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Sasha Medvedovskaya

Viccenza Martini

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from Mexico, June 2021

"Beautiful silent retreat at Hridaya in San Cristobal"

I really enjoyed the retreat. The two teacher are simply amazing and their lectures where well done and very interesting. Focusing on the spiritual heart allowed me to go through some resistances and old pain I had from past. It has been such a relief. The place where Hridaya is located is in the nature and it is possible to have walks in the forest directly from there.

The structure is very simple and clean and all the staff is amazing and so kind and helpful, especially karma yogis.


from Mexico, June 2021

"Highly recommend!"

This is an ideal setting to disconnect from the rat race and find your true north again. The instructors were informed and inspirational and drew from a variety of religious traditions in their teachings. I learned several new meditation techniques that brought my practice to a new level. The food is mostly vegan and simple but it’s tasty and satisfying. There are gorgeous trails through pine forests and along brooks that you can walk in your free time. The meditation hall is spacious and light, and something about it made me drop deep into meditation every time I closed my eyes. The balance between meditation, yoga, instruction, and free time was perfect.

Irina Embry

from United States, June 2021

"Great people, great place, great quality of food."

I loved the nature and the climate of this part of Mexico, people are friendly and caring. Beautiful meditation studio and a very knowledgeable instructors. I will highly recommend Hridaya Family Retreat for all spiritual seekers.


from France, March 2021

"Amazing retreat "

Beautiful teachings, amazing hospitality and food, wonderful location. I 100% recommend this retreat to go on an inner journey.


from Costa Rica, May 2021

"Deep and amazing experience"

Quiet place in the mountain, not far from San Cristobal de las casas. Everything is organized so you can meditate in peace and enjoy the thoughtful lectures of the teachers.

The rhythm of the days were perfect for me, between meditation, lectures, yoga and breaks time, I always felt balanced and not rushed.

The accommodation is exactly what you need, nothing more than needed for such experience.

A big +1 for the food ! The recipes from Sasha’s mom were the most nourishing, flavorful and healthiest vegetarian cuisine I’ve tasted ! I will miss it !