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Holmkvist Healer invites you to join a unique spiritual teaching with healing, clairvoyance, meditation and yoga. A complete body - mind and soul experience!

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Rikke Holmkvist

Rikke works as a healer, clairvoyant and spiritual counselor. She specializes in spiritual teaching, healing, clairvoyance, meditation and therapy yoga. Her journey since birth has led to develop and expand her abilities as a healer and clairvoyant. Today she guides and supports people from all over the world to reestablish balance in their heart. Experience a strong transformative healing energy that will lead to more clarity, inner peace and a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul path.

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Donna Australia

Holmkvist Spiritual Healer website

"Rikke is a very authentic spiritual healer!

During my healing I felt very connected to myself and a sense that Rikke was really working with an unobstructed connection to the light.

I have had quite a few spiritual healings and my healing with Rikke is by far the most powerful - the most beautiful and the deepest.

I have so much gratitude to Rikke for sharing her gifts with me.

Love and blessings Donna xx

Melanie United States

Holmkvist Spiritual Healer website

It was an incredible experience!

I thoroughly enjoyed the guided meditation exercises Rikke led - our discussion about the mind & body connection and the information regarding meditation to overall wellbeing.

I am looking forward to incorporating my newfound holistic knowledge into my daily life to help stay balanced and calm.

With Rikke's help, encouragement and belief in me I am taking the steps required to get me from where I am to where I am destined to be

Julie-Anne England

Holmkvist Spiritual Healer website

Rikke leads with an open heart and compassion which created a safe space for me to share and open up to her healing touch.

I had been feeling a lot of deep grief.

After the session I felt lighter and more expanded. Able to feel my feelings and observe them without becoming overwhelmed.

I also felt more connected to myself and to the Divine.

Thank you Rikke!

Fiona Denmark

Holmkvist Spiritual Healer website

I have recently been through a challenging time where my energy has been low and it has been hard for me to keep a loving connection between my mind, body and soul.

After just one Skype Session with Rikke I suddenly felt my heart was opening up and making love flow in my system again.

The healing session left me with a more positive mindset and I experienced that all my negative thoughts had been replaced with a lot of gratitude and love.

I felt both relaxed and energetic at the same time and the renewed energy gave me the strength to act. Act on what is good for me and resources to stay on a positive path.

I am so thankful that Rikke is my Spiritual Mentor on this journey. I could not think of anyone more insightful, intuitive and emphatic person than her.

Manuela Switzerland

Holmkvist Spiritual Healer website

I came to Rikke with a confused mind looking for a new direction in my life and inner peace.

Rikke received me with a lovely warmth and she sensed exactly where my problem lay.

She guided me into my spiritual heart and gave me that moment calmness and clarity which gave me a opportunity to find my new direction in life.

Rikke is a very sensitive and caring woman which made it easy for me to open up.

Thank you Rikke for your support. I feel much more clear in my mind and more motivated to follow my heart and trust what my heart is telling me.

Rikke has my warmest recommendation.

She is a wonderful person and Healer

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