Ibiza Bliss Yoga shares their passion for yoga and the beauty of Ibiza to create a week full of amazing memories for their guests.

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Alexandra Wolf-purkiss

from France, September 2021

"Yoga Retreat"

We had a great week at the retreat. Dom and his team made everybody feel welcome. The excursions were well thought out. The yoga was accessible for all levels and both teachers were very kind and approachable.

Amy Oldfield

from Great Britain, September 2021

"Best retreat EVER! "

The effort that Dom and the team put in to ensure we all had a great experience was amazing. So friendly, fun and passionate about what they do. I enjoyed the way this retreat was filled with cool activities and excursions you wouldn’t do on your own, endless delicious food and a laid back attitude which meant plenty alcohol, caffeine and no super early mornings! It felt like an “anti-retreat retreat”! I made great friends with the other guests at the retreat which was lovely. I also liked that it was suitable for all levels of yogi’s. The teachers were super. The yoga was actually a small part of what made this holiday so fantastic. It is the complete package for those who love yoga but also want a retreat experience that feels like a fun holiday.

Lucie Lebaz

from France, August 2021

"Such a bliss"

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the villa. Dominic did everything to make us feel at home, just like we were in our "golden bubble". Jo is a great teacher too, very wise, passionate and spiritual. I have had the most beautiful holiday in a long time! Thank you so much.


from Germany, August 2021

"The Food Was delicious and the retreat great "

The cave where we did Yoga and the Tapas on the hill and the guitar Music


from Great Britain, August 2021

"The right mix of yoga, fun, excursions and ‘me time’"

I liked that this yoga retreat was chilled and not strict. There were two yoga classes per day and an excursion most days which were optional. We were allowed alcohol, coffee and music. The food was ample and healthy. The yoga was good for all levels and the teacher has an amazing vibe which I really liked.

Selina Dauber

from Germany, July 2021

"amazing experience "

This week was amazing! I enjoyed the perfect mix of yoga, adventure and relaxing. Dominic showed us the best places in Ibiza and cooked delicious dinner every day. The group were full of lovely people, we all had such a good time. Thanks Ibizablissyoga!

Kelly Van Munsteren

from Netherlands, July 2021

"Amazing experience, definitely doing it again "

Everything about this week was really great! Dom and Hannah work really hard to make sure that everybody is enjoying their time there! Jo and Anna are really sweet and caring yoga teachers, making sure everybody is ok and is able to follow.

The food is good, the location great and the daytrips are really fun!

Jenni Isliker

from Switzerland, June 2021

"Amazing Retreat "

This retreat was amazing!

The villa was so lovely with a very nice garden and pool, and only a short walk away from the beach.

Dom and the team did a great job - the homemade food was delicious and the excursions also very nice. We discovered some very nice spots of the island, on land and water.

The team made everyone feel totally welcome and also there was enough room and time between classes and excursions to do whatever one felt like.

The daily yoga classes were beautiful, especially the ones held outside the villa. Jo and Anna are both wonderful yoga teachers and I wish to be able to attend their classes again some day.

It was far more than just a yoga retreat with excursions. It was a wonderful (I'd say even magic) week with a really kind team - especially Carl, the cutest dog ever! The group of attendees was really lovely and I am sure to meet some of you guys soon enough again ;) So, all together way more than I personally was expecting. Definitely recommending it!


from Spain, August 2021


Muy buena combinacion de ioga, playa, relax y lo que cada uno desee hacer. Ademas Dom y su perro Karl se aseguran de que todos los huéspedes estemos bien atendidos.

Kim Seymour

from Great Britain, October 2020

"Excellent experience "

We had a wonderful.time! We saw some beautiful and hidden parts to the island, had a good variety of activities, and a fantastic teacher. Our stay was comfortable with nice beds and always a good spread of food.

Im a yoga beginner and found d the whole trip really deepend my love for both yoga and ibiza...Would definitely recommend.

Catalina Pearce

from Great Britain, October 2020

"Amazing experience! :) "

I had such a great time on this retreat, I cant recommend it enough! We stayed in a beautiful villa with a turret where you could watch the sunset, and the rooms were so comfy (with cute personalized touches like a welcome letter with my personalized horoscope on it - so thoughtful!). There was optional activities every day (including a spa day, a hike and a trip to a gorgeous beach) but my favourite day has to be the last day which ended with a picnic at Es Vedra with champagne and live acoustic music! . Obviously Carl the dog was another highlight of the whole trip ❤ I felt so welcome the whole time and when I left they even gave me a free packed lunch to take to the airport which was a lovely touch. Can't wait to come back again!


from Great Britain, October 2020

"A truly wonderful, relaxing and unique stay "

A few points below but I honestly can not recommend this retreat highly enough! beautiful villa (turret where you could watch the sunset)

personalised horoscope (very thoughtful of them)

Delicious meals (all suitable for vegans)

We were taken to do classes in beautiful outdoor locations around ibiza

Dedicated quiet spaces for reading and meditating

Incredible end to the holiday with a picnic at Es Vedra, champagne and live acoustic music

Much more relaxed and personalised than other retreats i have been on (wine served with dinner also lovely)

Philippa Harding

from Great Britain, October 2020

"Non-pretentious but rejuvenating retreat!"

If you want a yoga treat that is laid back, but pays attention to details, then these guys have hit the nail on the head!

The villa was absolutely incredible, the sunset view from the turret was something i couldn't resist every night.

They catered for all types of yoga from vinyasa flow to traditional hatha and the classes were hosted in the most stunning spots that I'd never usually get to see in ibiza! Everyone on the retreat felt like family by the end. There was a great, social atmopshere and the attention to detail throughout the weekend was so lovely. Oh and the food was delicious and catered for me really well (I'm vegan!).

Fully recommend this retreat, it's great value and non-pretentious and you'll meet some beautiful people.