Hot Yoga Vacations

Las Vegas, United States

The world's first Hot Yoga Bliss is designed exclusively for all hot yoga and Bikram lovers led by senior instructor, Bruce Kessler.

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  • Antonella Lemos United States

    Hot Yoga Vacations website

    The location is both magical and peaceful. I didnt think I would be able to get through double classes every day, being a beginner. However, seeing all the other yogis around me with smiling, happy faces and everyone sharing the common goal of searching for well being, completely inspired me. I left the retreat with a sense of accomplishment and I was recharged both mentally and physically. My week in Punta Serena set me up on a wonderful rhythm of yoga practice and sense of self that I continued when I got back home. I was hooked on yoga!

  • Debbie Lee United States

    Hot Yoga Vacations website

    Absolutely the most amazing week I've spent...I have traveled everywhere but nothing compares to this yoga retreat experience! Not only was it relaxing and super fun but so inspiring! For beginners new to hot yoga, it's an amazing way to get started and you'll be hooked for life! For those who already practice, Ida and Bruce are some of the most amazing, talented and helpful instructors I've learned from.They take great care in correcting and refining your practice from both a mental and physical standpoint. And the best part is that you're not pressured to do anything--you can make your own schedule and do your own thing, but the environment and the surroundings make you want to go to classes and learn. I definitely will be going again as soon as my schedule allows me to. I also want to thank Ida and Bruce for helping me to see positivity in everything, and to all of the wonderful people I've met on this trip.

  • Michelle Maloney United States

    Hot Yoga Vacations website

    Words cannot describe how I feel after this trip...This was one of the best vacations I've ever been to - hands down! Punta Serena was so magical, the place, the people, the energy. I feel refreshed, revitalized and clear minded.The most peace I have felt in a long time. More importantly, I feel like I have excelled in my practice and learned so much...

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