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Alison Bond

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Stacey Phoenix

from Canada, September 2019

"Simply from the heart. Filled with love."

More than I hoped for. Life changing teachings. Opened my heart. Taught me to love myself. Beautiful people forming a beautiful supportive community. Open to every being. Eat meat and Doritos if you want - no one will judge! Go and learn to be free.

Thank you

To all the students who shared this Module 1 with me, and to the amazing teachers who have chosen to guide us towards enlightenment.

Love. Peace. Compassion.

Raffaella Bonaccorso

from Spain, July 2019

"A life changing experience. No words can describe it."



from United States, May 2019

"Expected a quality yoga experience not a religious institute"

The empty smiles

Angel Robledo

from Mexico, November 2018

"Open your mind and your heart"

What a great community of dedicated teachers in yoga philosophy to a path to liberation. I did the Modulo 1 - 25 days yoga retreat and Conscious Tantra Loving workshop. The course is intense and take you to the most scary place in the world: "yourself - deeply inside". This isn't a holiday retreat - its way more profound. Come with an open mind specially if you have previous yoga experience or 200 hours teacher training. I almost drop the course on my first week, the second week I still had resistance and the third week was the week of transformation. Come without expectation and let your heart speak for you. I physically left the place but my heart still there, I can't wait to go back! I am so happy that places like Hridaya is making available to the West such amazing teachings. Beautiful people, beautiful hearts! Thank you, Thank you. And I will be back with way more questions ;-)

Jaelle Henshaw

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Prepare to go deeper and witness your true nature"

What a life changing trip and what a beautiful community. This is a truly real community of dedicated teachers, teaching us how to reach a spiritual path and be the community that leads to a life of stillness and deep understanding of our true nature.

The community was beautiful and the teachers were each and everyone dedicated which enabled students to feel fully supported into diving into the divine. There is no (zero) judgement if you can imagine that!!! The yoga was exceptional and transformative (eyes shut) and increased day by day layer by layer deeper and deeper.

The teachings are original and still relevant as spirituality is timeless. The teachers who deliver the teachings are fully and totally embodied of the divine. In my opinion it's literally like being in a "Practicing the Power of Now" Book by legend Eckhart Tolle with the added bonus they teach Hatha Yoga.

The community runs like a beating heart and the love is endless.

The location is stunning and the locals are so beautiful. I felt safe.

And last i loved the connection of all the wonderful people attending the course.

Cj Hirsch

from United States, March 2018

"Review "

-I really liked the location

-the energy felt sacred

-everyone experienced the oneness without speaking to each other

-eco conscious toilet

-the million stars every night

Jesus Salas

from United States, January 2018

"The beginning of a hopefully life-long journey..."

I enjoyed the balance of activities. Everything was done with genuine love.

Jo Large

from Mexico, August 2017

"Came for a phyiscal change received a change of perspective"

I came to Hridaya looking for a physical change. Hoping to lose a few pounds and gain some strength I booked myself onto the Yoga retreat. What I got however was much better and more profound then I could have expected. I got a change of perspective. The yoga here is focused on spirituality, for each asana you learn which chakras are being activated and you are encouraged to meditate whilst in the asana. I think if I had realised quite how spiritual it was going to be I wouldn't have come but I am very glad that I did. I feel like a completely different person.


from Malta, July 2017

"Gem of a Spiritual Yoga Retreat"

At Hridaya Mazunte teachers and staff are very dedicated and this shows in the quality of the teachings and the loving environment. This is a perfect, terribly affordable course for those who want to find out more about yoga as a spiritual path, rather than just exercise.


from United States, May 2017

"More meditation than yoga"

The food was lovely.

Daniel Marleau

from Canada, May 2017

"Une retraite de méditation de niveau avancé"

Excellent centre de méditation géré par des personnes compétentes, amicales et attentionnées. Enseignement très profond de haut niveau. Le maître de la retraite était exceptionnel.

Natasha Rostom

from Canada, April 2017

The actual location and accommodation were fantastic.

Berenice Meraz

from United States, September 2019

Valentina es muy buena instructora

Diria yo exelente, yo regresaria si ella esta el proximo año sus Charlas buenicimas su energy exelente,,Blanca tambien muy linda un equipo muy profecional la disiplina, Toro muy bien para ser mi primera esperencia muy lindo,,gracias

Samara Chin

from Mexico, August 2019

"Un regalo de autodescubrimiento 💝"

Desde que llegas puedas sentir la alta vibración qué hay en este lugar de amor ! La gente es súper bonita y amable, la comida es deliciosa ! Y el viaje tan profundo que te trae este retiro es inexpectable, simplemente hermoso no me quiero ir 💫

Eliane Ferrier

from France, December 2018

Meditation et Sahajanandq

Gabbi Bel

from Mexico, July 2018

"Centrarse en el corazón "

Que te hace ver la vida desde una perspectiva más consciente, entendiendo que la empatía, el amor y la compasión son las fuerzas universales que nos deben impulsar a vivir aquí y ahora. Sin juzgar, sin etiquetar, sin cargar con expectativas. Me encantó la visión de integrar la vida diaria a la espiritualidad y no viceversa.

Denise Arvizu

from Mexico, May 2018

"Yogui experience"

Me sorprendió mucho llegar a un lugar lleno de amor por la existencia a través de yoga y meditación

Graciela Giacalone

from Canada, January 2018

"El lugar es hermoso y muy devocional,la gente es amor"

Me gusto todo

10 puntos

5 estrellas


Erika Tuma

from Mexico, December 2017

"Awakening to light"

Es un curso completo llevado con sabiduría y amor por Sahajananda

Eliane Ferrier

from France, December 2017

"Who am I?"

Tout et surtout les enseignements et méditations guidées par Sahajananda.

Vicente Herrera

from United States, July 2017

Me encanto toda la paz y armonía que hacia perfecta combinación con el lugar.

Aprender a meditar, el detenerse un poco respecto a el ajetreo cotidiano.

no se todo estuvo perfecto. me hubiese gustado mucho estar mas días pero por cuestiones del trabajo fue que me tuve que regresar antes sin embargo regresaría con mucho gusto.

Gracias a todos

Guillermina Gómez Rivera

from Mexico, April 2017

" Marvelous Hrigraya Yoga "

El final del curso.

Lisa Ullmann

from Los Angeles,

My Hridaya Yoga Retreat was indeed life changing, and surpassed my expectations. I was looking for a deep dive into meditation that might motivate me to start a more regular practice. The instructors and volunteers at Hridaya are superb. They have spent years doing intensive work and committing themselves to this knowledge, and do an incredible job sharing it in their workshops, with humility, discipline and love. My retreat was a three day silent meditation retreat. Be warned - it is not for the faint of heart! But the intense periods of meditation are made possible with all the discipline of the participants and expert retreat leaders guiding the process. I found the principles and tools incredibly useful, and actually opened a window into a self-love cultivation. After years of being flummoxed and challenged by the notion that self love is "an inside job", the Hridaya heart centered techniques have given me a way to experience self love in an honest and authentic way. The folks here and their teachings are really like scientists of the mind! I cannot wait to try out a longer retreat. I did not stay "on campus" due to lack of room, and have to say for beginners having space outside of Hridaya proved helpful for me as a first timer. But the meal plan (vegan) was superb and I loved being on campus as much as possible. Mazunte is also a beautiful beach town and while most time is spent in workshop, there's enough free time to experience the beach just a few blocks away.