Here at House of Om, they welcome people from across the globe to experience what it truly means to be a yoga teacher.

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20 Day 200-Hour Accredited Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

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    Wissam Barakeh

    Melani Plandes

    Nadia Kasem

    Arjun Pathania

    Spoorthi K Poojari

    Amira Attar

    Peewee Sanchez

    Danica Milic

    Reviews (30)

    Katie Foster

    from United Kingdom, August 2021

    "Online teacher training"

    Peewee was such a wonderful teacher. Everything was laid out in a clear and consice way. Great content and I felt confident to teach at the end of the training.

    Miroslava Bohatová

    from Slovak Republic, March 2020

    "The one with excellent experience "

    Well before i got to it, there was no option of selecting all teachers. So Neetu - thanks a lot to all the teachers! Skilled, experienced, made us who we are! BiG thanks to supporting team, people who answer to the mails, fix everything for you from the moment you contact them to the moment you safely return to your home country.

    This retreat is a unique experience, all you need is to understand, that it is intense programme to make you a good teacher and that all you need to carry is your positivity. There were moments i was tired, i was complaining or just didn't have mood but those were so little compared to that amazing community, family we became, feeling so secure and satisfied from what you learnt every day single day. I would say that there was no point i would complain. Only thing people struggled with was intensity of the programme but that is up to them to read and realise in the beginning. It's not a holiday retreat! It's challenging, very possible with right attitude and in the end you understand how much you needed all those hours spent learning, practising. So go ahead people! I strongly recommend this this training, house of OM and Yoga Amertham resort. If you have questions as future students, don't hesitate to contact me on [email protected]


    Julianne Stramezzi

    from United States, March 2020

    "Would go back in a minute..."

    When you decide to take on a journey of this extent, make sure that you are “Ready”. How do you know that you’re ready? When you are willing to accept the good with the bad, you have a fully open mind, when you can stay positive and handle whatever is gifted to you.

    I registered at a time when my mind was fully open and able to receive. Nothing was going to deter me, change my mind, or make this a negative experience. (Not even the threat of a worldwide virus) When I arrived, after a long 30 hour adventure, they advised me there was a room change, ok, not a big deal, they made it happen quickly knowing that all I wanted was a shower. The resort staff was excellent and quick to help fix anything to make us comfortable. When I fell ill, the chefs delivered personally prepared food to my room every meal! And HOM staff checked on me all day.

    As for the course and teachers, there aren’t enough positive words to put here to express my gratitude and complete awe at their amazing ability to take on such a large group and keep their composure as some of the students chose to talk(or nap) during lectures and disrespect them. The program was very intense. Be ready for long days, but in the end, what you leave with is worth every minute, if you stay focused and follow what they tell you. The content was more than I could’ve asked for. All of our teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and talented. They took time to answer our questions, break down poses, n share “golden nuggets”! TY💜


    from South Korea, March 2020

    "I found amazing moment during whole 3weeks "

    Food was so tasty and healthy and the teacher especially rohil and ewelina is a good teacher they gave a lot helpful to me not only in a technique way but also heart and mind

    Vicky Weel

    from Netherlands, March 2020

    "Great yoga teacher training"

    Very good yoga teacher training, including great classes of anatomy, philolosofy, asana, allignement etcetera. Great teachers, accommodation, food and staff. Teaching and caring for the students with love. Very nice excursion on the day off.

    Natalia Danyliuk

    from Poland, March 2020

    "Best experience"

    I loved literally everything about the YTT organized by HOM!


    It's astonishing! The resort is located in the middle of the jungle, close to the river and a small waterfall. It is very beautiful, clean, has a big pool and a huge dining area. Also lots of places to study when the exams are close. The hotel personnel is super nice and helpful. The place is very peaceful and quite - perfect for such an intimate inner journey.


    We had 3 vegetarian meals per day + water/tea/coffee all day long. The food was so yammy that sometimes I couldn't stop and ate too much :) Kitchen staff was very kind and lovable - they remembered about each birthday and surprised people with beautiful birthday cakes. I was even jealous I didn't have my birthday at a time I was there :)

    Teachers |

    I loved our Teachers, all of them - Peewee, Rohil, Ewelina and Arlene! They are kind, humble, authentic and very experienced. I cherish every minute I spent with them and all the things I learned thanks to their teaching. I think they set perfect example of how yoga teacher should look like.


    We had 4 hours of asana practice every day, which I found challenging but I also loved it! Thanks to it I was able to deepen my yoga practice like never before. We also had lots of theory classes like yoga history & philosophy, teaching methodology, adjustments -they were very interesting and gave me a whole new light on a yoga practice. Meditation, pranayama, mantras - loved all of it!

    Tamya Kerr

    from United Kingdom, March 2020

    "Yoga YTT 200 hrs - House of OM Bali - truly transformational"

    I loved the high quality of teaching, the depth and breadth of knowledge and the passion of the teachers. The topics - philosophy /anatomy/asana/pranayama/ personal development and mediation were well covered and there was a strong centring on the underlying spiritual imperative of yoga. I thought transformational was a strong word but I do think this course lives up to and exceeds expectations. The facilities were of a high standard and the food brilliant. The support staff were helpful and the challenge of a large diverse, international student body was well met; the connection and bonds forged between us all was a wonderful surprise. The heart-led content of the course has heightened my interest to learn more and opened my heart to love more. I highly recommend the course and am so glad I booked it!


    from Australia, February 2020

    "Treat people the way how you like to be treated "

    I had a very good time at the school.

    The classes were nice, specially the Yoga philosophy.

    Workshops with Rohill were sensational. He was always so patient with so many students!

    The silence also was my favourite time of those 23 days, good moment to be with yourself and refresh the mind and soul.

    The place was wonderful! So peaceful and full of energy! Lucky us to be in the middle of the jungle learning all about the yoga life style.

    The ladies in the kitchen were fantastic kind! Always doing their best to see people happy with the food and preparing birthday cakes for everybody.

    The transfer from the airport to the school was on point too. They made me feel secure.

    The days off were nice to go around Ubud and explore. Good to be out there but even better to come back to the school and relax.

    The teacher they are very experienced and they were sharing a lot of they knowledge with us.

    It was nice opportunity to know people from all around the world and make some good friends.

    Nice to learn so many things in a short period of time.

    Good to be present and share experiences!

    Agnes Somogyi

    from Hungary, February 2020

    "He is excellent. Very professional, huge knowledge and kind."

    I liked the facility, staff, teachers, food, the classes, the crowd:). (Literally) It was a great quality course.

    Sarah Bradshaw

    from Canada, February 2020

    "Amazing teachers, the best food, and beautiful facilities"

    Choose this one, it was lovely :)

    Definitely transformative - more than just a yoga training, we had so much time to work on ourselves personally and work through trauma.

    Peewee is a world class teacher, very well rounded and overall a fantastic woman.

    Rohil is also very great and I loved his yoga philosophy class.

    Both are very knowledgeable.

    The facilities - the pool, yoga shala, rooms, and common areas are all beautiful.

    Morning meditation and practice in silence was beautiful.

    The training is quite well rounded, though very intense.

    The teachers were fairly adaptable and checked in with us often to make sure we were doing okay. Example - after many days of tough ashtanga and hatha classes, we had restorative classes when we needed more rest.

    The food was absolutely incredible and provided us with all the fuel we needed to power through. Being celiac - the chefs were so kind to make separate gluten free dishes and breads for myself and another gluten free girl. Smoothie bowls!! <3

    The support staff, Ami and Lila especially, were very helpful and lovely. When I caught a cold - Ami personally went to buy me cold medication and throat drops.

    The location was only 30 minutes from Ubud by car, a 10 minute walk to convenience stores for snacks, and in a quiet and non-touristy area.

    Tatiana Mehler

    from Germany, January 2020

    "exzellent !!!! "

    My YTT was exzellent ! Thanks you Peewee, Rochil and Jeremy Can-oz- your were great teacher!! I have learned a lot about yoga, technology, anatomy , i met a lot of wonderful people from all over the world. Resort and Food - exzellent - the whole team was amazing! I will recoment 100% to book YTT with House of OM -

    Amanda Andersen

    from Norway, January 2020

    "Amazing teachers and a wonderful experience! "

    I was so happy that I chose this yoga teacher training. The teachers, the enviroment, the food, everything was amazing! I learned so much, and met wonderful people, new friends from all over the world! I would highly recommend it if you are thinking about it. You don't only get a sertificat, but you will learn a lot about yourself, get new friends, and a lot more!


    from Poland, January 2020

    Our teachers were really good: they both were passionate about teaching, they had a very wide knowledge and their personalities are inspiring. I couldn't have been happier with our teachers! I'm hoping to join their courses again some day.

    The schedule was very intensive, but it kept us focused. I liked that we started our days at 6am every morning without exceptions. The program was well planned and covered everything from asana-practice to the philosophy of yoga and anatomy. Of course there's still a lot to learn after this course, but basics are covered and we know where to head after this.

    In addition to this, we also had chanting, dancing and great meditation sessions. I'm very new to this stuff and it really opened my mind for new things.

    The teaching methodology lessons together with everything else we learned gave us tools to build and teach a proper yoga class. We were practicing teaching for a couple of days before our final teaching exam. It was nice to get some confidence before performing for evaluation.

    The facilities are good, staff are very kind and nice and there are many possibilities for your two days off during your course. Food is good, especially the breakfast.

    I really liked the course! It was great to meet with like minded people all over the world and experience new and exciting things with them.

    Yeon Joo Kim

    from South Korea, January 2020

    "I learned life."

    I learned life from them, not just yoga classes. The wisdom they showed and the attitude toward life was very touching. I was even more interested in yoga and clearly found out why I wanted to study more.

    Jinny Dsouza

    from United Arab Emirates, November 2019

    "Excellent retreat "

    Loved the place , the instructors Wissam, Bernardo and Ishara are excellent teachers and the most amazing people I have come across.

    The yoga and the meditation was the best mind body detox.

    Calisa Hildebrand

    from United States, June 2019

    "Life changing experience "

    I'm so deeply grateful to House of Om and the teachers and organizers, Peewee, Manish, Wissam, and Anastasia. Thank you for providing such a beautiful space and ushering us through this experience. I feel much more comfortable and committed to my yoga and meditation practice as a result of this program, and feel comfortable teaching as well! As of writing this, I haven't even been back home for a month and have already taught 4 yoga classes with more on the horizon. Thank you so much for everything.

    Lindsay Booker

    from Canada, June 2019

    "Amazing Experience!! "

    I had an amazing experience! Thank you House of Om and Wissam for putting together a beautiful transformative experience for us all ❤️ And thank you so much Pewee and Manish for being absolute rockstar teachers ❤️Goodbye, but not goodbye to all my new forever friends. See you soon! 😘

    Erika Furlong

    from Canada, June 2019

    "Amazing experience"

    Everything exceeded my expectations: the instructors, the lessons, the location and the activities. I would highly recommend this teacher training for anyone with an open-heart who is ready for a life time experience.


    from United Arab Emirates, June 2019

    "Amazing transition"

    This has not only been a beautiful transition. But so far an amazing journey. Yoga is not just fitness, but a reminder for us to Look in within our mind, body and soul.Yes, postures can lead to Yoga, but they aren't always yoga there is so much more! Big thank you to my yoga teachers for sharing their wonderful knowledge and experience. Looking forward to more classes.

    Payal (ria) S

    from Singapore, June 2019

    Course content and the quality of learnings received from the teachers

    Teresa Zagaria

    from Spain, March 2020

    "simplemente autentico...m encantò"



    from United States, June 2019

    "simply outstanding"

    this was an amazing time. we learned so much about yoga, spirituality and our own lives.

    wissam, organized many additional workshops in the evenings (unfortunatley that was sometimes slightly chaotic, but that was not his fault, because external teachers would just confirm the same day in the afternoon). he taught us much about life and life coaching. he is a good and loving soul and brought a beautiful energy into the retreat.

    peewee was an outstanding yoga teacher. we learned so much about functional anatomy and alignment, doing asanas and stretching without injuring ourselves or our students. we learned about spirituality from her and wissam and peewee did the best meditations. i will never forget the shakra meditations and what i found out about my life.

    manish was the philosophy teacher. he was sometimes a bit stuborn concerning philosophy. but his knowledge was enormous. however he always said: if it is too contradictory to you or you clearly doubt it, dont believe it, having doubts is a good thing. and of course yogic philosophy is old and there are some things to it that were proven wrong later. but with their >2000years old philosophy they were way closer to the truth than european philosphy of the 1700-1800.

    after returnung home i talked to a couple of friends who are yoga teachers as well. and they said: i wish i would ever have gotten such an amazing training. what you learned, felt and experienced. was outstanding and unforgettable. would totally do it again.

    Mégane Prévot-faivre

    from Australia, June 2019

    "I recommend "

    I had a really good time and learnt so much. It’s a really good training and I now feel ready to teach :)

    I would recommend for people that are really interested in the spiritual aspect of yoga.

    Magali De Vinck

    from United States, January 2019


    Je ne savais pas à quoi m'attendre. Et je fut très agréablement surprise. Wiso et extra-ordinaire. A suivre absolument.