Yoga and meditation teacher training accredited from Yoga Alliance. Detox & spiritual retreats. Bali, India, Dubai, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Sri Lanka & Georgia.

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Wissam Barakeh

Peewee Sanchez

Manish Pole

Rohil Jethmalani

Ewelina Zablocka

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Calisa Hildebrand

from United States, June 2019

"Life changing experience "

I'm so deeply grateful to House of Om and the teachers and organizers, Peewee, Manish, Wissam, and Anastasia. Thank you for providing such a beautiful space and ushering us through this experience. I feel much more comfortable and committed to my yoga and meditation practice as a result of this program, and feel comfortable teaching as well! As of writing this, I haven't even been back home for a month and have already taught 4 yoga classes with more on the horizon. Thank you so much for everything.

Lindsay Booker

from Canada, June 2019

"Amazing Experience!! "

I had an amazing experience! Thank you House of Om and Wissam for putting together a beautiful transformative experience for us all ❤️ And thank you so much Pewee and Manish for being absolute rockstar teachers ❤️Goodbye, but not goodbye to all my new forever friends. See you soon! 😘

Erika Furlong

from Canada, June 2019

"Amazing experience"

Everything exceeded my expectations: the instructors, the lessons, the location and the activities. I would highly recommend this teacher training for anyone with an open-heart who is ready for a life time experience.


from United Arab Emirates, June 2019

"Amazing transition"

This has not only been a beautiful transition. But so far an amazing journey. Yoga is not just fitness, but a reminder for us to Look in within our mind, body and soul.Yes, postures can lead to Yoga, but they aren't always yoga there is so much more! Big thank you to my yoga teachers for sharing their wonderful knowledge and experience. Looking forward to more classes.

Payal (ria) S

from Singapore, June 2019

Course content and the quality of learnings received from the teachers


from United States, June 2019

"simply outstanding"

this was an amazing time. we learned so much about yoga, spirituality and our own lives.

wissam, organized many additional workshops in the evenings (unfortunatley that was sometimes slightly chaotic, but that was not his fault, because external teachers would just confirm the same day in the afternoon). he taught us much about life and life coaching. he is a good and loving soul and brought a beautiful energy into the retreat.

peewee was an outstanding yoga teacher. we learned so much about functional anatomy and alignment, doing asanas and stretching without injuring ourselves or our students. we learned about spirituality from her and wissam and peewee did the best meditations. i will never forget the shakra meditations and what i found out about my life.

manish was the philosophy teacher. he was sometimes a bit stuborn concerning philosophy. but his knowledge was enormous. however he always said: if it is too contradictory to you or you clearly doubt it, dont believe it, having doubts is a good thing. and of course yogic philosophy is old and there are some things to it that were proven wrong later. but with their >2000years old philosophy they were way closer to the truth than european philosphy of the 1700-1800.

after returnung home i talked to a couple of friends who are yoga teachers as well. and they said: i wish i would ever have gotten such an amazing training. what you learned, felt and experienced. was outstanding and unforgettable. would totally do it again.

Mégane Prévot-faivre

from Australia, June 2019

"I recommend "

I had a really good time and learnt so much. It’s a really good training and I now feel ready to teach :)

I would recommend for people that are really interested in the spiritual aspect of yoga.

Jinny Dsouza

from United Arab Emirates, November 2019

"Excellent retreat "

Loved the place , the instructors Wissam, Bernardo and Ishara are excellent teachers and the most amazing people I have come across.

The yoga and the meditation was the best mind body detox.

Magali De Vinck

from United States, January 2019


Je ne savais pas à quoi m'attendre. Et je fut très agréablement surprise. Wiso et extra-ordinaire. A suivre absolument.