritual. The ishka team tries their hardest to make everything really comfortable. The accommodations are basic—outside showers, hard mattresses, etc— but it’s not meant to be a five star hotel experience. You are in nature, and the center is surrounded by beautiful trees, hummingbirds, and the ishka kitties. The food is healthy and basic vegetarian. Nothing too fancy but made with love. And if you don’t like a certain meal, there is a restaurant and smoothie shop within walking distance.

If you go in with an open heart and a willingness to learn, you will have a wonderful, if not life changing, experience.

Anastasiya Smolina

from Colombia, March 2019

"Unique experience. Definitely coming back!"

I don't have enough words to describe it. I think like this will be clear: I'm defiantly coming back :D

It was my first teaching training and I can’t imagine what can be better! Every moment, every class was so full-fill and interesting, I always couldn’t wait for the next one! So grateful for this wonderful time!

This school is a beautiful place with magic team. All classes translated to English. Everything is in harmony there. The way Carlos is teaching is just WOW! Fresh and fun, very flexible, always positive and full of love, very deep! The best!

Here you will learn WHAT IS YOGA. It will turn your world upside down (and your body as well, haha) when you’ll get to know how to work with your body and learn an excellent technics to get any posture you want, without any pain or force, but with joy and pleasure. You’ll learn how to meditate and you'll do it a lot, luckily! Work much more dipper than just physical part. And just become happy!

Definitely totally recommend!!! If you have chance to do it — you are really fortunate!

Simone Parianos

from Australia, January 2019

"Phenomenal experience that habours unimaginable self growth"

I liked the way the course was taught, it was different to all the yoga I had practised and the retreats I had previously been to. At first I was a little skeptical but by the end I noticed amazing shifts in my own body and consciousness that I had never achieved before this course.

This retreat has also given me the skills to share what I have learnt as a instructor and I can confidently say I will continue my learning and practising in connection with the Ishka Center and their amazing team there.

Thanks to everyone involved during that beautiful 3 week experience ♡

Marissa Aurora

from Costa Rica, December 2018

"Wonderful, unique, experience"

I really enjoyed how the schedule of the training was catered to the interests and abilities of the students. The focus on integration of all aspects of yoga (breath, meditation, energy movement, philosophy and asanas) into practice was especially valuable and something other classes i have taken did not include (having focused mostly or entirely on asanas). The food also exceeded my expectations with a good variety of whole-food dishes and included salads almost every day. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, a very valuable growing experience for me as an individual and as a yoga practitioner.


from Colombia, December 2018

"Not as advertised"

The Feldenchrist method, though rather dull to do, was effective. We learnt how to fall from inversions without fear which was useful and learnt exercises to increase flexibility on our joints and also about the fractal system of our skeleton. The volunteer's sessions were really well thought out and enjoyable. The salsa class and other workshops from outside teachers were a welcome break. The studio and yoga space is nice, the garden and trees are beautiful. There was a strong emphasis on meditation and we practised that quite a lot.

Eline Freim

from Colombia, October 2018

"Life changing experience "

This yoga teacher training teaches you a profound and spiritual approach to yoga, and takes you back to the true meaning of yoga. The philosophy and yoga style is unique and very interesting!

During the course you get to know yourself and your body in a completely new way; and it will benefit you for the rest of your life.

The instructors are all truly amazing and welcoming, and the atmosphere was incredible. I loved every single day, and can highly recommend this course.

Laura Dublino Belles

from United States, October 2018

"Fantastic experience"

I loved the learning experience, the quality of the topics discussed, the way space is held for you personal development, the focus on philosophy and the essence of the yoga practice, the respect level between companions and teachers, the challenge of detachment, the raising of consciousness, the care of the staff. Wonderful!

Victor Hjalmar

from Sweden, October 2018

Amazing place. Amazing energies. Amazing teachers! Thank you!

Jonathon Hood

from United States, July 2018

"For those seeking a deeper spiritual experience "

Ishka is a beautiful place filled with beautiful. The experience was unique, and and fun.

Miriam Eriksen

from Norway, July 2018

"A life changing experience"

I found a completly new way to look at yoga. This course is amazing. The teachers are wonderful and the atmosphere is marvelous. For those who are interested in doing a course I really encourage them to do so. This course allows you to deepen your knowledge in a profound way. And I can really feel the improvements from just 21 days. So it will be awesome to continue my self practice to integrate all I have learned during this course.

Noémi Fülöp

from Hungary, May 2018

"My exciting 22 days in Ishka Yoga Instructor Course, in Cali"

I liked Carlos since the first day to be honest, he was straight and exact most of the time. I loved the complexitiy of the course and that all very well built up exercises, asanas whatever we call them. Simón, Mariana, Samuel, Lizeth and the cooking ladies - they all did a great job, thanks a bunch for all of them :) I enjoyed so much the inipi ceremony and thanks God i had some great mates from the class, i am so grateful to be there and have so much great memories forever :) Muchas gracias por todos and spread love, big hugs : Noémi Budapest

Richard Guilbaud

from Haiti, May 2018

"thank you ISHKA for giving me all these tools!!"

i liked the method

Anna Van Schaardenburgh

from Costa Rica, May 2018

"Very interesting"

That the training is authentic and not just classical or modern yoga. I learned a lot of new things and I'm happy to learn that yoga is not about tension and pushing yourself, but about relaxation.

Alicia Jaramillo Cabo

from Ecuador, April 2020

"Inolvidable Experiencia "

Me encanto el concepto y el cómo se desarrolla. El proceso de aprendizaje es genial y todo el concepto de entender y ser conscientes de la biomecánica del movimiento es sumamente interesante. El contacto con la naturaleza y la convivencia es genial, la gente es muy linda y con una muy buena energía. La comida es rica y variada y se ve que se esfuerzan en brindar una experiencia única. Les estoy inmensamente agradecida por todo lo que me llevo de este instructorado.

Eduardo Araya

from Costa Rica, March 2020

"Experiencia interna"

La visión del yoga como una experiencia hacia lo interno del ser, que sea sencillo de hacer y conecte a TODOS con su esencia.


from Dominican Republic, March 2020

"Buena experiencia "

La inclusión en el yoga de la biomecánica y el movimiento consciente, el hecho de que tengan bien claro cuál es el objetivo de yoga y trabajen de acuerdo al mismo. El haber incluido nuevas técnicas de aprendizaje para que las personas tengan una experiencia más placentera en el yoga y evitar lesiones corporales, todo el conocimiento de parte de los profesores, a pesar de la situación en la que nos encontramos con la pandemia pudimos terminar de forma satisfactoria el entrenamiento y el hecho de que los profesores sean críticos en cuanto a los conocimientos que las cosas no simplemente “son así” sino que hay un porqué detrás de cada cosa y saben discernir lo que realmente va de la mano con los objetivos del yoga. Ah! Y que no son para nada un negocio pero más bien un servicio para el mundo!!

Valentina Sorbellini

from Colombia, March 2020

"Solo palabras de agradecimiento"

Disfrute cada instante en IKYU, las clases tanto prácticas como teórica, las charlas, la calidez humana de las personas que forman este espacio, instructores como el resto del personal. Supero mis expectativas ampliamente, llegué a un ivel de intospeccion increíble y a través del yoga logré cosas hermosas. Gracias nuevamente :)

Diana Basantes

from Ecuador, December 2019

Es un sistema integral y adaptado a la cosmovisión occidental

Las clases flexibles, profundas

Florencia Pavon

from Argentina, October 2019

"Expansion "

Me gustò es decir poco, esta experiencia me expandió.

Cada maestro aportó de diferentes formas a expandir nuestras conciencias, a hacernos conscientes y más amorosos.

Nos guiaron para que nuestro cuerpo y mente mejoren a ritmos que, en 32 años de mi vida, no habia vivenciado nunca.

Además La dulzura de cada integrante de la familia IKY me la llevo en el corazón.

Mi deseo es que muchas más personas puedan vivir este camino.

El lugar es mágico, un oasis de paz y verde.

El método de “abordaje” a las asanas es increíble. Logrè hacer cosas que en 7 años de yoga no había logrado nunca.

Gracias por tanto

Monica Ponce

from Guatemala, October 2019

"Wooow... Por dónde empezar! De las mejores experiencias... "

Soy viajera aventurera, mis expectativas siempre son de altura, y este curso las ha superado con creces!. Sus técnicas y pautas de aprendizaje basadas en la biomecánica, hacen que el cuerpo aprenda y asimile con total naturalidad casi cualquier postura que puedas imaginar en el Yoga: Bastaron apenas unas horas para que, muchas asanas que durante años fueron para mi una tortura practicar, se convirtieran en puro placer a la vez que una fuente de sabiduría para la mente. No se como explicar el amor y la dedicación que todo el equipo de Ishka pone cada día para lograr que cada uno de nosotros (alumnos), logremos nuestros objetivos independientemente de cual sea tu nivel... es prácticamente imposible quedarse atrás!. Es impresionanter la maravillosa, estudiada e impecable organización sobre la que se desarrolla el curso. Agradecida no solo de haber tenido a unos compañeros extraordinarios que crearon un ambiente de convivencia paradisíaco, sino también agradecida de haber coincidido con un gran grupo humano de profesionales tan excepcionales: desde los profesores, hasta las cocineras que hacían de "mamas" lavando nuestra ropa, y que cada día nos deleitaban con suculentos y riquísimos platos, los cuales suscitaban suspiros orgásmicos entre el alumnado: todas las comidas supersanas, equilibradas y con alimentos siempre frescos.


from France, August 2019

"Experiencia increíble "

L’approche et la compréhension des mouvements à travers le corps, le flux d’énergie, la respiration.... La méditation !!!

Merci, je n’attendais rien en particulier mais je suis vraiment ravie. Il est plus important en yoga d’écouter son corps, le respecter avant même d’essayer des asanas qui pourraient nous faire mal sans même sans rendre compte!

Coralie Maccagno

from Ecuador, August 2019

"Una experiencia muy intensa y muy profonda"

Me fuí al instructorado sin muchas expectativas. Quería conocer más sobre la Yoga y la meditación (casí no conocía nada) y había leído que esta experiencia es fuente de cambios espirituales. Así que reservé mi cupo con esta curiosidad y nada más.

La formación es muy intensa, es verdad. 20 días con clases desde la 6:30am hasta las 6pm y más ! Mucha practica, muchas charlas, muchos cambios internos en tan poco tiempo que al fin de las 3 semanas estaba feliz de que se terminará ! Pero vale la pena.

Hablamos de muchos temas distintos, tuvimos practicas de Yoga de distintas formas, es un gran aprendizaje. Pero, estoy convencida de que lo tan fuerte que puede ser esta experiencia, no esta para todo el mundo. Hay que estar listo a cambiarse, a recibir esta enseñanza, y a descubrir la yoga de una forma más espiritual, más interna.

Así que, a los que estan listos por grandes cambios, les recomiendo a 100% de entregarse a esta practica ! Los demás, talvez no lo van a aprovechar como deberia ser, y talvez necesitan mas tiempo, mas experiencias antes de lanzarse adentro de este instructorado ;)


from Mexico, August 2019

"Llegue a Iky, por un impulso interno, sin expectativas"

La extraordinaria experiencia en este mágico lugar, me hizo sentir como en casa, desde el primer momento.

Iky, me aporto herramientas físicas y espirituales que reforzaron conocimientos y afloraron nuevas facetas al crisol que soy, llenándolo de energía y alegría e implementando nuevos hábitos, para una mejor comprensión de lo Holistico que somos los seres humanos.

La visión, que el cuerpo es Inteligencia, Consciencia y Movimiento, que te lleva al estado máximo de relajación, mediante el reconocimiento, la atención, la suavidad, la alegría y el amor así ti mismo!

Agradezco al Amoroso equipo de Iky, por su dedicación, pasión, entusiasmo, paciencia y alegría.

Graciela Dáubeterre Arias

from Venezuela, April 2019

"Extraordinaria experiencia."

Realmente me gusto todo, La calidad de los instructores, espectacular, mucha entrega y dedicación, el ambiente, la comida, las señoras de la cocina, la atención, todo me gusto, es inmejorable!!!

Carmen Dejori

from United States, April 2019

"The best place to connect to yourself! Yoga and much more..."

i came without expectations and i dont want to leave anymore. 😊 this place is just magical. i dont want to call it a yoga retreat cause it is much more. In the yogateaching you learn how to connect soo deep with your body through biomechanics and you ll get a very subtle feeling of how you are moving in a soft way towards selflove. Your body same as your mind becomes smooth lovly and very flexible. You learn a lot about your mind with looots of meditation and you get to learn strategies for the body and mind wich you will be able to use in daily life to make life more easy. Also the teaching of mindfulness helps very much to connect and understand how your brain is working and how you can change it with awareness. The mayan teachings and ceremonies are magic and very beautiful! doesnt matter if you speak spanish or english! the training is in spanish and the translation is very fast and clear. if you speak both languages even better you have a second chance to follow if you drifted away and you will improve unconsciosly your language skills. the food is amazing! healthy and tasty. lots of veggis and fruits. its colombian style so you will enjoy lots of rice cooked with love. all the critical points i v been reading here like toilet, shower kitchen ect they were able to solve.

Miguel Feliciano

from Puerto Rico, March 2019

"Great YTT in the beautiful Colombia"

Carlos Holguin is a very knowledgeable teacher. The approach is classic yet fresh. He teaches a kind method of self love and self care.

Gallus Suter

from Ecuador, March 2019

"Relacion precio-calidad optimal"

Ya fui a varios cursos/retiros de yoga y ese curso de certificacion tiene la mejor relacion precio-calidad. Instruccion de yoga clasica y autentica. Instructores muy profesionales y co-estudiantes del mundo entero. Ademas, el centro Ishka esta cerquita de la ciudad de Cali, una ciudad muy atractiva para visitar


from Costa Rica, January 2019

"Recommend if you don’t expect anything."

Coming to Ishka, for me, was less about being able to teach Yoga afterwards. Wich of course is a nice side effect and also very useful. But the actual reason I chose to go there was for learning about myself, my mind and my body. And that’s what I definitely did.

The 3 weeks where pretty intense. Not only challenging in a physical way but also challenging for the mind. Which for me was a great experience. We really got deep into meditation and movement. We got to know and understand the roots of Yoga.

In the lessons we learned a lot about the anatomical part specifically of the different movements and also the importance of the breath. We moved in ways I didn’t even know my body was able to, nor did such movements ever cross my mind :D We had really interesting Workshops with Doctors, Professors and Specialists. The synesthesia lesson was one of my favorite experiences. We learned about Ayurveda. Also the daily food was nourishing and gave me good energy.

All in all it wasn’t what I expected. Guess because I wasn’t expecting anything but a better connection to myself. And that’s what I found and I’m grateful for it. Big thank you for this experience and to everyone who made it possible.

And hey also I’m able to officially teach Yoga now. Which as I said wasn’t the actual reason I signed up for this, but Yoga calms my life and gives me balance which I would be happy to share with the world.

Muchísimas Gracias Ishka!


from Germany, December 2018

"Überlegt es Euch ganz genau"

Die Menschen, die dort arbeiten sind herzlich und haben immer ein Lächeln auf den Lippen. Viele Teilnehmer aus den vorherigen Kursen kommen zu Besuch oder gar für länger zurück, unterstützen, kochen und helfen, wo sie können. Die Feldenkreismethode ist super! Ich hätte gern mehr davon gehabt. Innerhalb weniger Tage erreichte ich eine Flexibilität, die ich vorher nicht erwartet hatte. Es gab auf jeden Fall merkliche Fortschritte für jeden in der Gruppe. Es wurde viel Wert darauf gelegt, die verschiedenen Übungen nur so weit auszuführen, wie es für uns persönlich ohne Schmerzen möglich war. Während der Übungen sollten wir möglichst die Augen schließen - so wurde uns von einem Vergleich mit anderes Kursteilnehmern abgeraten, schließlich ginge es beim Yoga mit Nichten darum, gut auszusehen. Es wurde viel gelacht, wofür mitunter auch die Spanisch - Englisch Übersetzungen von Simon verantwortlich waren. Er ist super und immer fröhlich.


from Ecuador, November 2018

"Gracias totales"

La enseñanza, la comida y la buena vibra de la gente y el lugar :)

Gonzalo Barros

from Uruguay, October 2018

"Un proceso interior maravilloso"

Ambiente muy amoroso, donde reina la paz, buena energia, amor y compasion. Una experiencia maravillosa de mucho crecimiento y aprendizaje


from United States, October 2018

"Una experiencia increíble, los elijo una y otra vez "

Me gustó todo lo que compartimos en los 21 días, desde el gran aprendizaje que nos brindó Carlos, hasta el hambiente familiar que se vive cada día, es una experiencia increíble, donde los elijo una y otra vez.

Si vas en busca de trabajar tu cuerpo físico con yoga, estás en el lugar equivocado, aquí vas aprender más que eso, conocer tu cuerpo por completo, tanto externo cómo interno, sentarte a meditar y sea algo que lo disfrutes a pleno y al salir de ahí, los vas a seguir haciendo porque te das cuenta que es tan bien para ti, que no vas a dejar un día de meditar y hacer yoga.

Hay que vivir esta experiencia porque es única y te va servir para toda tu vida, seas o no profesor, sino para tu vida misma.

Corey Tschudin

from Costa Rica, October 2018

"Probably the on of the Best Yoga teachment in the World "

Alles und mehr .... super kann ich jedem empfehlen

Tanja Neuhofer

from Spain, October 2018

"Eine lebensverändernde Erfahrung"

Ich habe soviel gelernt und erfahren über mich und meinen Körper, Geist und Seele. Carlos trägt soviel Wissen in sich und hat eine einzigartige Weise dies zu vermitteln. Simon ist ein hervorragender Übersetzer und hat immer ein Lächeln auf den Lippen. Es war eine wunderbare Erfahrung und hat mein Leben verändert. Tausend Dank, ihr leistet tolle Arbeit mit ganz viel Herz.

Lucie Traineau

from United States, October 2018

"Un maravilloso desarrollo personal a través del arte YOGA"

Este retiro es una maravilla. El lugar es lleno de amor. La comida es rica y variada y muy equilibrada, el lugar es hermoso con un jardín tropical propicio para meditar, el dormitorio es cómodo, y el équipo es increíble y muy muy profesional. El precio es muy acesible y así lo quieren manejar: dar la posibilidad a todos de elevar sur conciencia. Este retiro es mucho mas que una introducción par ser profesor de yoga sino un viaje interior acompañado con mucha dulcura y pedagogia hasta reencontrarse a si-mismo😍 Muchisimas gracias.

Toni Hohmann

from Ecuador, October 2018


Der Aufbau des Kurses war so ausgelegt, dass wirklich jeder sensationelle fortschritte gemacht hat und wir gelernt haben unseren Körper in Positionen zu bringen, ohne unsere Nerven und Muskeln zu verletzen. Es ist eben kein Ashtanga viniasa yoga Kurs! sondern eine Ausbildung basierend auf die mikro biomechanik des Körpers. Angelehnt an feldenkreis und Maya yoga. Carlos hat uns viel über die lernfähigkeit des Körpers bzw. unseres Nervensystems gelehrt. Ein weiterer wichtiger Part ist pranajama. Ohne diese praktik ist klassisches yoga schlecht vorstellbar. Und letztendlich, warum wir asanas und pranajama betreiben, dass Meditieren und das verbinden unserer chakras.

Cristina Monroy

from Colombia, October 2018

"Experiencia Maravillosa"

El contenido del curso excelente muy completo, donde integran cuerpo y mente mediante practicas y herramientas para interiorizar y expandir conciencia y hacen que vivas una experiencia de yoga real centrada en los diferentes tipos de respiración y con una técnica única de movimiento basada en la Cultura Ancestral Maya. El instructor Carlos Holguin Sacerdote Maya es un Maestro que te iniciará en un camino espiritual donde potenciarás todo lo que eres y se te ha olvidado.

Conni Schwab

from Peru, July 2018

"More than worth it ;)"

Really Nice atmosphère, very friendly People a great Garden and healthy yummy Food :) also it’s about Yoga, Not Religion which is why it was so good! I enjoyed it all a lot!

Reyes Escriva

from Spain, July 2018

Ha sido una experiencia maravillosa. He aprendido mucho del yoga y meditacion y sobre todo estar conmigo misma. Es un tipo de yoga mas mental que fisico. Me ha encantado el lugar y las instalaciones. Los instructores estan muy preparados y son muy amables. El desayuno es buenisimo y la cocinera cocina con mucho amor y todo esta riquisimo. Una experiencia para aconsejar. Me he sentido como en casa y espero volver algun dia😍😍😍

Mariana Bueno Noya

from Mexico, July 2018

"una experiencia mas alla de mis expectativas"

Cuando me dirigia hacia Cali, no sabia lo que me esperaba pero si que tenia total apertura y disposición. Me encontré con un hermoso proceso, justo lo que deseaba mi corazón. He aprendido muchísimo de Carlos y cada una de las personas que hicieron parte de mi instructorado. El ha desarrollado una manera de transmitir el yoga desde sus fundamentos originales y genera un acercamiento e interiorizacion del yoga de manera profunda.He conectado con el yoga y sobre todo la meditación de una manera que no conocía pero que a la vez se sentía autentica, profunda, coherente, familiar. Lo recomiendo muchísimo sobre todo si estas buscando algo real.

Esther Paricio

from Peru, July 2018

Me gusto el entorno naturaleza, el equipo de trabajo, la metodologia de aprendizaje yoga, feldenkrais, la calidad humana, para mi fue un crecimiento personal en mi camino muy acertado

Juan Sacristan

from Canada, April 2018

El programa pretente un proceso espiritual de las personas que participan, no solo formacion.


from Brazil, January 2020

"Great experience ... just make sure to take your own towels "

I liked the food, the Spanish classes and salsa classes most.. yoga was good although I haven’t done all the classes

Rhianon Damas

from Colombia, January 2020

"A beautiful place to learn about yoga"

Ishka was such a positive experience for me, Carlos and Lizette have created a beautiful space to learn and grow. I loved that my previous experience with "what yoga is" was challenged, and I learnt so much more about using yoga in my daily life and mindset, rather than just going to a class and doing lots of asanas. The method of yoga they teach to give you tools to understand your own body was also something that I know I can take with me to my usual practice, and to every day life. All teachers there were so warm and knowledgeable and passionate, and taught me different things. Simon translating all sessions into english was such a huge help, and I appreciate that he gave so much time and energy to do this and make it possible for people like me to participate. The days were long as I chose to participate in everything I could - but it was so worth it.

I would love to come back for the teacher training, or another retreat, or the Spanish and Salsa program - and highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to connect with themselves, others, and is open to new ideas.

Maria Niemi

from Finland, January 2020

"Shaman King "

Our Spanish instructor Mapi was great. I did not know any Spanish but in two weeks she managed to put a vocabulary in my head enabling me to understand daily conversations in Spanish. She organized us a city tour and Salsa nights out and took care of everything like a mama -hen would look after her chicks. So good, thank you so much Mapi.

And Carlos: Mind blown. Carlos embodies ancient wisdom and tirelessly shares it with us. His method of yoga is very body respectful yet effective in starting to use the mind-body as an ascension tool.

Sharanjit Bansil

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"A big YES for Y.E.S!! 👌👌"

Wonderful people, with brilliant skill, knowledge, and care, in a lovely setting. Lovely programme of yoga, Spanish learning, and Salsa Caleña style Salsa dancing! Fantastic city tour visit and visits to La Topa and Tin Tin Deo dance clubs! It is really fun and enjoyable! Fantastic to learn about the Mayan culture too! Well worth spending the time here. I can see myself visiting again in the future. Thanks to Carlos, Maria, Simon, Sandy, Milena, Sofia, Diego, Elena, and all my fellow YES course mates. What a time! Unforgettable! 💛🙏🔆🎶🌿

Lars Dirksen

from Colombia, June 2019

"Great retreat"

The teaching style

Alina Rojas

from United States, June 2019

"Excellent YES program "

The YES program was great and besides learning Spanish, Yoga and Salsa with awesome teachers who really care about their students’ success, I also met wonderful people who made my experience unforgettable and joyful. Highly recommended!

Josie Duggan

from Brazil, May 2019

"Great couple of weeks!"

I had a great time while staying at Ishka. Lina and Simon were always so energetic and engaging which was good as the days could be tiring sometimes but the activities were fun. I personally really enjoyed the salsa and the teacher Sophie was great! Thanks again guys

Louis-andré Fortin

from Canada, March 2019

"The teacher were just amazing."

The teachers were nothing short of amazing.

Adonis Bunghis

from United States, February 2019

"All in one"

ISHKA is a nice retreat where people can enjoy yoga, salsa and at the same time learning Spanish. I had excellent teachers and trainers: Lina and Simon. They did their best in sharing their knowledge and experience. They embody all qualities that a teacher should have: talent, humor, patience, empowerment and perpetually appreciating and encouraging. I recommend them full heartedly. Spanish classes, salsa and yoga was awesome. Garden is beautiful and the yoga cats funny.


from Colombia, February 2019

"Great Spanish, yoga and salsa retreat in the making!"

I loved the Spanish lessons. I thought it was a good routine of starting the day off with 2 hours of Spanish then returning to it later on in the afternoon. The overall vibe and energy of the location was beautiful, so close to the city but was a peaceful getaway that allowed us to focus on all the information we were given. Simon and Lina (Spanish and yoga professors) were amazing. They completely made this retreat as great as it was. They were nothing but positive, understanding and caring. Truly two beautiful human beings!

Edgar Bueno

from Ecuador, March 2020



Elodie Jacquet Casinhas-arnaud

from France, March 2020

Il s'agissait d'un programme pour apprendre l'espagnol, avec des cours de salsa et de yoga pendant 2 semaines.

Les cours d'espagnol étaient de bonne qualité, avec des bons supports d'apprentissage. La 2ème semaine était plus complète que la 1ère semaine et nous sommes allés plus vite. La professeur Maria a répondu à nos attentes.

Les cours de salsa avec Sofia étaient au top, elle a une très bonne pédagogie et permet à une personne qui n'a jamais dansée de pouvoir en 7 cours danser les bases de salsa et batchata.

Les sorties organisées en club de salsa étaient agréables.

Le combiné apprendre l'espagnol, pouvoir pratiquer le yoga et danser est juste fantastique et très complet.

Céline Crapoulet Laurent

from France, November 2019

"Dépaysant, Découverte, Merveilleux."

Le programme était chargé mais complet, pas le temps de s'ennuyer!

Super mélange, entre yoga, salsa & espagnol, cela permet de se mettre vite dans le bain de la vie Colombienne.

Magdalena Bergés Mulet

from Colombia, October 2019

"Retiro excelente"

Han sido cuatro días de aprendizaje continuo, de tranquilidad y de estar rodeada de gente muy mágica. Me supo a poco así que intentaré volver pronto.