A place to let go of stress, unwind, juice fast, and connect fully to nature and animals. The place to learn Reiki, meditation, yoga, and animal communication.

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5 Day Level One Reiki Yoga Retreat in Melo, Guarda District

Sep | Oct | Jun | Jul | Sep | Oct, 2020–2021
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11 Day Juice Detox with Eco Yoga Retreat in Gouveia

June 10-20 | July 15-25 | September 2-12

Instructors (1)

Annie (Annabel) Street

Reviews (60)

Alisha Smith

from United Kingdom, September 2020

"An Amazing Experience "

I had the most wonderful time here. It’s such a special, healing place away from it all. Annie’s yoga was sweet and gentle, the juices were delicious and all made from produce grown on the land, and it was lovely to have fresh spring water too. I’ve left feeling the best I have in years - full of energy, inspired and rejuvenated. Thanks you so much Annie and Adam, I’ll see you again :)


from Portugal, September 2020

"Regenerating, inspired and happy"

Annie is a wonderful person. She gives so much and you know she does it from the heart!

I loved every single thing I found at the retreat, the way everything was managed! The yoga classes were great, the guided meditation gave me new insights in my personal yoga journey! The Reiki sessions were new to me and that gave voice to things I could already feel.

Juices were excellent and generous glasses and the quality was superb, thanks Adam for the lovely combination you came up with everyday!

Thanks for what you offer, a great example to follow!

Ida & Ronan

Daan Oude Bennink

from Netherlands, July 2020


It was a pleasure to stay at the Honey House, the hosts were incredibly kind, fun, open and helpful. Annie was very professional in her yoga teachings. Additionally, her free Reiki session showed the sceptic in me that it is very real and quite incredible.

Denise Sparrow

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"Absolutely Wonderful"

Annie is one in a million, her yoga/meditation practices were first class. The retreat was the most perfect place to unwind, detox & take beautiful walks. Great juices & broths. Accommodation was clean, warm with a lovely long bath...Plenty of space to just chill. I came away feeling lighter, brighter & ready for anything.

Sue Anderson

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"Yoga retreat in Suffolk"

Loved the whole experience.

The retreat was very relaxing and I hope will kick start me into a healthier lifestyle.

The location is lovely a beautiful place with lots of lovely walks by the sea and in woods, although the daily walks were harder than would normally be the case due to the initial lack of energy due to fasting & detoxing.

Although fasting at no time did I feel hungry and not eating in itself was not difficult. the fruit juices were nice but the veggie ones , not for me.

The yoga was great, three different types and very relaxing. The reiki and a reflexology session was arranged with a visiting external provider was great.

Lots of sleep and relaxation, lovely people a great Reboot and new start to a healthier me.

Sharon Butterly

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"Best person. To teach reiki"


Sue Price

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Fantastic Experience "

I loved the whole experience.

Annie was an amazing person, teacher, host and cook. The pace of our learning was flexible to meet our needs.

The rest of the group was friendly, open and relaxed which allowed us to work well together.

If you have the right mindset this will positively change your life going forward.

Linda Spark

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Juice retreat"

Annie was an inspiring teacher

Mo Cronshaw

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Fabulous retreat and great location by the sea"

Annie was very supportive and encouraging and the whole retreat experience just flowed. Loved the variety of yoga sequences, meditations and walks. The juices and broth were amazing and I didn’t feel hungry!

Annie was flexible when making the juices as some of the group didn’t like certain foods. Also a few of us found the green juice a little challenging!

A great choice of herbal teas were freely available.

I looked forward to the Epsom salt baths after the long walks.

I enjoyed the Reiki session as I had not experienced that before.

The group members were lovely so thanks to you all and special thanks to you Annie. 💕Mo xx

Jayne England

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Unforgettable experience"

Annie is so kind, welcoming and knowledgeable, her years of experience shows and it was a pleasure to be taught by her. The pace of the reiki teaching was spot on for me, I felt I was able to take in all the information without feeling overwhelmed.

I met a wonderful group of people who all made me feel so welcome as I attended as a day student due to living locally.

I would highly recommend Annie's retreats.

Shanthini Ramanan

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"A wonderful and nourishing experience "

Annie welcomed me with a warm hug and a big smile. Showed me around and to my room. From the first juice, first yoga & guided meditation I knew we were in expert hands with lots of positivity and energy. The guests I stayed with were very easy to get on and there was a good atmosphere. We appreciated Annie’s dedication and passion not to mention knowledge. On top on this we heard fascinating tales of Annie’s travels across the world and how she rescues horses and ponies & dogs from various countries. Her love for these animals is unconditional. I am hoping to come back next year.

Jill Leigh-gibney

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Wonderful experience - peaceful surroundings - great host "

The five day juice fast and yoga retreat with Annie was just a wonderful experience. Annie is a warm and welcoming host, healer, yoga teacher and raconteur. The days flew by and the local walks in nature were invigorating especially the Sunday of storm Ciara !

Just the right balance of activity and relaxation and I loved the guided meditations and optional Reiki treatment. The juices were delicious and sustaining and the broth unforgettable - an acquired taste - but always welcome. I came home feeling rejuvenated and enlightened - lighter mentally and physically - will definitely come back !

Dee Marshall-fulton

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Beautiful Retreat! "

What a amazing beautiful retreat!!

Annie is such a special woman...genuine, warm and caring! Also an excellent yoga & Reiki teacher and healer.

I would recommend this retreat to anyone. You will not regret it.

If you need to take some time out and recharge your batteries then this is the place for you! I will definitely be returning!

I’m also looking forward to attending your Portugal retreat in the near future.

Thank you so much Annie and keep doing what you’re doing because you’re truly making a difference to people’s life. 💜 x

Claire Elsworth

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Brilliant re-boot"

Annie is a wonderful warm host and yoga instructor. The fresh juices she prepared for us everyday were fabulous and completely satisfying and nourishing. I left feeling super and ready to make those small changes to get things back on track.


from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Very welcoming"

The whole experience was incredibly positive. The juice fast was remarkably easy and the yoga, meditation and walks were fantastic. What was the " icing on the cake" was Annie's hosting skills which quickly made the group welcome and relaxed.

Rachel Grimwade

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Life changing experience"

Annie was a wonderful host, a genuinely warm, caring person. She taught us about auras and crystals among many other things, plus I had my 1st ever Reiki session which was emotional. Annie ensured the fast was made as easy and comfortable as possible plus we learned loads about nutrition and wellbeing. She also provided Epsom salts and I had some lovely warm baths during my stay. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the other women on the trip with me and I very much enjoyed our daily walks and chats, Walberswick is such a beautiful place for walks. The yoga was challenging (in a positive way) and the following meditations were deeply relaxing! I will take so much from this amazing weekend back with me to my every day life :)

Greta Gray

from United Kingdom, December 2019

"A very informative and relaxing few days"

We were a small group and got to know each other and Annie very well. Everyone was very supportive and friendly.

The accommodation was comfortable, cosy and provided everything we needed. The log burning stove was very welcome after our walks and in the evening.

Annie made sure we had everything we needed and nothing was too much trouble.

Tricia Jones

from United Kingdom, December 2019

"Amazing experience "

Visited this November 2019 for the Reiki level 1 workshop and what an amazing experience. Annie welcomed us with such warmth and love. Her expertise and professionalism are second to none she’s very a patient and encouraging reiki master/therapist. We came away feeling inspired and confident that we would practice Reiki and meditation. It’s nearly a month since and we have made time every day to practice. This was truly a wonderful journey can’t wait visit again. I would encourage anyone to visit you won’t be disappointed it will only enrich your life. Tricia & Diane

Suzanna Lightfoot

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"The best retreat ever ! "

Annie is genuine, warm, professional . An excellent yoga & Reiki teacher. It truly was a life changing & enhancing experience. I would recommend this retreat to anyone looking for an authentic adventure. You will not regret it. Definite value for money. If you need to recharge your batteries & learn some very useful techniques for living - this is it ! Thank you Annie, you are a very special person. Suzanna Lightfoot

Paula Holden

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Fantastic experience"

We were all very impressed and amazed. She has an enormous amount of experience and advice - I hope to return in the future.

Tânia Carvalho

from Ireland, September 2019

"A journey of light, love and sharing "

Beautiful Retreat, full of good vibes, love and nature connections.

I did the Level II Reiki, and I was delighted with everything, Annie is a beautiful soul and a patient Teacher.

Her yoga classes in the morning were so precious, with her individual touch of femininity and spirituality.

The vegan food is amazing, with something different every day, and choices to everyone ( my fave: PANCAKES every morning 😆).

I miss everything already, specially the animals, the figs from the trees, the sense of connection with everything around...

If you need to reconnect with yourself this is the right place to be ❤️

Carter Claudia

from Netherlands, August 2019

"Beautiful experience to learn how to heal myself!"

Annie has so much wisdom to share with all of us. I was lucky to find her retreat!

Annie takes the time to talk, to answer all our questions, and she is so happy sharing her own experiences, to teach us more. I felt in a safe place to also share my experiences, we were a little group of love and happiness:)

I am so happy with this experience, this opportunity to learn Reiki and to be able to heal my self. I receive more that I was expecting, and my soul and esprit and me are so grateful for all the people that I meet and the things that I 've learned.

I could stay for 2 weeks of Reiki!

The environment is perfect, surrounded by nature, animals, the stars...is a place where you can be your self.

The tents are cozy and cute, also a good place to see the stars at night.

Something that we all appreciated was Adam's food! so delicious, meal time was always a happy time for all of us.

Annie and Adam thank you for your dedication! You really love what you do, thank you for the yummy meals, and for all your wisdom Annie!

Thank you.for teaching me to live and heal myself!

Louise Gallagher

from Switzerland, July 2019

" "

I booked the retreat when I was very much at the end of my resources and looking for time and space to hit the reset button. When I saw the photos of the animals, read about the simple accommodation, vegan meals, and saw that I could get there by public transport, I knew Honey House was for me.

The yoga, meditation and reiki level I programme helped me gain some fresh perspective and became a truly unexpected positive experience. A large part had to do with Annie's grounded and caring teaching style. She puts the focus on intention and intuition and how to strengthen and apply these practices in down-to-earth ways. Her programme is clearly built through real experience of what works. I felt guided and listened to and encouraged and believed in; all this helped build my confidence and led me to achieve more than I thought I was capable.

The setting, Adam's amazing food and the wonderful company - animal and human - certainly helped too. There is a gentle structure to each day that helps build the journey. I particularly enjoyed the collective meals with Annie and Adam. I found them genuine and generous people who share their animal friends, stories of how they arrived at the dream of Honey House, and what they've learned as they are realising that dream today easily.

In all, Honey House worked some magic for me, leaving me restored and with a fresh outlook for which I am very grateful.

Cloe Cloherty

from United States, April 2019

"The Vegan yoga retreat "

The retreat was excellent - but it was a detox juice fast - so it had its challenges!! Annie ran it very well and did a very good job. The people were lovely and I would go again!

Anita Nandi

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Lovely retreat"

Whole experience of yoga ,wonderful host, other participants and lovely walks

Erica Brownell

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Amazing !!!!!!"

Anne is an angel such a nice place to visit

Alison Kershaw

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Warm Welcome "

I liked the walks. The whole structure of the 5 days were perfect and time flew by as we had lots to do as well as relax. The yoga and meditation was perfect as I was a little stiff and rusty from years of no daily practice apart from the odd retreat. Annie had everything worked out perfectly. The accommodation was very comfortable. The juices were wonderful and fresh and organic. I found I wasn’t as hungry after the first day of juices. When your body is being fed nothing but nutrients you don’t crave food the same because you have all you need. Annie provided us with all organic fruit and veg and her own grown teas were amazing. Felt light and happy leaving the retreat. The whole experience has helped kickstart my now very healthy vegan lifestyle.

Jessica Verhagen

from United States, February 2019

"Highly recommended yoga retreat by the sea"

The location was a beautiful large cottage near many walking trails - we did a different walk everyday: to Southwolds, the sea, the woodlands. Annie was friendly and attentive as well as a very talented Reiki practitioner (1 free treatment was included in the retreat). The accommodations were basic but had everything you needed, including nice touches like hot water bottles and all the loose leaf herbal teas you could want. Just remember to bring your own shampoo/conditioner as that was not provided.

Jo Cutler

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Excellent yoga/juice detox"

Annie made this whole experience a really fantastic one! The yoga and meditation sessions were excellent, we did a variety of practice in the morning and evening. There were a range of juices (and broth) through the day and lots of support and advice on detoxing/healthy eating. Walberswick is just beautiful, and we did a lovely walk every day from the door. The optional extra reiki session was a real treat, too! Annie looked after us really well, and created a wonderful friendly and supportive atmosphere in the group - the days flew by! I would definitely recommend this retreat and hope to return one day!

Linda Callaghan

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"5 day detox walberwick"

Annie was very welcoming and made us feel comfortable straight away,the accommodation was very clean.

Annie’s yogi classes were really nice and catered for us very beginners and for the advanced .the groups are small and friendly.

Katie Jenkins

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"Best start to the New year"

I loved this retreat, Annie was warm and welcoming and such an interesting and insightful person.The juices were a great mix of sweet and not so sweet (not quite savoury). The yoga was very relaxing and Annie adapted to all levels which was really helpful. Walberswick is beautiful, such a quaint village and beautiful scenery - we were lucky to have sunny (albeit cold) weather, perfect for long afternoon walks.

I've returned to work today after the weekend retreat and I feel completely energised and invigorated - cant recommend this retreat enough!!


from United Kingdom, December 2018

"I wish I could stay longer"

I very much enjoyed those few days at the juicing yoga retreat. It was a life changing experience. Felt relaxed, energised and rejuvenated during and after the fast. So much that I bought a juicer the moment I came back!

People were really nice. Friendly, supportive and really helped me pull through when I needed it. Annie was lovely. Calm, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very accommodating of our needs and made me feel like I was in safe, capable hands. Yoga and mediation sessions were gentle and very healing. Reiki session was my first ever and was an additional bonus to the whole experience. Walberswick is a lovely little place where you can walk for miles in any direction.

I would highly recommend this retreat when you need to take time off, clear your head, as well as your body and make a fresh start.


from United Kingdom, November 2018


Everything was taken care of. Fantastic location. Fantastic organic juices. Annie is a brilliant yoga instructor, I learnt so much. Most wonderful experience and I would love to do it again. I would totally recommend.

Jacqueline Furlong-osborne

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Spiffing experience"

Annie has an excellent skill of making everyone feeling comfortable and at ease. She cemented the group and made us all feel supported and encouraged. She ensured the ethos was always positive, achievable and friendly. I liked the way it had a fun element too. We were all very fortunate to have been given a Reiki session which was lovely. Annie is a beautiful person both inside and out and I'm grateful I met her. Thank you Annie.

Kim Geeves

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Amazing "

Everything what an amazing retreat so relaxing

Peter Scott

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"What a great retreat"

Had a fantastic stay at this wonderful retreat.

Over the seven days of juicing lost 10lbs; blood pressure which was high is now normal.

The massages 'reiki' and 'hot stone' both help with the healing process of body and mind. If you can, have a second reiki massage to find out a bit more about yourself, it doesn't cost much

Body rested and recharged, ready to take on the world.

A very BIG thank you to Annie and Adam who made me feel extremely welcome.

Highly recommended.

Will return.

Mary Morrison

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"a very earthy and spiritual experience - an inspiring break"

I enjoyed the beautiful location, getting so back to nature in the camping, living around the animal family, the daily yoga classes and getting an insight into Annie's inspirational life-style and approach.

Sophie Baystream

from Sweden, September 2018

"Take me back!"

From the connection with Annie, Adam and all the other retreat guests, to the pure nature experience living outside and being close with the animals every day just made me feel so connected, loved and at peace. I really want to come back soon again and do my Reiki level 2! Thank you again for a magical time which will always be dear to me!

Jane Gower

from United States, September 2018

A very relaxing and caring environment

Hazel Cotton

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Amazing experience "

Annie and Adam are very welcoming and friendly hosts. Adam is an A-star vegan chef and Annie is a master of reiki and yoga. They have created a lovely, eco friendly, animal loving, spiritual environment. The group I was with , combined with the teaching and animals gave me a very special experience.

Goatly :3

from Ireland, September 2018


There was not a thing that I did not like. Every thing from the food and tent to the people, animals and lessons was wonderful. So much Love can be felt at the Honey House. I recommend this retreat to everyone. It will not disappoint and WILL exceed all your expectations. It was pure magic. ✨❤️

Pippa Day

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Magic at Honey House Retreat"

This retreat was incredible on so many levels! Annie was the most wonderful person and amazing Reiki master. The place has a very special energy and I met a wonderful group of people. The food was excellent and Adams vegan pancakes were the best ive ever had! Annie and Adams animal family were so loving and welcoming too! I would definitely recommend this retreat to anybody looking for a truly authentic experience.

Lucrezia Paci-montero

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Amazing experince"

I have done several detox in Thailand but this one is definitely the best one ever. The quality of the juices were very good, all the fruit and vegetables are organic.

The farm is very beautiful, there is a small lake, with spring water, a lot animals to play with. Annie and Adam are both wonderful people who are truly interested in healing people, After the 11 days juicing I felt amazing and energized.

The schedule is so well planned that I was never hungry.

I am still feeling the benefits of the detox now that I am back home. I feel i healed my body, soul and mind. I cant recommend enough this little paradise. I am definitely coming back for more.

Minna Edel Holloway

from Belgium, June 2018

"Life Changing"

Amazing atmosphere, extremely skilled/experienced & pure-hearted practitioners, wonderful extended animal family in residence, AMAZING Reiki. I'm in fact going back for Reiki I attunement in a few weeks based on the wonderful experience I had with the detox juice fast / yoga retreat. Also, beautiful setting; I'd never been to Portugal before traveling for this retreat, and it's amazing. Guimarães and Aveiro were my favorites, and Porto is interesting as well.


from United States, January 2019

"Top ervaring en Annie is super aardig!"

Annie is een hele fijne begeleidster die veel verstand heeft en inspirerende verhalen te vertellen heeft. Heel servicegericht dus voelde me echt een gast. De yoga was aangepast aan ons niveau en heel gevarieerd met altijd een stuk meditatie. Haar stem is heel ontspannen.

Mascha Ott

from Germany, January 2019

"Love, Light and Truth"

It was a pleasure for me to be at the workshop in Walberswick with Annie. Right from the beginning Annie gave me a warm and welcoming feeling. I felt at home and could really calm down, the energy was clear and full of love. The village is lovely, by the seaside. The surrounding nature was beautiful. I learned so many things throughout the course which immediately improved my life on many levels. I feel optimistic now, open for the future givings and also more confident. It was a big selfloving experience. To have Annie as a teacher is the best thing. She is loving and takes care and gives so much from her heart. I loved listening to her inspiring and also very funny lifestories.

I can truly recommend this place to all of you. It will led love, light and truth into your life and beeing.

I came from Germany, took the plane to London and from there goes the train to Darsham where it is only a few kilometres to Walberswick so it was easy to get there.

Dide Dijkers

from Netherlands, October 2018

"8 day yoga retreat experience"

This experience gave me so much peace and joy. Being able to connect to the other wonderful guests and finding the peace in the surroundings and the yoga practice was truly amazing. Annie, thank you so much for the amazing yoga classes, and the guided meditations were especially life-changing. Adam, thanks so much for the amazing food and the trips you took us on :) I had a great time with everyone and with everything we did, and everything we didn't do: so much awesome time for relaxing, reading a book, being in the sun and going for a swim in the pond!

Kira Ernst

from Spain, September 2018

"Feeling better than ever (inside out) "

I loved everything about the retreat. Nice juices, cutest animals, nice old town to go for walks, beautiful surrounding, animal sounds 24h, incredible Reiki... just magical!

I enjoyed my stay to the fullest and feel better than ever ( inside out ).

Thank you for everything !

Melissa Vermeulen

from Belgium, June 2018

"Fantastische ervaring"

Het is en prachtige locatie, perfect om te herbronnen.

De yoga lessen worden op een gezellige manier gegeven maar er is ook plaats voor persoonlijke groei en verbetering.

De cursus is geschikt voor debutanten (zoals mijzelf) maar is door zijn persoonlijke aanpak ook uitdagend voor de meer gevorderde yoga beoefenaar.

Annie en haar partner doen je echt wel thuis voelen en houden rekening met je persoonlijke wensen.