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Huamanwasi Ashram

Huamanwasi Ashram is a center of Amazon traditional medicine and yoga retreats offering yoga retreats with or without Masters Plants and yoga lodge.

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14 Days Ayahuasca & Yoga Retreat in the Amazon, Peru

April 1-14 | July 2-15 | December 14-27, 2019
    from US$1,700
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    Reviews (11)

    Victoria Rios

    from Chile, March 2018

    "A deep journey into the self."

    This experience was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

    Our group was fantastic, with everyone on the same page: looking to change their lives, working hard on becoming better human beings, exploring deeper into ourselves to see a much bigger potential than the usual, comfortable ego. Everyone was very kind and conscious, supportive and brave.

    The food was excellent, the nature around us surreal.

    Emilio and Rómulo are really good at what they do. They are the perfect messengers and magicians in connecting you with the plants and your authentic self. Their music, yoga and knowledge have a real healing power. What they built is truly incredible.

    The work with ayahuasca was very powerful and life changing for me. I have come to Huamanwasi with questions and wounds, soul searching and hoping to find who I really am and heal myself. And I am so happy to say that my questions were answered and my wounds were healed. I have never felt so connected, centered and conscious. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with this life I have and with everything I learned from you, Emilio and Romulo.

    Muchas gracias :)

    Lillian Savic

    from United States, March 2018

    "Magical Huamanwasi Ashram"

    Huamanwasi Ashram is one of the most beautiful places that I've ever visited. The Traditional Amazonian Medicinal Plants and Yoga Retreat was absolutely wonderful and one of the most profound experiences in my entire life. Everything was incredibly beautiful and healing – from the magical Amazonian natural environment, fantastic group of people I was lucky to share this retreat with, full of love and warmth, to unbelievably powerful, cleansing and purifying indigenous sacred medicinal plants of the Amazon, all the way to our master healers/spiritual guides/yogis, Emilio and Romulo, for whom I have so much love, gratitude and sincere respect. Emilio and Romulo are very knowledgeable and experienced in the area of medicinal plants as well as incredibly talented icaros/ healing music singers. They provided a very safe environment and I felt like I was in the best hands possible. Their music and songs were as healing for the soul as the medicinal plants themselves. The rest of the staff was also very warm and friendly; accommodation and facilities were impeccable and food absolutely delicious. The whole experience was simply unbeatable and like no other, no words can describe it. I feel blessed and honored to have been able to enjoy this most precious physical and spiritual journey of a lifetime. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking to experience healing and transformation in a natural Amazonian habitat with the most loving, caring and experienced healers.

    Aleksandra Holub

    from United States, March 2018

    "Life changing experience"

    The whole experience was just fantastic; I could not ask for more blessings; it was the best thing I could ever do for myself; absolutely amazing how much I have learn about myself and the universe; the retreat will always remind me how little do I know and how much devotion for others I can find in my heart; all staff was phenomenal; food was super delicious made with love and fresh local Peruvian ingredients, our Shamans were guiding us trough the experience with kindness, full presence and nothing but pure love; the place we were staying was magical and I could never be more pleased; beautiful and very powerful experience, I have never experienced anything that has helped me so deeply, so quickly, I highly recommend this retreat with very best: Romulo& Emilio.

    Miklos Kabai

    from Hungary, July 2017


    There are no words to describe the experience. Emilio and Romulo are exceptional people, very loving, caring and they take their profession very seriously. They created an amazing space and programs. Absolutely fantastic and life-changing. Thank so much for everything

    Jessica Milligan

    from United States, May 2017

    "Food for your soul"

    Huamanwasi is one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been. The experience I had there was amazing and life changing. It is very peaceful, clean, and operated with great care. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, and the food is delicious! The other guests that were there were very warm and caring, and I made several new friends.

    The ayahuasca ceremonies and the things I learned there, cleansed and uplifted my mind, body and soul, and will last with me for a lifetime. Emelio and Romulo's expertise with the healing medicine is very impressive. The different yoga they teach will add great value to your own practice and life. Their music is enchanting.

    I would highly recommend Huamanwasi to anyone in the world. I will be returning when I can. I can only see positive experiences being had there by all! Your soul will thank you ?

    Testimonials (5)


    Huamanwasi Ashram website

    “My stay at Huamanwasi Ashram was a very positive experience for me.

    The setting was beautiful, I loved listening to the sounds of nature,

    especially at night. Emilio and Romulo are really talented, with years

    of wisdom and experience with yoga, music, and plant spirit medicine.

    Together, they brought a beautiful energy and perfect balance of

    strength and compassion to the program. I was challenged to go deep

    within myself, yet fully supported with any concerns or problems. At

    the beginning, I did have some fears, but I learned to breathe through

    my fears and left the ashram feeling nurtured and grounded by the

    forest, the energies of the others around me, and my own work with the

    plant spirits. I have experienced many yoga and meditation retreats

    before, but this is the one that really opened my eyes and set me on a

    course to a more mindful way of life. “

    Jana Belgium

    Huamanwasi Ashram website

    I can't explain all the marvellous that Huamanwasi, Emilio and Romulo

    brought me in my life. It’s about miracles, magic and infinite love.

    I thank every day Life for having let myself meet them and do this

    deep work supported by their wisdom and benevolence.

    I am in a hurry to find them again and to always receive their teaching.

    After already two retreats at Huamanwasi Ashram, we continue to want

    to reserve time to travel on their premises, soon accompanied by our

    families and friends, because seeing the result on us, they are also

    impatientent them to taste this splendid experience.

    When one discovers Huamanwasi that changes the life completely. One of

    their retreat is equivalent to 10 years of psychoanalysis !


    BookYoga Retreats website

    Huamanwasi is the most wonderful place I have ever been. In the heart of the forest, feeling the sound of life, I just had to be. I mostly appreciated: everything!

    I went there alone and also once in a couple. Both experiences were perfect.

    The two hosts, Emilio & Romulo, dedicate their energy and wisdom to guide you to yourself, throughout yoga (kundalini, yin, …), meditations, and so many other practices that brought me back to the essential in my life.

    During these two weeks, the experience was stunning, rich and awakening.

    The ashram is marvelous: pretty, cozy, comfortable. The cooking is delicious and the people there: Leoncio, Nilo, Ada, Mariella etc... have only one goal : make each guest happy and at home.

    I warmly recommend Huamanwasi!! Should you wish to relax, go deep inside, or move forward. Should you be looking for a place to stay one month (or more) or for a 2 weeks' retreat, you will live the experience of your life!Don't think : go! Thank you so much to you all at Huamanwasi. I will for sure come back again. With love and gratitude.


    BookYoga Retreats website

    For a long time I wished to do a shamanic work, but the fear slowed down me. I then met Romulo and Emilio inFrance at the time of an internship of Yoga. Because of their competencies, their investment and they're serious, I finally decided to leave to Peru in their shamanic doctor center.

    What a stay! Of course for the yoga but also for the shamanic ceremonies. Each one among it making me discover capacities in me which I ignored. I was far from figuring out at which point with this plant Ayahuasca could be moving and healer. I also discovered the powerful of the songs and the music, sounds healers and supporting me for an in-depth work. Romulio and Emilio are musicians and singer of exception, their benevolence, their presence, their attention are of a rare quality. The Hamanwasi place is quiet and very well maintained and the food is also very good and healthy. A place to know absolutely for who is ready to do such a work.

    Yelena Capparelli New York USA

    BookYoga Retreats website

    My girlfriend Dilya was staying from February 15 to march 1st, you have retreat and ayahuasca experience in Peru.

    She was provided with the best service and attention. Definitely 10 stars rating. Highly recommend. Thank you all !!!!

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