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Hot Bikram Retreats

Hot Bikram Retreats offers you the best of all worlds: amazing yoga retreats experience in some of the most beautiful parts of the world and daily Bikram yoga.

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Jenilyn Braegger-Hernández

As a professional dancer in New York City, injuries occur. And after a hip surgery, Jenilyn decided to go into her local Bikram studio with the intention of recovering quickly to return to the stage. Little did she know the practice would take a hold of her life and lead her in a direction of helping others all over the world. This life is so beautiful. And being in pain is a hard life to live. Whether it be a physical or mental discrepancy, all pain is pain. Bikram yoga opens up the dialog with yourself to yourself, providing confidence and self-knowledge to overcome anything.

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Jessie Lambiase

Hot Bikram Retreats Facebook page

Thank you for an incredible trip to Mexico!!! Absolutely the trip of a lifetime!!! The teachers, accommodations and food were incredible and with so many class options I could really enjoy my vacation wile still taking a lot of classes...did I mention the food was INCREDIBLE!? Anyone looking for a luxurious vacation filled with amazing experiences and great workouts look no further! Can't wait for the next one

Kathleen United States

Hot Bikram Retreats website

Full day tour was excellent. Very excellent, knowledgeable, great teacher.

JoAnn United States

Hot Bikram Retreats website

Good balance of free time and yoga. Great teacher who has influenced my practice greatly. This week has been a great experience of meeting new people; improving yoga skills and visiting a beautiful country. Thanks to Sandra our trip was very organized and allowed us enough time to relax and enjoy our holiday. Definitely a trip to remember for a lifetime!

Jackie United States

Hot Bikram Retreats website

Rowena is an incredible teacher. Over the past week she shared so much of her energy, I hope to have another opportunity one day to be again in her class. I would come back in a heartbeat. This was the greatest experience. I learned so much about myself, got to see others outlook on life, have THE BEST TEACHER for a week and get to relax in Sri Lanka. I am so happy I got to have this incredible experience. Thank you amazing Sandra and Rowena for this incredible experience, I truly appreciate it.

Siobhan Australia

Hot Bikram Retreats website

The tour day and sightseeing was great. I got to see everything in one day. What an inspiration to have the beautiful Rowena Jayne there day in day out. What an inspiration.

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