Ifeelyoga is a company of Faruk Kurtuluş, an experienced yoga teacher who organizes various yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings all around the world.

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Maya Muggli

from Switzerland, January 2020

"gentle yoga in a relaxed ecovillage"

A real great combination of yoga, dance-meditation sessions and feetime! Yoga on a very basic level that emphasizes on awareness. Smart teacher, nice group in a beautiful natural surrounding with delicious vegetarian food. I recommend.

Eleni Perraki

from Greece, September 2018

"Live your yoga retreat dream with ifeelyoga @bequi!"

For BEQUI (place and people): Unimaginable location, wonderful dream house, amazing internal and external decoration to the very last detail, peaceful environment, all the comforts, the food exceeds all expectations but most importantly the people! They are kind, open, gentle, discrete yet completely available to assist you in any way they can, good hearted, giving,...hospitality to its very best! Thank you so much for making these holidays so relaxing for us, for sharing beautiful moments, for teaching us all about ayurveda and for being you 🙋🏻‍♀️🙏🏻🤩🤗😘

For FARUK: a discrete, low profile-humble teacher who focuses a lot on the connection of body and mind, taking careful care of all the students so that all levels can adjust- especially the beginners. He included theoretical parts /philosophy of yoga which was very interesting, he made dancing free meditation classes which were very good for connecting the participants and for expressing ourselves. Furthermore, meditation was optional during the day. But Faruk is most importantly a good hearted person, curious and open minded about life, travelling and of course yoga! We had laughs, we shared beautiful moments and we shall definitely meet in another yoga retreat!

For all the above reasons i highly recommend ifeelyoga and bequi for an unforgettable experience for your all your senses, mind, body and soul! 🧘🏻‍♀️😌

Terry Blair

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Great value "

The yoga classes

Hanneke Gloudemans

from Netherlands, January 2018

"Go with the yoga- flow"

I loved the yoga and dancing lessons aswell as the awareness, as the talking wasn't too much..

The farm was super! Great food and very friendly people who were very supportive to us.

I have experienced our group as very insinq with each other. We seened to connect very well and made deep friendships with lots of fun aswell as compassion. I was happy with and surprised about everybodies lifestory and awareness..

Especially the activity to go to sea and do a group-meditation with a spontanious prayer through the mountains was very magical and special to me. I felt pure happiness being in the blue lagoon and sun..feeling so light as music was spontaniously welling up in me and i heard the sound of the wind and water and was free to enjoy, alone or together:).

There was a lot of giving to each other, aswell emotional as material i/we have been spoiled and i did experience it as a gift.

A gift of life..in my life: transforming my last little step into the new year.

Ready to enter 2018!