Founded in 2017, Holistic Tikun is the first Holistic Center on the island of Cozumel, with the goal of fostering creativity, healing, and ecology.

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Lorna Duran

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Amanda Mcneely

from United States, January 2022

"A true sanctuary "

This being my first yoga retreat I was a bit nervous. I am new to yoga and wanted to start the new year in a beautiful location and go out side of my comfort zone. Andrea was an amazing instructor who was truly in tune with the energy of the space and adjusted the daily practices based on the way the group was feeling. No two practices were the same. I learned so much from her and she has inspired me to continue to grow my knowledge and look into different types of yoga and meditation. Nati was a wonderful host. So gracious and warm. I immediately felt comfortable once I arrived. The food was all simply amazing! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I just wish I could have stayed longer. :)

Mariela Madero

from Mexico, December 2021

"Incredible all together experience in a beautiful place"

We really had an outstanding experience in holistic tiukun. The owners are truly amazing - kind, attentive, and warm. They constantly went out of their way to make sure we were happy and cared for. You can really notice and live the love and energy they put into the place. The food is delicious and nutritious - you eat right from their garden's harvest! The yoga and meditation classes were really nice, diverse, and adapted to our group's daily energy and needs. This place is really special, you really feel a unique energy that not only invites you to unwind, rest, and go within but attracts guests with similar energy. Daniela, Nati, and Yael, are a real treat. By far one of the best experiences I've had. Thank you!!!

Judy Holt

from Mexico, December 2021

"The yoga retreat was excellent and met my expectations."

The yoga teachers were very well trained in a variety of practices and meditation techniques. I enjoyed the variety of movement, breathwork & meditation. The food was excellent with good variety. I especially enjoyed the "garden tour" that offered a very detailed explanation of the Bee Sanctuary and the variety of plants grown on the site.

Gizem Özbek

from Italy, December 2021

"4 amazing days of Yoga Retreat in Holistic Tikun"

I had an amazing yoga retreat experience in Holistic Tikun. Gemma, Yael and Nati made me feel like a part of their family. The yoga and meditation practices with Vania were excellent. The lessons were not repetitive and she made me follow a different yoga and meditation practice in morning and evening sessions. The food was great, I didn't know how delicious can be the plant based food! I was surrounded by good people and good energy, missing my days in Holistic Tikun! Hope to be there again soon.


from Great Britain, November 2021

"Very good retreat with an esoteric tilt"

Daniela has a deep knowledge of scriptures, philosophies, Kabbalah etccccc and the yoga is relaxing and great.

I also dived and the water in Cozumel is amazing!!!!

Sara Croft

from United States, August 2021

"Refreshing Getaway"

If you are looking for a rejuvenating experience to reconnect with yourself and nature then this is the place for you. The food was delicious and healthy, the location was serene, and the yoga was tailored to our needs. Highly recommend.

Alyse Reynolds

from United States, June 2021

"Beautiful and Refreshing Little Eden"

Holistic Tikun was a calming place where our hosts were inviting and the food we ate was delicious, having come from the grounds themselves. Snorkeling in the reef off the coast was a memorable and fun experience. My yoga practice has deepened as a result of the retreat, and I would highly recommend the traditional sweat lodge... Accommodations were simple and clean; just what I wanted. I hope to go back again very soon!

Kristine Lopez

from United States, May 2021

"Love this place"

This is a place of non-judgement, healing and good people! The food was amazing, the movement was comforting, the accommodations were so cozy. I went with the expectation of yoga and snorkeling, but came back with so much more. I feel like my “vacation” gave me friends for life. Gemma is one of the most insightful women I have ever met, and she knows something about everything. Nati has such a passion for life and preservation, and he is such a kind soul and a wonderful host. This was not a tragic al yoga’s so much more. It was a learning experience, a vacation, a time to move and a time to explore. Everything we needed was there, and/or provided to us.

Alejandra Armenta

from United States, May 2021

"Not what promised."

I liked Ximena, the Yoga instructor. She was amazing and very patient.

Estrella, which was only a visitor and had nothing to do with the retreat, provided medication classes and gave me therapy. I learned A LOT from her. I wish I could've paid her to give me the retreat.


from Belgium, January 2021

"Perfection of simplicity "

A true experience of sharing with love with it's perfections and it's imperfections.

Food is GREAT! Yoga is super! The garden is true and there is Colibris!

Just come... it worth it!

Ilhui Calderon

from Mexico, December 2020

"Most amazing place"

Being honest, I wasn’t very sure to book this retreat, but from the moment I got there, everything was AMAZING!

Daniela, Nati, the guests, FOOD!, the place and all.

I’m beyond happy I’ve got the opportunity to come and enjoy here.

Will get back soon 🙌🏼✨


from Mexico, March 2020

"Such a relaxing place "

I really liked the relaxed and open vibe of the place. The good was so good and healthy. I got ill and Daniela and Nati took very good care of me. Thanks!


from France, February 2020

"Lovely yoga center full of possibility"

The Mayan Temascal ceremony was wonderful, Rosario was a great yoga teacher and the diverse meditations offered by Nati and Gemma made for a well-rounded experience! We left feeling stronger and healthier, and having learned a lot of new things. The hosts have created a mini ‘campus’ with a lot of potential.

Sam Hill

from Great Britain, January 2020

"A wonderful green oasis with super mellow vibe"

Had a amazing stay here over Christmas time. I arrived tired and tense from London and immediately was made to feel at home and started to relax. The gardens are fabulous, inspiring and the source of great meals, Nati soooooo organised, plus the yoga teacher was wonderful and created varied sessions for us. I had one massage as part of my retreat package but immediately booked another. They even helped me book some diving. All in all was something special.

Emma Berry

from United States, January 2020

"Wonderful Atmosphere and Even Better People"

This retreat was really lovely. Both staff and fellow retreat-goers were wonderfully kind and welcoming. The retreat structure was filled enough to keep guests entertained, but still flexible enough that we were able to go on our own adventures and explore the beautiful Cozumel island. The manager helped schedule and arrange any adventure you were interested in, including amazing massages at the retreat center itself. There were no surprise fees or hidden expenses, and everyone at this center really treats each other like family.

Lisa Nguyen

from United States, December 2019

"So amazing!"

Super lovely, serene location. Hosts are extremely kind and you meet some of the most interesting people during your stay there. The food is also amazing, so much love is put into making it and you can definitely tell. Yoga/meditation twice a day was awesome and hosts will help you with whatever you need and go above and beyond to make your stay very comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing.

Cornelia Hueppin

from Mexico, October 2019

"Lovely place to calm down"

A peaceful and calm place with a new nice big rooms a garden and yoga “hut”. It feels like in the middle of nowhere. So green.

The hosts Nati & Daniela are very kind, lovely and helpful. They showed me permaculture and cooked delicious vegan food. They live sustainability with passion, their livestyle impressed me.

They have two cute and adorable dogs.

The yoga teachers were very nice and helpful aswell.

The massage was very good quality. They offer many additional services, i also went to an osteopath, which really help me with my back pain! I just can recommend this!


from United States, February 2020

"Una experiencia inolvidable "

Lo que más me gustó fue el clima del centro por la paz, la tranquilidad y el buen ambiente qye había con los anfitriones, pues te hacían sentir como en casa. Además, la mayoría de las clases de yoga fueron individualizadas y la maestra se adaptaba a tus necesidades y preferencias. La cama era muy cómoda y la comida, muy buena y sana.

Josee Joannette

from Mexico, January 2020

"Excellente endroit ! "

La tranquillité des lieux...couper complètement avec la vie active...

Maria Hansen

from Mexico, October 2021

"Nice little getaway for a reasonable price"

The food was tasty and healthy, the garden is lovely to spend time in, the pets on site are the cutest, owner and employees are very kind. The diving center that they use is very professional.

Tanvi Patil

from United States, June 2021

"Amazing life altering experience"

Everything. Before you read I like to say this is not luxury resort which means if thats what you are looking for then this is not for you.

Having said that, I got exactly and rather much more than I thought I wanted from this retreat. My idea was to really go to a place that challenges my ideas of travelling, simply connect with nature, meet Yoga instructors with different philosophy , experience and i was truly looking to disconnect completely to help myself reconnect back to my inner self. The massages are stellar... Husky-Joey was a pleasure to have as company. The hosts are truly vested in making it amazing experience- vegan diet-which is simple but nutritious, healthy fresh. Simple yet clean rooms with towels provided. This for me forced me to come to complete acceptance with what was offered to me and with that attitude i got much more than I anticipated- when you keep an open heart the same experience can make a huge impact.

The Five element and astrological insights from Gemma (host) were very useful and reemphasized what I was missing and where I needed to focus my yoga journey and healing towards.

The Temaskal- Sweat Lodge experience was surreal- to say I dont have words but if you truly give in and go through the process wholeheartedly you will feel different and the process is so refreshing, followed by plunge in the pool with fruits-the perfect ending it was. I being a diver- also choose to use 3 days of the 8 day i was there to dive-Cozudive was amazing.

Anca Nastasa

from United States, February 2021

"Very relaxing"

The location


from Colombia, January 2020

"More than I expected"

Holistic Tikun is a great place to ressource body and mind: organic food, great garden, peaceful surroundings and the hosts make you feel at home because they do everything with a lot of love and go out of their way to make sure you have the best experience. The massages and other activities were great too, very caring and professional people throughout. Highly recommended!

Diane Pomerleau

from Canada, March 2020

"Une expérience holistique unique"

Cette retraite de yoga fut un voyage à l’intérieur de mon être, une expérience riche pour le coeur et ses émotions et pour mon corps. Mais surtout, une riche expérience humaine par l’établissement de liens profonds et sincères avec les responsables de ce Centre.

D’abord, nous logions dans un endroit où l’on cultive de façon organique avec grand respect de la nature propre de chaque être vivant. Cet endroit est un oasis de paix qui contraste avec la cohue que les touristes croisiéristes produisent sur cette île. La nourriture, issue des plantes de ce jardin, était savoureuse et nourrissante pour le corps et même pour l’âme!.

Merci à Rosario et à Yael, pour leur enseignement de yoga de très haute qualité. La méditation était orientée plutôt vers le senti intérieur du mouvement et du corps. L’expression créative de la danse fut un outil pour y arriver. Ce qui m’a plu énormément.

Daniela Gemma Abravanel nous a introduit au Qi Gong axé sur le caractère archétypal des cinq élements, Gemma nous a enseigné cinq enchaînements correspondant à chaque archétype qui m’a permise de conscientiser que la fonction de chaque organe du corps est beaucoup plus profonde, plus sacrée et davantage interconnectée que ce que la médecine allopathique nous enseigne.

Merci infiniment pour tout cela. Namasté!